"We had the chance to celebrate his life while he could still appreciate it." Kim Campbell tells the story of music legend Glen Campbell in here new book, "Gentle On My Mind"

July 27, 2020
Kim & Glen Campbell

Rick Diamond/ Staff/ Getty Images

We had Kim Campbell, widow of the late, great Glen Campbell, on the show a few weeks ago, and we only had 10 minutes to cover a whole lot of stories from her new book, "Gentle On My Mind"...which is why we welcomed the chance to have back on the show to have a much longer conversation about her legendary husband, his life, his Grammy winning music career and his journey through his diagnosis with Alzheimer's, his farewell tour, and his final days.
And what followed was an in-depth, honest look at a man who, was a giant in his field and dealt with his demons, only to fight the biggest fight of all.