Bad Wolves Compare Themselves to Nickelback, Wouldn’t Mind Just Being “The ‘Zombie’ Band”

Hear from the band on the disconnect between the internet and real life

February 20, 2019

“How is that in this realm, everyone loves to talk shit about them, but when you go to the show it’s sold out?" Doc Coyle explains to Loud Magazine

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With a rise to fame that literally took about six months flat, listeners are concerned that Bad Wolves are just the breeding of another one-hit wonder. What does the band have to say in response? That’s fine. 

California rockers Bad Wolves were skyrocketed to fame after their cover of The Cranberries’ hit song “Zombie” earned rock radio play across the country. 

Notching achievements like a huge opening slot on tour with rock titans Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch, the band has their eyes set on everything from another hit to a documentary. Although it’s doubtful they’ll become one-hit wonders with such big plans in the works, the band wouldn’t necessarily mind if they did. In an interview with Australia’s Loud Magazine, lead guitarist Doc Coyle analyzed their success. 

"I’ll say this – it’s better to be ‘the ‘Zombie’ band’ than the band no one’s ever heard of. So it’s better to be known for something than nothing," he jokes. 

Further explaining the hatred that random people on the internet had for their massively successful cover, Coyle made a perfect Nickelback analogy. 

"If the Internet was the real world, we would be playing a shack right now with Nickelback,” he explained of how everyone claims to hate Nickelback. “Because Nickelback is the most shit-talked band that people love to hate, but every show is sold out and there’s 12,000 people there.”

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