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December 15, 2019
Hope For The Holidays



Dear Johnny,
I work at Jackson County CASA (Court Appointed Special
Advocates). We train volunteers to work with children who
have been removed from their homes due to abuse, physical
and sexual abuse, and neglect. The volunteers help the kids
during the whole time they are in the family court system. --
Which is about 18 months on average. They visit them
regularly, get to know their needs, and they advocate for
their best interests in meetings and in court. The holidays
are especially hard for them. They have been removed from
their homes and their parents, and placed with relatives or in
foster care. Even though they are safe now, it’s still scary for
them, and it doesn’t really feel like the holidays at all.
Volunteers have been filling wish lists for 400 of these
children since November. But I just ran a report and we
have taken the cases for 25 new children, from 8 families,
between Monday and today. These children were removed
from their homes for their own safety, because of dangerous
domestic violence, substance abuse, or physical abuse and
neglect. That’s 25 kids who won’t be sleeping in their own
beds on Christmas. 25 kids who aren’t sure if Santa knows
where they are. 25 kids who don’t know if they’ll ever get to
go home again. We try to allocate $75 per child, and make
sure they are not forgotten this Christmas. Thank you for
everything you and your listeners do.
- Jessica

How We Helped: Raised Funds For 25 More Kids In The

Who Helped: Julia, Rick, Lauren, Ryan, Gene, Damon, Kat,