A Hotbox Full o' Handsome!! We Take It Outside (kinda) With Comedian Bryan Callen!!

October 23, 2020
Bryan Callen

Jason Merritt/ Staff/ Getty Images


In the "Age Of Covid", we've had to find creative ways to interview our comedian friends when they come to town...which spawned our segment "Takin' It Outside!", wherein we'd just set up shop on the lawn of the station.

BUT, being that it's nearing the end of October and it was rainy and cold as balls outside...we had to get creative again to hang out (in a socially distanced manner) with our old friend, comedian/ actor Bryan Callen (who was in town to performs at The Improv)...So, instead of "Takin' It Outside", we were "Takin' It To An Exceedingly Hot  Abandoned Room In The Bowels Of The Building!" (yeah...it's a little wordy).

But...what is hot because of the furnace? Or was it because there was so much handsome in one room?
Listen and find out for yourself!!