The Website of the Day: Avoid Those Awkward Moments! Hide Your Sex Toys in the JOYBOXX!!

August 25, 2020
The Johnny Dare Morning Show



Every adult with kids lives in fear of the day that one of 'em accidentally finds your sex toys.
"Oh look at the big black sword I found in mommy's sock drawer!!!"
It doesn't matter how hard you try, those ankle biters are gonna end up gettin' their sticky hands on your dildo!!
But now there's help from our new friend Deborah who has developed the Joyboxx!!
It's a double locked box thats diswasher safe, has a drying rack, is anti-microbial, ventilated, has plenty of storage space and has a USB hole!!!
Keep those toys safe and clean!!!
Not to mention...Deborah may be our new favorite person because she's a f**kin' riot!