Ted's Blog: Catfish, Ya'll!

June 6, 2017

In sports, there are so many different and strange traditions that involve fans, but catfish on the ice is new to me. In Nashville, apparently throwing a dead catfish on the ice is not strange, but for the rest of us it is a bit odd. Now, up in Detroit they have famously thrown octopus on the ice during Red Wings playoff games for years. Back in the day, when it started it was a to symbolize the eight wins needed to get the championship. I have always wondered who the guy or girl was that snuck the dead octopus into the game. I also wonder how they got them in! Do you just walk around town with dead sea creature in your pants? Hats getting tossed on the ice for a hat trick? I get. And that one is simple, except you do lose your hat so that would depend on the hat for me. Also, a lot of people are already wearing a hat so this in not a tough one, but again I ask who is smuggling these things in and how? 

Enter the 2017 NHL playoffs and the Nashville Predators. Yes, folks, Detroit is no longer the only place smuggling odd water creatures in their pants because Predator fans are sneaking in catfish to throw on the ice. The catfish tradition is kind of cool and fun, but honestly does not have a huge historical meaning like the original in Detroit. From what I have read about it, it seems like the catfish is just a play off the octopus in Detroit and the catfish is a super popular fish in the South.

So in the end, not the oldest or most traditional reason for a fish on the ice, but I like it either way. (Also, I should mention that if I had a choice between eating octopus and catfish I am going catfish everyday of the week.) Tennessee is also home to one of my favorite traditions in all of sports. I love Rocky Top, I saw a game there in Knoxville once and fell in love with that song. So sling those catfish on the ice and Go Preds!