"Networks Won't Air This Because OJ Didn't Do It!" Former OJ Simpson Manager Norman Pardo Talks About the Explosive New Documentary "Who Killed Nicole?"

June 25, 2020
OJ Simpson

Poll/Poll/Getty Images


26 years ago, the world watched as police followed a white Ford Bronco carrying an emotionally distraught OJ Simpson slowly through the interstates of Los Angeles.
Simpsons ensuing trial for the murders of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman captivated the world, becoming the biggest media circus of all time.
And his subsequent aquittal took things to an even more frenzied level.
So the eternal question is....who did kill Nicole and Ron?
Simpson's former manager Norman Pardo says he knows...and tells all in the new documentary "Who Killed Nicole?"
We talked to Mr. Pardo...and you can judge for yourself if he truly knows what happened that night...