Disturbed’s ‘The Sickness’ Turns 19: Every Track Ranked, Vote for Your Favorite

A celebration of their debut album

March 8, 2019
Singer David Draiman (L) and guitarist Dan Donegan of Disturbed perform at T-Mobile Arena on January 12, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ethan Miller, Getty

19 years ago, Disturbed was an up-and-coming band from Chicago trying to find their footing in a nu-metal wave stoked by Korn’s 1994 debut. Immediately establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with, the band introduced an incomparable sound led by the classically trained voice of powerhouse David Draiman.

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The Sickness is a 14-track album crowned by the gloriously percussive and aggressive “Down With the Sickness.” Along with boasting one of the most iconic songs in modern rock, the album explores everything from the first of a series of ‘80s covers from the band to a hip-hop tinged chorus of grunts, riffs, and drums.

With the terror of becoming a one-hit-wonder on their heels, the band has been able to even further grasp their sound through a trajectory that’s left them with five No.1 albums. Even with seven more album on their resume, tracks from The Sickness still shine with fan-favorites that continue to appear as selist staples, 19 years later.

To celebrate The Sickness’ 19th anniversary, we’re presenting an editor’s pick ranking of every song based on a combination of the quality of the song itself and its impact/reach. Vote for YOUR favorite song on The Sickness below.

12. “Conflict”

11. “Numb”

10. “Violence Fetish”

9. “Shout 2000”

8. “Meaning Of Life”

7. “Droppin Plates”

6. “Fear”

5. “Want”

4. “The Game”

3. “Down With the Sickness”

2. “Voices”

1. “Stupify”