Hope For The Holidays 12.06.19. LISTEN HERE!!

December 8, 2019
Hope For The Holidays


Dear Johnny,
My name is Brook and I’m writing you asking for help. I have
a husband and 3 boys (12, 8, 4). The past 4 years have
been a struggle for our family. My youngest son, Hudson,
was born with major medical issues and has had multiple
surgeries in his young life. Hudson was born with CHARGE
Syndrome which includes being born without the left side of
his heart, breathing issues, hearing and vision problems and
kidney disease. He requires full-time care and cannot walk
or talk, and must communicate to us through a device. On
October 8th he went in for his 3rd open heart surgery and
doctors discovered he had 3 blood clots in his pulmonary
valve. I now give him 2 shots a day of blood thinner to
prepare for his check-up in January to see if he can be ready
for surgery in April. We spend a lot of time at Children’s
Mercy and my husband has had to take time off work and so
we fell behind on bills and are struggling. He’s now working
over 50 hours a week to keep the family going. Thank you
for reading my letter.
- Brook

How We Helped: Paid Electric & Water Bill,
Paid Back Rent, & Gift Cards For Christmas & Groceries

Who Helped: Cosentino’s, Ryan, Aaron, Issac, Ron, & Joel