Johnny talks to Ugly Kid Joe frontman, Whitfield Crane 05.13.19.

May 13, 2019
Whitfield Crane

Whitfield Crane


Most people know Whitfield Crane as the frontman of bands like Ugly Kid Joe and Another Animal, not to mention his friendsips with the likes of Lemmy and Ozzy...but since we've known him from the early days of UKJ, he's been someone with an insatiable taste for discovering what the entire world has to offer...his travels have taken him all across the globe with just a backpack and a credit card...sleeping on couches, hostels and always being open to adventure...constantly learning new things and basically never saying "no" to whatever new experience comes his way!
So we figured it was time to catch up and play a new game, "Where In The World Is Whitfield Crane!"