"We're Living In An Exciting Reality Show Right Now!" Comic Legend Tommy Chong Is Smoked Up and Locked Down!

April 24, 2020
Tommy Chong

Kevin Winter/ Staff/ Getty Images


In a time when we are all kind of stressed out as the Covid-19 quarantine drags on, it helps to have someone like Tommy Chong around...mainly because, as the world's most favorite stoner, his voice alone can make you mellower than a bong rip.
But in the middle of all of this, he's busy as ever...launching a new game app "Cheech & Chong's Bud Farm" as well as working to help some people who are in dire need of medical marijuana, but can't get to a dispensery, get the help they need.

And above it all, as one of the earliest Friends of the Show, he remains one of our favorite guests to have on the show.