Turn The News Off And Turn Yourself On! Dr. Sadie Allison Has All Advice You Need For Fappin' In Place! PLUS A Bonus Adult Toy Price Is Right!

April 13, 2020
Dr. Sadie Allison and Johnny Dare



Right now, more than ever, we need someone like sex expert Dr. Sadie Allison.
With everyone sheltering in place, taking time to take care of your own sexual needs.
She's put together some special kits to help out with your quarantine masturbation needs, available here:

And not only did she call us with all kinds of great advice, but she sent us some Adult Toys too...so, of course, we had to fire up The Adult Toy Price Is Right!

For the Men, it was The Wave Couple's Orgasm Ring!

For the Ladies, one of the greatest inventions of the last decade, The Womanizer Liberty!