The Family Reunion Tradition Continues!! Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Inc LIVE at Knucklehead's Dec. 19th!!

October 12, 2020
Jesse James Dupree

Bryan Steffy/ Stringer/ Getty Images


For years now, we've closed out our year with the Jackyl Family Reunion at the Midland Theater, and it's become one hell of a tradition.
But this year, 2020 being the mess that it is, having the usual year end blow out just wasn't a reality.
So, our friend Jesse James Dupree, being the kind of guy who likes to keep tradition alive, came up with another plan!
On Saturday December 19th, Jesse's bringin' Dixie Inc to the finest music venue in KC, Knuckleheads...and it's gonna be one hell of a (socially distant) party!!
We got Jesse on the phone to get all of the detais!!