"If You're Offended By Something, It's Not My Fault...Grow Some Balls" Comedian Larry The Cable Guy Is Back With "Remain Seated"!!

March 4, 2020
Larry The Cable Guy

Kevin Winter/ Staff Getty Images


On the surface, Larry The Cable Guy is an easy target for holier than thou types.
He's a redneck, he makes fart jokes and basically doesn't give shit about political correctness.
But, what most of those people DON'T know is that few, if any, comedians give more to charity, spend more time visiting people in hospitals, building wings on hospitals, than Larry.
Despite his fame, he has always  remained true to he is....and that's a damn good guy.

He has a new special "Remain Seated" coming out April 7th on Comedy Dynamics....and he's coming to the Prairie Band Casino on April 16th!!