"I Have A Platform To Make A Difference, And I'm Going To Do It." Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Zoltan Bathory Uses His Fame To Enact Change.

March 2, 2020
Zoltan Bathory

Ethan Miller/ Staff/ Getty Images


It's safe to say that few rock stars live the kind of life FFDP's Zoltan Bathory does.
When most rock stars go on vacation, they go out and party...but Zoltan? He called from Dubai after traveling to Egypt so he could ride a camel by the pyramids.
When other rockers are sleeping it off, Zoltan is out kicking life in the ass....driving monster trucks, shooting guns, studying martial arts, skydiving...always on the look out for the next thrill!!
And, unlike many of their peers, Zoltan and the band have chosen to use their fame to make a difference.
Whether it's donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple charities, and well as Zoltan joining with  VETPAW, (Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife) an anti-poaching organization consisting of US combat veterans. VETPAW focuses on fighting against illegal rhino killings on the continent. To achieve this, VETPAW launched Operation Rhino Shield in South Africa where they deployed a team of Army, Marine and Navy veterans on private reserves that are under direct threat from rhino poachers.

FFDP has just released a new album, titled "F8" (pronounced "Fate") and on April 29th, they're set to roll back into KC to level the Sprint Center!!