Hope For The Holidays 12.12.19. LISTEN HERE!!

December 12, 2019
Hope For The Holidays


Dear Johnny,
My name is Jeramie. I’m married and have 2 boys. One is 7
and the other is 2. I own a small construction company
based out of Atchison, KS. Life was going pretty good for us
until November 17th when our job trailer and all of our tools
were stolen. It not only forced me to lose work, but it cost me
the money to replace enough tools to go back to work. I had
to cancel a couple of work contracts and refund the money
for the jobs. It was thousands of dollars of equipment and so
far police have recovered about $300 worth of stuff. In the
meantime, I went back to work for another construction
company just to try and make ends meet. I am late on some
bills and with Christmas coming up for the boys, I’m in a real
jam. I’m not one to ever ask for help. I pride myself in taking
care of my family. Thank you for reading
- Jeramie

How We Helped: Paid Electric, Gas, & Water Bill,
Paid Rent, & Gift Cards For Christmas & Groceries

Who Helped: Cosentino’s, Amish Adam, Adrian, Dan, Eric,
Megan, Brandon & The Local 441 Plumbers and Pipe
Fitters, Chad, Glen