FACT: Rob Riggle Is Better Than You! Listen To Find Out Why!

March 26, 2020
Rob Riggle

Kevin Winter/ Staff Getty Images


We've known Rob Riggle for a long time around here...and we know a lot about him.
We know that he's the funniest part of many of the movies he is in.
We know that he served in the Marine Corps Reserve, serving in Liberia, Kosovo, Albania and Afghanistan.
We know about all of the charity work he's done for Children's Mercy Hospital though The Big Slick Celebrity Weekend.
But talking to him today about his Discovery series "Rob Riggle: Global Investigator" (which, by the way, is moving to Thursday nights), we found out something new about him that sealed the fact that he is just plain better than all of us.
Give it a listen...you know...so you too can feel worse about yourself!