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The Website of the Day: Avoid Those Awkward Moments! Hide Your Sex Toys in the JOYBOXX!!

Every adult with kids lives in fear of the day that one of 'em accidentally finds your sex toys. "Oh look at the big black sword I found in mommy's sock drawer!!!" It doesn't matter how hard you try, those ankle biters are gonna end up gettin' their sticky hands on your dildo!! But now there's help...
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David Arquette

"It was a painful journey, but it was one I had to take!!" David Arquette examines his ill-fated wrestling career in his all new documentary!

David Arquette had already established himself in Hollywood with his work in such films as, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "Airheads" and the "Scream" movies when he starred in the wrestling comedy "Ready To Rumble"...after which he actually launched a career in pro-wrestling that many saw as...
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Rudy Sarzo

"He fought til the very end, because that's how much he loved life." Rock legend Rudy Sarzo remembers his friend, Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali.

Rudy Sarzo is, without question, one of the most legendary bassists in hard rock/heavy metal...having played with such influential acts as, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Dio and, the band who really introduced him to the world, Quiet Riot. And with the passing late last week of QR drummer Frankie...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

UFO researcher Ryan Sprague explains how The Dept of Defense's Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force may be the most 2020 thing yet!!

UFO researcher Ryan Sprague has built and ever-growing audience with his podcast, "Somewhere In The Skies"...and after decades of guys like him being labeled as nutjobs...the Dept of Defense has now announced the creation of the Unidentfied Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, giving a whole lot of...
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Trent Green

"It was time for it to happen." Former Chiefs QB Trent Green talks about sweeping changes in the NFL and what the 2021 season will look like!

The NFL is ramping up to begin the 2021 season...and because of the weird world we're currently living one really knows how it's all going to look. Some teams will have fans in the stand, some won't...and those that do allow fans, what will the social distancing protocals be? Not to mention...
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Joe Gatto

"In the beginning, we were the outliers, stuck between two tow truck shows!" Joe Gatto and the Impractical Jokers come to HBO Max on Sept 1st!!

The Tru TV show "Impractical Jokers" is a true television success story. Four lifelong friends turn busting balls and playing pranks on each other into a hit cable television show...spawning a game show, "The Misery Index", working their way through the coronavirus pandemic with "Impractical Jokers...
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Buck Angel

"I took it up the butt for you kids!" America's Tran-pa, Buck Angel talks being a trans ground breaker, legal weed and more!!

Buck Angel, aka The Man With A Vagina, is a true ground breaker...starting life as a woman, now living as a man, launching his own website, becoming the most well known trans adult film star, launching the first trans dating site, designing an award winning line of sex toys...and still he gets shit...
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Michael Rapaport

Why Is Michael Rapaport An American Hero? The Answer Is Here!!

We've known actor Michael Rapaport through his work in films like "Higher Learning", "True Romance" , "Bamboozled" and well as his work on such series as "Justified" and "White Famous"...but along the way, he's become an internet personality with his takes on everything from politics,...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

Hooray! It's Your Handy Hump Day Highway To Happiness! The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

Hump Day doesn't just mean the middle of the work week anymore! No no! Not when you have an entire city full of men and women in dire need of some kinda sexual satisfaction!! Well, dammit, far be it from us to not use our powers for good!! We're GIVERS, people!! We care. Alot. Mostly about you...
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Whitfield Crane

Acid Dreams, Lemmy's Ashes and The Return of "Where In The World Is Whitfield Crane?"!!

Out of all of our friends. the one guy who has had the 'rona cramp his style, it has to be Ugly Kid Joe frontman and world traveler, Whitfield Crane!! For as long as we've known Whit, he's wandered the world, seeking new places, new people and new adventures...and as such we came up with a thing we...
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