"People In Los Angeles Are NOT Prepared For Something Like This!" Pop Evil's Matt DiRito On Riding Out The Quarantine In The Midwest

April 7, 2020
Matt DiRito

Ethan Miller/ Staff/ Getty Images


The coronavirus pandemic lockdown has had a huge effect on everything around us...especially the entertainment industry, with band's tours being shut down, and live music as we know it grinding to a halt.
So what do these musicians do with all of this free time on their hands?
Some are writing new music. Some are doing live performances online....and then there's our friend, Pop Evil bassist, Matt DiRito....

What's Matt doing with his free time? Building guns!!!
Matt works in conjunction with Cabot Guns (https://cabotguns.com/) making some of the most amazing looking guns that you've ever seen!
We caught up with Matt to find out what he's up to...talkin' guns, motorcycles and what the future holds in store!!