Is Comedy Legend Bobby Slayton Ready To Retire? The Pitbull Of Comedy Tells All!

June 11, 2020
Bobby Slayton

Ethan Miller/ Staff/ Getty Images


There are few comedians who are as tenacious and fearless as The Pitbull of Comedy, Bobby Slayton.
Totally old school, vicious and funny as f**k.
And his "kill or be killed" brand of comedy has led to a career that has spanned 4 decades.
You can find his albums and specials like "Ragin Bully", "Built For Destruction", "I've Come For Your Children" and  "Born To Be Bully" on iTunes and Amazon...and now he's even doing commercials for Sketchers!
But, in spite all of that success...he might have his eye on what the future holds for his career...