"If You Are Thinking Of A Reason To Hate Me, I'll Help You" Racing Legend Willy T Ribbs Talks Racism, Racing And More!

January 23, 2020
Willy T Ribbs

USA Today/ SIPA/ Imagn


Racing legend Willy T Ribbs is a true renegade.
In a sport that, at the time in the 70s and 80s, was populated by white men, he became the first black man to test a Formula 1 car, race in the Indy 500 and was one of the most successful drivers in the Trans Am series.
And, being a black man in a white man's sport, he endured his share of racism...but thru it all, he maintained the attitude that he was going to prove the old addage, "If you want to be the man, you have to beat the man."
And now you can see his story in the new documentary, "Uppity", available at Chassy.com.
And after talking to director Adam Carolla the other day, we had the pleasure of talking to the man himself!