The Impractical Jokers Make The Most Of The Covid Crazies With "Impractical Jokers:Dinner Party"!!

June 22, 2020
James "Murr" Murray

Dia Dipasupil/ Staff/ Getty Images


What do you do when you're friends for 30 years, have a wildly popular television show where you prank each other relentlessly...and the whole damn world gets put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic?
You do what James "Murr" Murray and the rest of the Impractical Jokers did and change gears to present "Impractical Jokers: DInner Party" !!
Basically the guys are doing their verison of a Zoom meeting to get together, bust balls and play some of your favorite Impractical Jokers clips!!

We talked to Murr all about that more this morning !