How Was Swappin' Spit With John Mayer? Perez Hilton Tells All In His New Book, "TMI: My Life In Scandal"!

October 8, 2020
Perez Hilton

Gregg DeGuire/ Stringer/ Getty Images


Since launching his website in 2000, Perez Hilton has built a career as one of the rivled AND revered gossip columnists ever...outing celebs, ruthless in his delivery, absolutely giving ZERO f**ks.
He's been described as a bully...he is unapologetic...and celebrities either love him or hate him.
One celebrity who apparently DOES think quite alot of him is guitarist John Mayer!
What am I talking about? Listen and see as Paris gave us a call to talk about his new bool, "MJI; My Life In Scandal"!!