Will The 80th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Happen This Year? Jesse James Dupree Weighs In On That And More!!

April 10, 2020
Jesse James Dupree

Bryan Steffy/ Stringer/ Getty Images


You think you have a lont of stuff you're planning on doing while we're all in quarantine?
I'm going to guess your list doesn't compare to our friend, Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree's list!
Not only is he finishing up work on a new song with Darryl "DMC" McDaniel, he's been working on a song with Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon...but he's also working on new music with his side project, Dixie Inc...AND he's been busy editing footage from the Jackyl Family Reunion show this past December.
We're all trying to flatten the curve....Jesse is runnin' the damn thing over!!