Dee Snider

"Who Do You Think Are Buying Super Bowl Tickets? ROCK AND ROLL FANS!" Dee Snider Fights To Have AC/DC Play Next Year's Super Bowl Halftime!

If you are familiar with former Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, you know one thing...he is not a man afraid to give you his opinion. Loudly and with great conviction. And when he recently retired with his wife to an island off of Belize, we knew there was no damn way he was going to sit back...
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Steve Shippy

From Strange Music To Unexplained Phenomenon, Director/Host/Rapper Steve "Prozak" Shippy Explores Haunting In The Heartland!

Hailing from Saginaw Michigan, Steve Shippy was raised in house reportedly haunted by the victims of a murder...and as such, his interest in the paranormal started at a young age. He's gone on to direct numerous documentaries on hauntings. His love of the dark and unexplained also led him to launch...
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Big Gay Jeff

"I'm Gonna Put On My Buffy The Vampire Slayer Boots And Slay, Bitch, Slay!" Big Gay Jeff Reports LIVE From Mardi Gras!

Every year, our buddy Big Gay Jeff heads to Mardi Gras in New Orleans with a car full of enough costumes to choke Elton John, and proceeds to party his ass off for an entire week...and shit gets weird real fast. Which is why we figured we better get him on the horn early before it all goes south...
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Bryan Callen

"I Only Wear Midriffs So That People Can Marvel At My Obliques!" Living The Manly Life With Schooled Star Bryan Callen!

There men. There are manly men. And then there is Bryan Callen. Oh sure, we have friends who are professional athletes ...professional who build things with their bare who have KILLED PEOPLE!!! None are are manly as Bryan with a Y. It's science. You can't fight it. You...
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Whitfield Crane

"There's A Sense Of Community In The World That I Enjoy" - Where In The F*ck Is Whitfield Crane? Find Out Here!

Our good friend and Ugly Kid Joe frontman Whitfield Crane lives the life of a man who has nothing to tie him down. When he's not touring with UKJ, or making music with any number of differnet projects like Yellowcake, The Wedding Band, Another Anima, Mass Mental and more, he travels the world going...
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April Macie

When Is The Most Vulnerable Time To Slap A Man? Comedienne April Macie Knows The Answer!!

We've grown to really love our friend, comedienne April Macie...from her wilder days as a new comedian, to her life now as a happily married lady, we've been there for it all! And now that she finally got her fancy mocha-skinned husband into America, (the government travel ban prevented him from...
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Huey Lewis

How Did Music Great Huey Lewis Start One Of The Biggest Traditions At Arrowhead Stadium? Listen Here To Find Out!!

It's a fact: It's hard not to like Huey Lewis & The News. 19 top ten singles...30 million albums sold world Oscar nomination for "The Power Of Love". They were an undeniable part of the 80s. And now the band has released their first album in a decade, "Weather"...and Huey says it...
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Johnny Dare Morning Show

Celebrating The Day Of Love With The Gift Of Fire!! Listen To The Valentine's Day Wedding Dress Massacre Here!!

It was a Valentine's Day for the ages! The weather outside was were the hearts of listeners Jessica, Maggie and Brian! But with the help of Johnny Dare (and a couple of flame throwers), our heartbroken friends were able to RISE from the ashes of their former relationships like a mighty...
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Johnny Dare Morning Show

The Johnny Dare Morning Show Valentine's Day Wedding Dress Massacre Is Fanning The Flames Of Revenge!!

Valentine's Day is the day where people the world over celebrate their of candy and flowers...heartfelt proclamations of their undying devotion. But for some, V Day just serves as a grim reminder of what a sh*tshow love can be. So, being the giving folks that we are at the Johnny Dare...
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Bob Saget

Is Bob Saget Better Than Jesus? The Johnny Dare Morning Show Finds Out That And More!

When our friend Bob Saget calls into the show, it's a blindingly simple concept: Pick up phone. Say hello. And much like prison sex...just let it happen! Seriously, any time Bob calls in, we have zero clue of what is gonna he's going to discuss...everything from foreskins, to taking pictures with...
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