Did This NYC Woman Really Sell A Dick Pic for Ten Thousand Dollars? Soraya Doolbaz Is Taking Dick Pics To A Whole New Level!

January 10, 2020
Johnny Dare Morning Show



It's a fact...some dudes send women pics of their dicks...and women, let's face it, aren't impressed.
In fact, they show their friends and make fun of you.
But in this world where everyone is trying to make buck, NYC resident Soraya Doolbaz decided to act on men's pervy practices....so she bought a nice camera...bought some dool costumes to dress up them dicks and launched her website, dicture.com!!

And, go figure, it's been a huge success, with one of her limited edition prints selling for TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!
The road to the land of opportuniy is lined with dicks.
Lots and lots of dicks.