Tiger Tales! Listen To Johnny Dare's In Depth Interview With Tiger King Joe Exotic's Husband Dillon Passage HERE!!

April 20, 2020



Last week we had the opportunity to chat with Dillon Passage, the husband of one of the most talked about people in the world right now, the focus of the Netflix docu-series "Tiger King", Joe Maldonado-Passage aka Joe Exotic.

But, at the time, we only had a few minutes to talk, which wasn't NEARLY enough time to ask all of the questions we have about this INSANE story that has caught the entire world's attention...so we HAD to have him back on the show to dig deeper!
And, what we found was a seemingly level headed young man who was open to answering all of our questions... from he and Joe's relationship, his own struggles, his opinions on Jeff Lowe, and he had some very surprising takes on the worldwide phenonemon that has become The Tiger King!!