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Friday, November 10th


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Are different is on the line right now mister Richmond cinco was supposed to be in town next week and can't make him but that. Veterans day tomorrow and that and he will be in town and February's come into the muscle he is that the the best example of oval warrior. I asked for nothing does more than has ever asked of him excels at everything he does period he changed special warfare spec ops he changed. He created ideas that it in and and used ideas and brought them to fruition but they're still using today he. Well beyond proud of conference. Born November 21 in lands for Pennsylvania. He is the decorated commander of seal team to seal team six and red cell. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the Navy SEALs altered the rogue warrior books series and his command. You are tequila. In an advance of tomorrow's holiday we wanted to take the time to wish him happy veterans day. Please welcome American hero. Friend of the show Richard Moore cinco. Why. Are just great great great intro. And you feel your world. Actually I'm. What we're gonna put such as Johnny we're gonna put a new print many of the. But I got tired agenda but injured again and unique and not Ahmet cranky old partner is nice. Man you know what do you get new parts and pieces in your back on the road again I'm sure that hula. Take you a couple of days to get completely healed up but I've no doubt we'll see you in January as the January or February for the. Douglas person is via event probably a couple days seriously troubled lately you know make. Actually met left open up a couple bottles of fu Bard tell each other some lies. I academic practiced between now and then be in college you don't you know. You lie you pick we get to the end of the year here and another trooper on the side and I look at this world. Actually do an at bat and I it's a fuel can always come back to. What would Richard do you aren't sometimes as what particular incident in Uncle Sam what do you think about this as you have a no nonsense look at this world you've seen what you've seen and you. Make decisions based on experience not. Not and being an ideologue. What got it in our school what do we have a lot of Becerra and me and I'm. You don't have to match great playing tomorrow. That got everybody's doing well there's not a lot of benefits going out to the match today and and of course tomorrow to Rio de. But there's going to be a lot more matched because the world is so screwed up and ER what are what is in my mind. Interest being you and it and decent about it is that. With the children just how bad everybody so confused. There aren't sure what he's tweeting saying what's really gonna happen. And and that is the change and and that is I think super. Then and that we're not forecast and if you don't to a Black Friday we're gonna come over and cute great punch in notes. And everybody gets ready project. You know in that respect. There is. A little more balanced force but. Certainly be in the armed forces today is that job security. The guy who ordered Eric Gagne give. Well we're growing we're definitely gonna go get some in some some situations and an end. It's gonna take guys and I think old school guys and that's why I was so hoping that trump would surround himself with the guys. Of your caliber guys who generals who. Or hard nosed and and and really battle worn guys who have already seen it it's not an idea it's not something they read the book it's something they've done that the dirt on their boots we you know is there experience. And I actually have teenagers and Osama. Trying to explain to them it immediately and apple. Yeah sure. Well we get shocked and law there were 3000 reporters. That covered that landing. Are shocked and off in the Middle East and. And they had shot phone and email. Never as good TV is reporting from the from the clock shall. Be that good good to big landing in World War II in Normandy. There were seven reporters. Seven. That went ashore. And they could write it on a potential plant and then there's coach went back out ownership. And eventually were transferred to Morse code like I explained I just see what's happening in the war. The kicker. On the weekend Whitman on the news clips. Shot you're you're getting hit almost a week later. And and it regarded the conditions were just in up the same but. It not a racial and should answer you'd not a been digested. Stocks are getting just lock rod about trauma that Jen and really coming out hot spot. Well it's not at all it is you know you have and of course everybody just read it to you re just read headlines and or read vibrant. Well and is a world where we guys out I believe this genuinely with a Omaha art. We need more guys old school like you like that the teams that you trade unless I go back to anything that adds. Unequal or are not OK it is on the human level I'm just talking about look at your warrior let a warrior doing warriors job it's it's all bets are off what you what to open that gate. It is what it is. Now that I think any technical back historically. You will torture room. Instead give me more fuel lobby in Russia. And they are now there's another ordered out of caution even you would medical war. I will grease the tracks of my tanks and the guts of my enemies. It in Georgia as well. Right now I CE you know we're gonna straighten that skirmishes for sure when he called carriers are more or art. Just like North Korea but the McCain becomes. That. Our goal execute the battles over there wherever there is an you know I'm not sure our nation we're going to be enough job all by ourselves. And that's epidemics and if you were to show Richard hours ago in US navy seal commander retired now skip forever 26. Red cell. And it goes on to twenty books plus now died. Starting with a rogue warrior and I see these situations in skipped in in the states where we get these active shooters and I. You know being issued myself and I enjoy God's. IC I think. You wanna be prepared but how do you how do you deal with this this kind of a threat because it's such an invisible threat you can't just pop these guys. The other. Arrogant and Newton the the lone wolf it hardest nut to crack. And you don't know where and when that's gonna break. If you are if you court and I doubt that occurred jockey. If you could get comfortable out all of the data character clutch free these kind of guys over the lone wolf. Then you we would be accomplished a Big Brother re watching as you get and it wouldn't be America. Correct. That's it so frightening. To it to think at least you have that church in Texas or in Las Vegas how quickly. It can it can escalate and and then people who you know they they die because of normalcy blasted a standing there getting peppered with rounds because. Innovate that's never happened before it's taken them precious time to assimilate the situation and and they're being killed by the dozens. Yeah there's. It's. It is and I'll let the bottom line is it's a blow out and I'm that your your reader market. You don't really know widget like. Right. You alive until I'm coming out to live with you Richard Land at Virginia I'm moving in a I'm taking off. Lama option here at the polls covered right now denying that the ponders that is open and beleaguered color might know where globally around and it's 38 degrees that's about as warm the gonna get today. It's what's cool here's what you still working out. Outside the old days. Skip it worked out outside no matter if it was summer fall raining snowing it didn't matter all of your equipment was outside at one point. There or not. If I. Sure sure you want to walk around in my work a lot. How how old you the last episode. Well I've got big coming the 21 it's more about 77. It's yeah its it's a mindset into in a structure that I think is inside you that a lot of guys don't have an. I don't think you do that you had it when you first got into the armed forces. And I've I've. I had I don't know where I'm wanna learn something everyday everyday. And just little. I get involved recruiting huge. I cringed belt by years ago a little over ten years ago. And I just actually just great times. It's great to be alive. And you you you need to be if you want to be alive really alive and you really wanna be a Smart. Operator if you will Europe you have to Wear and you have to be willing to alert you can't you have to know that you don't. Via. I don't wish it they'll look at the the older you get in and Adam and remorse for energy got the dumber you realize you're. Yeah Richard and I. I can't wait to see I'm gonna take off over Christmas and I'll be back in January. I preferred the Benton and I'll be there with you I but I wanna jump up meet a buddy of mine who's an ex military British guy. He was at SAS and that really start off in London head up to prod for New Year's Eve in the Czech Republic wonder about their head back through extra damage you can't see. That's public courses are. Going to be solved. Well or. I think what you wanna do it juggernaut program under seal even governments are so that what you're recycling you know voters came out there. Hey listen foo bar is doing well how's everything in house and no give Freddie years mr. Ayers. Upbeat and Jordan you're actually interviewed each. What does it mean I just two weeks ago. He's doing well and if you're looking for a job well or pocono which only just this month. At your your home stand there and they just didn't work out so well I Arabia for the February about. Hey what's the story would that I think he's going to be by the way he's he's got the alien tequila. And of course they're department up and everything but he looks like he might be the next mayor of Vegas. Well we just we can create a sleeper ready inadvertently relished Johnson of GOP shouted out yeah yeah. Well. There's that there are a lot to prove our. Yeah. I've item as I'm tonight we'll go out there and what we have to get a second house and big is that goes down. Well yeah it and if the government match that made it such a great job for branch. Okay I'll all of Alia. All of resource there kicking and there's there's a corresponding around album out. Acutely but the jedi. That is that a lot form in Augusta because of the climate. Match can heal better there. They you know they they take a lot of foreclosure homes and turn him over at bats and the sponsor in them. And as long as they're performing. They are getting a better education working on a trailer door to a particular care. So it intra you know ammunition charity that their governor their cheeks well wanted to cure the match. This is they are and probably the best thing you can do is. Let's leave VA hospital here a couple of in Kansas City you know what you can go by talk to their people in there and visit some people go might see other people may be in the hospital getting help. That maybe they don't have some might say oh you don't. You know it it's not about the gift it's about acknowledging their service to about saying hey icu years you're still here a bigot and it's good to see you spend a little time because. And that's all whatever that's what everybody wants register human contact can get to know that what they've doubled their life mattered. Yeah well it others there's some of the programs that really finally a ball. That's gonna get there award ID card. And that's you know allow them to go to the post exchanges. Which I don't think of that great deal. Other than you don't pay catchup on your product but you can buy something etched on the market. Are on the street. You can you can probably do just as well not better. Warm order here some are fast Agile volume but the bottom line at least they're recognizing him. And sit in on expanding it and it hit a record won't be a lot and report back under the majority government in the outta minority about it ringgit yesterday that there is done. And we move that's right and after all this moment and at least what people I think others. There's a very weak to think is best as if from the World War II we would think about guys who work who were really elderly guys in nursing homes we're talking about guys in their twenties and thirties forties. And and fifties who I mean. Are really they are going to be a huge part of our population men who have served and have seen actual battle. The other and I let you know programs are literally living older rats. Well I guess out of the residual in my kids. I guess I talk too much or any great. It's like couldn't they and their mind. They could not envision a world war true will want to go ownership. And it's a cute three weeks to get to the battle. And and you stay there for years. And you're reported moment wasn't a one year deployment and our eight month deployment. And there and you didn't fly back you back and partnership. Think if you didn't have. So boldly we refer male caller got there and Southern Command by airplane to recommend it ships so you know you're getting Christmas. Got it just for Easter. But it all it would all the fonts are and they just. The British society. Just cannot imagine. He's an. Arab it or just. Good good for me realist or eyewitness (%expletive) I was there for all that. You who accuse you you set the bar for for many things character honor. Held just a good anti authoritative. Behavior I mean as far as anti authority goes you got a view of you might have that the gold medal in all of the military. What I would have an apartment and somebody. Opera. Richard my friend you know you know much value of regiment so only a friend that Libya given great Christmas that and wonderful veterans day thank you. For everything fervor. All of the the books the stories the truth that you bring about more about the warrior. And for being the model that I think others should be measured against it really genuinely mean. Well a nice job and you have a great holiday season look forward to seeing you shortly as time goes by fast. But you know the political and everything like you do and that's spread the good work of another you do it what it sure red white mullah. And pick up some fu Bard tequila. It's the perfect way to say happy birthday baby Jesus give them what for Chris it's. Their right.