Johnny Dare

Beverly D'Angelo

"Maybe I need to drink more?" Actress Beverly D'Angelo on Coping, Covid and Christmas Vacation!!

The holidays are comin' in hot...which means the holiday movies will be everyfreakin'where you look. But let's face it...apart from "Elf" and "A Christmas Story", there's really only one damn Christmas you need to concern yourself with...and that is "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"!!!! And...
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Joey Belladonna

"We didn't think twice. We had something important to say!" Anthrax's influential album, "Among The Living" is becoming a graphic novel!

Anthrax is rightfully recognized as one of the forefathers of Thrash Metal...and their 1987 album "Among The Living" remains one of the most influential albums of the genre. And now, the band are set to release a graphic novel to celebrate that seminal album, following the album track by track.....
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John Schneider

Puttin' the pedal to the metal, John Schneider pays tribute to a Burt Reynolds classic with "Stand On It!"

FACT: Smokey & The Bandit is one of the greatest movies of all time! ALSO FACT: If you loved that movie, you likely also loved The Dukes Of Hazzrd. So what happens when former Dukes star John Schneider makes a movie that pays tribute to The Bandit? You get the free-wheelin', high flyin' sure-to...
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Matt DiRito/ Pop Evil

"I'm always gonna create...I just can't control what form it's gonna come out" Pop Evil's Matt DiRito on music, motorcycles, guns and more!

Rock stars. It's all groupies, blow, orgies and booze, right? Well...maybe some times...but not always. BUT, in the case of Pop Evil bassist Matt DiRito...he's basically on a one man crusade to make us all look bad. Sure, he's a true rock star...but when Covid shut everything down, instead of...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

Pokin', Strokin' and Booty Provokin'! It's A Wankin' Wednesday Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

Look...we're GIVERS, people! Not only do we bring you the finest in dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and rubber vaginas every week on the ol' Adult Toy Price Is Right...but now? We're addin' to it with something even better!! Along with the fine folks at Moonlight Adult Boutique, from now through the...
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Billy Gardell

"My Wife Says I Have A Horseshoe In My Ass!" Billy Gardell strikes gold with the new season of "Bob Hearts Abishola"!!

There are few dudes out there in show business that are as lovable as our friend Billy Gardell. From his stand up career to the huge success alongside Melissa McCarthy on the wildly popular series, "Mike & Molly" he's managed to remain one of the truly nice guys in Hollywood. And in the...
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Clayton Anderson

"All of the technology you hold in your hand is born from the space program!" Retired astronaut Clayton Anderson on NASA, SpaceX and the future of the final frontier!

Let's be honest here...retired US astronaut Clayton Anderson is a bigger bad ass than any of us. With 167 days in space and 6 space walks, he has seen and done things that the majority of us will never ever get to do. And he's also always been outspoken about NASA and the future of space travel...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

"This is all about helping people you might never meet...and that's important today." Jason Sudeikis comes home to KC for the 4th Annual Thundergong benefit for Steps of Faith!

Hometown boys Jason Sudeikis and Billy Brimblecom Jr have been friends since meeting while doing improv. here in town at Comedy Sportz...from there, their careers took different paths...Brimblecom is an accomplished drummer who toured with bands like Blackpool Lights and The Creature Comforts.....
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

Exploring The History of Things That Go Bump In The Night With The Holzer Files' Dave Schrader!

We are, admittedly, not big fans of ghost hunter type shows on television...but despite that, we are really enjoying the Travel Channel show, "The Holzer Files"...because, not only is each episode based on the cases of ghost hunter Hans Holder, but because Dave Schrader and his crew also explore...
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Clint Bowyer

Whose NASCAR retirement party kicked more ass? Clint Bowyer has the answer!! (hint: it wasn't Jimmie Johnson!)

Like every other sport...2020 has been a weird year for NASCAR. What with the season being pushed back and a heavily modified schedule, NASCAR had to deal with the retirement of two of their biggest names, Jimmie Johnson and our friend Clint Bowyer. But Clint isn't sitting still...he's joining...
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