"Men Need To Stop Masturbating And Talk To Me!" Comedienne Nikki Glaser Is On A Lonesome Lockdown At Her Parents House!

March 31, 2020
Nikki Glaser

Ethan Miller/ Staff/ Getty Images


The pandemic lockdown isn't easy for any of us...but none of us have it nearly as bad as our friend, comedienne Nikki Glaser.

Why? Because she's currently riding out the lock down AT HER PARENT'S HOUSE!!
No hookin' up...no masturbating...just stuck with her folks 24/7.
If she makes it through this alive, it'll be a god damn miracle....because it's gonna get weird.

But hey, since you aren't stuck at home with the old folks, check out Nikki's latest special. "Bangin'" on Netflix...or check out her podcast here: https://nikkiglaser.com/podcast.html