"This Is The Perfect Storm For Ruining A Business" Ghost Ride Productions' Greg Chaille On How The Pandemic Is Effecting The Haunt Business!

March 16, 2020
Johnny Dare Morning Show



Greg Chaille has had a hell of an interesting career so far.
Not only has he been a musician, radio morning show poducer, comedy show booker, webmaster and was tour manager for the late Mitch Hedburg...plus a lot of folks know him as the producer of the Doug Stanhope Podcast...but we here on the JDMS know him as one of the people (along with his brother MIchael) behind one of the coolest companies in the haunt world, "Ghost Ride Productions" who make some of the most amazingly realistic stuff in the haunt buisness!!

And sadly, we won't see him this weekend at the big TransWorld Haunt Show in St Louis (it's been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic)...so we got him on the phone to catch up and see what's new!!
And since they're being hit hard by the TransWorld Haunt postponement, check out their website and buy something!!