Ball Bustin', Haters And A Different Class Of Weirdos: Live PD's Sgt Sean Larkin Deals With His New Found Fame

January 14, 2020
Sean "Sticks" Larkin



Our friend Sgt. Sean "Sticks" Larkin is living his best life right now.
Not only does he have the A&E show "PD Cam", as well as the most watched show on cable TV, "Live PD"...but now he's guest commentation on the all new A&E show, "America's Top Dog" AND he's still working as a cop!...Oh, and there's the fact that he's dating pop star Lana Del Rey!!

Not bad for a guy who, just 3 years ago, was just a cop running the gang unit for Tulsa OK police.
But how long can he keep it up? 
Give a listen to what Sticks had to say about that as well as dealing with the trappings of reality TV fame.