Chainsaws, Harleys, Whiskey And 120 Years Of Helping Our Veterans: A Conversation With VFW National Commander In Chief, Doc Schmitz and Jackyl's Jesse James Dupree!

December 10, 2019
Jesse James Dupree, Doc Schwartz and Johnny Dare



We're all excited for the upcoming Jackyl Family Reunion Show at the Midland Theater on  12/'s ALWAYS a good time...but this year it's taken  on a new meaing with frontman Jesse James Dupree's involvement with the Veterans of Foreign Wars...with a chance for you to enter to win an amazing custom VFW/ Jesse James Dupree chainsaw...and ALL of the proceeds from the raffle are going to benefit the VFW's Unmet Needs program, helping veterans and their families!

Jesse James Dupree and VFW National Commander In Chief Willam J. "Doc" Schmitz stopped by the studio to talk about the good worl of the VFW, the Family Reunion, how you can win a custom Harley Street Glide AND how you can win the chainsaw!!

For all of details, including all of the participating locations, follow the link below!