Rescued Dogs, Quickie Arkansas Weddings And The Perils Of Skillet Queso With LIVE PD's Sgt Sean "Sticks" Larkin!

May 20, 2020
Sgt Sean "Sticks" Larkin

Dia Dipasupil/ Staff/ Getty Images


What with LIVE PD being the most watched show on cable TV, a whole lot of folks were forced to feel their feels last weekend when officers and bystanders in Richland County South Carolina saved Maxine, a 17-year-old golden retriever-red heeler mix, who had fallen into a storm drain.
And while they were successful in saving her, she sadly passed away 2 days later.
We got our friend Sticks Larkin on to talk a bit about it...but we also covered a myriad of other subjects ranging from his weird wedding in Eureka Springs Arkansas to what city in Oklahoma sucks the worst!