"They Keep Things Honest!":Jesse James Dupree Pays Tribute To America's Truck Drivers With "It Didn't Fall From The Sky (Truckin' Uncle Sam)"

May 26, 2020
Jesse James Dupree

Bryan Steffy/ Stringer/ Getty Images


With all that we are being bombarded with every day where the Covid-19 pandemic is concerned, it's easy to forget to take a moment to give a thank you to those on the front lines of this thing.
Doctors, nurses, first responders and more...but one section of society that we also need to honor is the truck drivers who have worked tirelessly to make sure we all have the things we need to survive.

Which is why Jackyl and Dixie Inc. frontman decided to pay tribute to these hard working men and women with the new song "It Didn't Fall From The Sky (Truckin' Uncle Sam)"...making sure that we who are sheltering at home, remember those who are still out there working every day to make sure your local store has food, your packages arrive and more!

And now it's available on iTunes, Spotify and more!

We talked to Jesse about the new song, how he's been spending his quarantine time, what Sturgis might look like this year...and, as always, a crazy ass story or two!!