Trolling Entire Cities, Nut Tapping Rock Stars And Emotionally Destroying Scalpers: WWE Star Baron "King" Corbin May Be The Greatest Heel Of All Time!

January 23, 2020
Baron Corbin

USA Today/ SIPA/ Imagn


It takes a mean motherf**ker to walk out in front an arena full of Tennessee Titans fans directly after they lost wearing a Kansas City Chiefs jersey...but our friend, WWE star Baron Corbin gives absolutely zero f**ks about all that.
From terrorizing people at a Chattanooga Buffalo Wild Wings during the game, to trolling the entire crowd at his Smackdown appearance that night, he is sealing his reputation as the man who everyone loves to hate!!
And because we love that attitude, we had to get him on the phone to tell us all about that, nut checking his rockstar friends, whiskey, The Super Bowl and about a million other hilarious things!
He's is definitely living his best life.