Acid Dreams, Lemmy's Ashes and The Return of "Where In The World Is Whitfield Crane?"!!

August 18, 2020
Whitfield Crane

Whitfield Crane


Out of all of our friends. the one guy who has had the 'rona cramp his style, it has to be Ugly Kid Joe frontman and world traveler, Whitfield Crane!!
For as long as we've known Whit, he's wandered the world, seeking new places, new people and new adventures...and as such we came up with a thing we call "Where In The World Is Whitfield Crane?" wherein we can share his amazing adventures with you listeners...From Finland to Spain and Germany to Thailand, we've followed him all over...And while the pandemic slowed him down for a bit...he's back on walkabout and gave us a call!
The man truly lives a charmed life!!