The Future Of Space Travel Is NOW! Float To The Edge of Space With The Space Perspective!!

June 25, 2020
The Johnny Dare Morning Show



Anyone who listens to the Morning Show on a regular basis knows how fascinated we are with everything space travel...and as much as we would all like to travel into space some day, the chances of that becoming a reality any time soon is pretty slim. thanks to The Space 2021, we will  be able to come as close as ever to experiencing space travel!!
A balloon, the size of a football stadium, will be able to take 8 people at a time 30 miles up to the edge of space!! Not to mention this thing is going to have a bar! Because what else are you going to do for 6 hours while you float into space!?!?!
We talked to co-founder Jane Poynter, who gave us a glimpse into the futurel!!