Johnny Dare

Rob Schneider

"You don't make things smooth with make it smooth with rough!" Rob Schneider brings his truth to "Asian Momma, Mexican Kids"

We've all gotten to know Actor/Comedian Rob Schneider from SNL and movies like "The Waterboy" and "Deuce Bigalow"...but he's also one of the most honest, pull no punches, stand up comedians in the is evidenced in his latest Netflix stand up special, "Asian Momma, Mexican Kids"! From...
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Josh Blue and Johnny Dare

We're "TAKIN' IT OUTSIDE!" with Comedian Josh Blue!! Check him out LIVE at the Improv!!

As the world slooooowly starts to get back to some semblence of "normal", it's been great to see stand up comedy shows happening again...which is why we were excited when we found out our friend Josh Blue was coming to KC to perform at The Improv!! But, while normally, Josh would stop by the studio...
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Lewis Black

" I didn't leave my apartment for 10 weeks!!" Comedian Lewis Black emerges from lockdown for The Lucille Ball Virtual Comedy Festival!!

It's been far too long since we've talked to our old friend, comedian Lewis Black...and in spite of being stuck in his apartment in NYC for 10 weeks because of the damn coronavirus was great to discover that he's still as angry at the world as ever!! And while he's rolling up on his...
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William Sadler

"We could all use some laughs right now!" Actor William Sadler talks the Yoda-like qualities of Keanu Reeves and "Bill & Ted Face The Music"!

William Sadler made a name for himself with his work in such dramatic movies like "The Shawshank Redemption" , "The Green Mile" and "Die Hard 2"....but he really shined as The Grim Reaper in the comedy classic "Bill & Ted's Bogus Adventure"...and now he's reprised his role in the new "Bill...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

"It was like extreme sports masquerading as an amusement park!" Director Seth Porges explores the world's most dangerous theme park in "Class Action Park"!!

From 1978 to 1996, Action Park in Vernon NJ was one of the most terrifying theme parks in the entire world with "a reputation for poorly designed rides, under-trained and under-aged staff, intoxicated guests and staff, and a consequently poor safety record. At least six people are known to have...
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Larry the Cable Guy

"You used to cough to cover up your you gotta fart to cover up your coughs!" Larry The Cable Guy stops by the Johnny Dare Morning Show for an epic chat!!

Any day we get our old friend Larry The Cable Guy on the phone is a good day! Not only does he have a comedy special out, "Remain Seated" out on Amazon/iTunes/YouTube...but he's going strong with his "Larry's Weekly Roundup" every Friday on SiriusXM radio!! But apart from all of that, we just plain...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

Treat Yo'self!! It's A High-Powered Hump Day Edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

I think it's safe to say that today's toys on ye olde Adult Toy Price Is Right both are wielding some serious horsepower!! High Octane Humpin'! Voracious Vibrations!! Plentiful Pulsations!!! YOU CAN BUY THE WHOLE SEAT, BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!! It's the Adult Toy Price Is Right brought to...
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Al Pitrelli

TSO's Al Pitrelli on their tour cancellation: "Let's be happy, let's be healthy, let's be better Americans and get though this together!"

Over the last two decades, Al Pitrelli and Trans-Siberian Orchestra have become a holiday tradition...their giant show filling arenas across the country, ushering in the holidays and donating money to charities in every city they play. But, sadly, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the band...
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Jim Belushi

"Everyone wants to know about CBD...I wanna have fun!!" Actor Jim Belushi takes up pot farming with "Growing Belushi"

Actor Jim Belushi made a name for himself in movies like "The Principal", "K-9", "Red Heat" and "Curly Sue" well as his work on SNL and his show "What About Jim?" And now he's taking on a new role...that of marijuana farmer on the new Discovery show, "Growing Belushi" We caught up with Jim to...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

"I know if you ask too many gets kinda weird" Ken Walker Builds A Bigfoot in the new documentary "Big Fur"

Alberta Canada's Ken Walker is a world champion taxidermist (and former Roy Orbison impersonator) whose obession with building an 8 foot tall Sasquatch replica for the World Taxidermy Championship is the subject of the new documentary "Big Fur", that out now on Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon Prime...
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