"Music is a healer, and I feel like people need this music during this time." Lajon Witherspoon and Sevendust are back with "Blood & Stone"!!

October 26, 2020
Lajon Witherspoon

Ethan Miller/ Staff/ Getty Images


There are few modern metal bands who have been able to, not only forge their own recognizable sound, but continue to grow and progress as songwriters...and 13 albums into their career, Sevendust has done just that.
And in a year where new albums have been few and far between because of bands not wanting to release new music and not be able to tour behind it...Sevendust made the bold move of releasing a new album, "Blood & Stone", and it just might just be their best yet!!
From the opener "Dying To Live" to their version of Soundgarden's "The Day I Tried To Live" closing out the album, it is 13 tracks of pure Sevendust.

Crushing riffs, manic drumming and some of Lajon Witherspoon's best vocals to date.
We talked to Lajon about what it's like to release new music in the age of Covid, and much more!!