11-10-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Changes It Up

Friday, November 10th

Mens Room Question: What does someone else suck at so bad, but you don't have the heart to tell them?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. I thought George pilots there's a WA AF Boston's rock station also won 96 viability CMF in Rochester are friends and an idea point five K Boxee south Bay's. Classic rock station. And lovely San Jose our question today what do you know for a fact that just suck at and lo was a moment to figure that out and are inspiration for the question today is the Baltimore Ravens. And some love back. But I just watched the sun figure that out if so I guess we go back to a man who was found three days after he did not report for work yet. And his mother was concerned his employer is concerned. And basically. The cubs go to his door where they find the man bleeding from the head and they take him to the hospital. He is still somehow alive at this point in time I don't believe that he was able to talk. Cops served a search warrant on the man's house found the two showcasing in the bedroom. They also determined as wallets and handgun were missing the shell casings did not match the caliber of the victims missing got. So wasn't hit it's good to both of his head or from a different on the woman's bone from zone. In search of the manned surveillance system showed that that same moment later identified as Whalen visited his home five times between October 7. And October the 21. The footage live shows and together entering the house at 845 and had an upstairs about 930 neither is seen on the interior surveillance footage again. And nearly 10 o'clock the doorbell camera images shows the woman running out the front door. So investigators checked the victim's credit union accounts and found that in the early morning eight payments were made totaling. 800 dollars to another man through Facebook's money exchange system. A big into the victim's three credit cards show the Simone made 82 charges. Totaling more than 101000 dollars between that time and the charges are made at various stores in addition online stores. So a loss prevention officer in a Macy's stores said she permitted the 21 year old woman and her companion. The man to whom she allegedly made payments after the shooting from using the victim's credit card. Police believe the last legitimate use of the card occurred at a McDonald's where the victim had taken a woman the night he was shot. Whelan allegedly changed her story a few times during her interview with police until she had been it. That the victim hired her but she did not feel like having sex with him. She reportedly claimed that he was performing oral sex wrong and she didn't know how to to element. She allegedly claims she shot the man in the back of the head at first and then fired a second shot that had decided this face. She then took his wallets and his stuff and headed up the door. Her story is that he performed so poorly in oral sites and didn't know how to tell him that usually read jab which pulled a gun. And shot my mentors that. She was emotional as during our interview and also ask that is the victim or to make a recovery the police talked to him and asked that he does not pursue charges. Com Mon. And I'm pretty sure she called another two. On to Baylor out. That's unheard of our talk with Salmonella at another station and they were filling us in a method like Daschle made the call. To another one of don's edition you're like I was good for the money down like you said ma'am I don't know and I'm good at bat that we're never but I've never. And alive and all the times I have done that tells me I'm doing a happily but I never thought. Ever on why you think yourself middleman I hope on bringing the satisfaction but I've never thought. There's legitimate human you can put your bones in my head right now I'm doing such a bad job until look. I don't even receive maybe bad oral sex but it's like bad pizza. Like you're still good offensive and it's not the worst thing and yeah I think and late. He was paying her he was paying her and she's Els shot him in the back. How bad can you be so that was the word you give someone money and are still like this isn't worth the latest sent out. You know you always hear these stories about people out of via near death experience and it's manatee was white lights and I see about a late you'll family members and passengers and appear to agree apparently informing. Amanda that's true bad news can be embarrassed there aren't right I mean do you show up. Here's the afterlife here's Jim all the family members have gone before you friends and are all waiting futile well commute to the afterlife. All of going to be shaking her head slowly dislike him like why did your show man. Dad why are you here prematurely and give that man of that as bullying in the afterlife because if there is this guy's about to find out every visitor that many times my times in four weeks and two weeks to reach. Right I mean that's a lot I mean. I now she's got to be gotten on drugs or something. I guess a man was was he shot during the act. Sounds like kit that is my question I'm thinking well he was shot in the back of the head want. And that would be the easier shot. To take Redmond and also inside of the phase so. I mean I don't know how you do it but I would think those to be the two places. There are several forehand I would say no but the back of the head and probably you said you know no matter no matter what either. You've had better sexual experiences than in new fashion show some that are just okay Indy you know like sometimes there's just a natural chemistry between two people and other times it's just it is what it is. Mechanical and mechanical truck when every article but. Never have I thought to myself through. Or masturbating reviews and another person's back to the pizza and let's let my hand amusing to hear using me we did it it doesn't matter it's it's still pizza even though it's a bagel pizzas right over the dealers it's still pizza to some degree you know and I can't think that I would get that angry about that how bad can you be. Now how bad do you yeah is something like that that some impose bullets into your own. Yeah I don't think especially next level math and and like I wanna know what he did to make sure I never do that. I know whatever you did I don't wanna do that man and just just doesn't make business sense. I think you know that five times in two weeks that that's a good money shrink wrap that up and how much is that you think. Five times and couple weeks at any time how much money is Acosta dire prostitute I don't know Deborah shields might escorts are right there are you up the amount that vinyl roses instead. The roses for Hariri Jim really have to buy roses non science like you buy roses and you don't say the overwhelmingly calls were normal roses cost if you sit there for what I guess I shouldn't say you're an escort your wedding flowers as opposed just being flowers you know in the end it's the same thing I think he's given by rose's. The aviation your get a look you better gonna supposed to get some roses manned up and I want more than money spent a little boy you don't have to remain at some. That's fraud pretty good yardage did. And I'm on the money though I've gotten in on good enough for me ma'am but yeah that's. That's amazing to me that he spent the money in your opening a much money this dude must've been worth because. She spent 101000 dollars of his in three days. And the banks didn't cover all the enemies of the sky Paulus who spends a lot OK I spent 101000. Dollars numbered days based on my spending history. They're addicts cut my car off even a horror I have. I the building to legislate the McDonald's thing and I it's kind of funny ready to go to McDonald's but also it's like. They were just hanging out too besides before they got the sex part of the reason why did you shoot him. And you obviously know pretty well so yes good. My question. Would doubt what do you know for a fact that decide cats and what was the moment you figure that out 8449990. Look one of the comments speculating there must of got a tongue like a catch. He lit it it it just try and send it out like eight. That's possible I don't know I do not know. I would think it's I don't miss new at a McDonald's may be I'd like onion breath. Then some delight them well let's face it evil had well maybe not all of you I have personally had some just complete sexual failures. Well it's sure not being able to perform. Lasting two you know every minute 62 sort of the deal was on that you know like well whatever it was like there's been a few of those in my lifetime where like. I really would have liked to have a do over you can't articulate and Alia that I was never able to get a do over. So yeah the only impression of me is that man on man god almighty I hope to Gaudio in obsolete or that guy because it sucked. Which there are right it did and they're right. You don't and even this thing went diamonds and it's one all I'd like to think to myself that I'm not as bad as I'm being portrayed in those instances but there are correct though it's more that everybody can now know that there are writes I try like hey man if we have such wants to really seven twice. I don't want to lose than do good I don't want to sound too bad for everybody asks it's you being mad and better at revolution not ten celebrities who apparently. Apparently sucked in better and it's intends celebrities that are allegedly. Bad and bad and who put this together. This comes from rumors from people against in some of these cases that OK let's sort of ten you can piece of the deaths of Brody Jim. Right now according to his the hills costar. Christening Kevlar a slave nor Brody Jenner is quote very Vanilla and she added they'd literally do anything outside of the box contents of this comes Rome and someone moving. OK okay. Yeah. If anything I don't know well today. As the number nine on the list of tinsel operatives apparently saw combat and I don't think those who shot in on Hugh Hefner days dead yet Gordon crystal Harris through salt and how strong about a relationship with the with you Abner. According to her she's any less about two seconds and bed and never undressed for sex. She should be happy about the doubts they don't like look I get what you say in the weird but I wanted pictures Hugh Hefner nothing should make it. Don't you agree that you perform in a row with. I'm great on the list of celebrities apparently saw combat Paris Hilton. According to The Backstreet Boys Nick Carter he spoke about his experience and adversaries and quote she was a drunken prude I don't. Who as far as I can see did not really like sex and relied on drugs in drinks to get her confidence and better. I saw our sixth state to look like yours employment to answer a phone call. During this I stayed. Yeah lines it up are coming on into how fun is that doesn't say at like that London's present you don't want your eagle brews have sex with some good payroll mooted but you know as an android and later actively talking wireless mic cars have been loose Jana. Isn't oh yeah how we lose in what way they he's just gonna talk smack or. But he lives in Florida still like gets and it's couples once a while in a bar I know you talk I know how important guys and gals emaciated now. Natalie brother Macaulay Culkin that's brother Aaron Carter aren't that draws Pritchard America act Indy cars the older one The Backstreet Boys. We continue on the list of ten celebrities apparently saw combat. Your boy miles Colin fair I don't believe that I talked color and sexy looking meant happy he's good looking guy look at let's done well subsumed shorter than I thought the good tournament look I got a week's LA LA and former apparently so I guess Colin Ferrell back in the day slept with woody Allen's. Former Manny. A British or Woody Allen brought a slip of YouTube Colin Farrell barely slept with our reporting the horror. She says quote he comes across as a tiger on screen but behind closed doors he's as wild as Mickey Mouse. Maybe a lot of women because he's hot but is not like go to bed maybe they don't wanna stay. Not since like we are cheap shot from the early. I think unfair don't sleep on the deck that. Doesn't any time talking crap on him. I don't bottom half. I these I I we're never gonna broadcast live Disney cruise. Finds very lightly on people it's reveal little Broncos on the Disney cruise America will never do you and I've been ruined ten celebrities allegedly bad in bed let's see next after Colin Furl. You're Boyd said Nicklaus today odds. Soccer analyst escorting him just consensus is that the new small baggage and rightly states orgasms. When she was resolute so my question off. Hillary you know little. The dude spent dog I know why women fake orgasm do you just want must go away if he's making an orgasm no offense to mead SP student of the per. I now maybe it was a bad. And you know our own photo I went to five who want to know what John what are you know for a fact they decide gad and oppose apology figured it out they fought for a 9990 LaMarr your calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. I. Get so bad don't try to go to tell a match goes on allayed any Melamed jokes in the men's room amends or my dive down drop among the other 200 Goodman survive and we get the bad jokes coming up right before during Intel's. With a shot of the day. Our question how does someone Soledad so badminton and have a hard to tell me 44999. Old and I'm on top but we're going over the list of ten celebrities of allegedly bad in bed we had. And this is according to people that slept with them these are actual quote. So an overtime we are Brody Jenner followed by Hugh Hefner Paris Hilton Colin Ferrell. Nick O'Shea an hour number five on our list of the ten celebrities who allegedly saw combat. If he's sent fifty cent a young man according to a group being humiliated all the way back to live fitting room she dished off about her lackluster experience saying quote all. Let me start acting real shot like he was scared or something. And he was saying corny lines like. Do know Laura and I do. After a couple minutes of that I had to tell him quote. A really good pop remove them talk about that I'll. I couldn't believe it you're fifty supposed built off acting like a fortune horrible. Number of laundry list though about ten celebrities and led Lisa to bed. Madonna according to our ex Guy Ritchie apparently had a problem of Madonna's rigorous exercise routine and he claimed that hooking up with Madonna was like quote. Coddling up to a piece of gristle from all. Our narrow. Charlie Sheen is Arthur endless courted to his ex wife Denise Richards. Here's a selfish low over even even insist on watching porn while they were together that doesn't shock me and you're with Denise Richards Denise Richards it's a pretty attractive person. I would say so on number two on the list is Tiger Woods he was described by one of his many flings Jamie Grubbs is being quote. Horrible event that comes sensible and number one under a list of ten celebrity's and allegedly sought to embed. Katy Perry hot doll while Russell Brand he spoke about his lack of interest in sessions that's why he said quote when you're amongst. You're not allowed to have sex with anyone when you're married it's one person but it's one more than a month it's not bad effort I'd be having sex thinking to myself think of anyone think of anyone else yeah it seems like that's more on him. Yeah maybe that it is on her you know I just I mean it's Russell Brand known at the thing that his mind isn't a different place at all times regardless of these clean or not. I tell what is someone else I get so bad vision and have a hard to tell made 44999. All hello please welcome to the men's room. Also rekindle our bitches yeah. I would build the gunmen are you. Doing all right well make it a quick Oreo is. And had a bar. No this kid dead it was still stuck inside himself village almost embarrassing to watch it we got the kid. After weeks of trying to get out distinct girls be a dead end. And I did it and bureau on the drove all to me are the moms do it ended utilize. Terrible. Let a let around the Barger said hey you'd given up this guy when he gets out. So what he had done everybody to guard bar just goes well he inquiry do you. And you're not pretty soon admit to not get this kid see this is all not all completely complete the order of the bar. Finally had do the kid stopped him because he was. As you say bad food there's. And bang out a payment I mean I picked out of a karaoke bar one night for laughing you know as one of those things where we just we had. They kind of giggle said in the and then ease it was just one of those things and then he won't stop laughing select I'm trying to keep a straight face that one I don't but I wouldn't stop dude it was like three songs deep man and I mean. I really don't wanna swim situation most of the makes us look bad I know we kind of didn't notice at first in my we were talking a mile tunnel stops and you know you kind of get lost in policy miles got to look and a good speaker and any taps me appointed the speaker so. And so we hadn't been paying attention and we we recognize that the disguise of her singing I think it's a Sinatra saw you look yes he was my wife and we were to select a home that was our way down and we started chuckling about it and sort of back our conversation molecular Nepal's then the next song comes on camera looking at this stage so we just assumed some wonderful wanna. And here's this guy's voice again and at this point I'm gone. Overlap and you know we're laughing about them. Thought that we were right to laugh. Blunt and very shallow horrible going to hell way it was very funny it was 24 hour karaoke this place again it wasn't like oh yeah every there's got to play Thursday carry out there it's like he look when you walk in there you go look at their for lunch and is going to be somebody sing in the core I have seen a person. Puke in that parking lot angle bracket and saying. Yeah I get there well the guy isn't the guy was sitting beside me for awhile and he was asking me he's like. Do you know who no make up a name Italy Crooklyn Thompson is well known as a these karaoke champion and you know looking like we had this whole like there's this world of karaoke that I do not know of that I learned that night and again these are most famous curves C here's a world like. What are you talking about uneasy about what do you mean I'm just that bad or am I wrong thinking. I don't know if you do know right now I mean I'm definitely not turn out all right I'll do for. Yeah I was I was there was that this goes or refused to he donated it was anyone's thought man I couldn't take your computer how it's just I know for a fact I can't saying that's why don't get up and do that and I don't know likens it to what the why why would they do that and embarrassed by the second one is put on roller skates which can't tell legged guy that he sucks. You know all Egypt you couldn't. We don't we didn't we did not our many he'd never know we were laughing I don't think but no man whom do I get your article and it with a gestured clever with the leader though. There's a whole genre of music and I've played it got me into I think just people that seemed terrible but they're put in a lot of efforts aren't good William Hung starring. Exactly and sometimes you just simply haven't listened to people. Unlike every word when we're listed suit on and just people seem horrible but their desire Connolly really put in the effort to. I'm OK with that does that have to say all you may or not and it's no good in the new a lot of hours we put it on this guy nobody wanted to hear this man you know came out of nowhere and this just came out and only took all my god you gotta make OnStar but no one had a hard to make him step. What do you know far. A fact it's a month's accident but you don't have the heart to tell me 44999. All out. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Hello all of us yeah. Go gentle man doing browser. Well it's actually got but I gas OK perfect. Oh yeah Bernie. Yeah I know lots of friends that are girl or not but I can never act them out I stuck it out now girl. Do you visit because your side do you try to kick too much game do you say the wrong thing you. Hideous. Like what is hello I am probably more guides I guess you in aortic I actually act or girl out good how old are you. I'm I'm 29 almost 29 years old and how many girlfriends you have. I've ever had or hadn't had done I mean like for you see a lot of friends that are girls I'm greedy that. All of playing. Over and back here at home and do most of them have boyfriends and they've taken they've taken or they are they available. All of our all our. Are unmarried ballot and have boys. OK well here's how you divide this up real quick let's make it easy did you get all these female friends the ones that are married forget about it and the ones that are dating someone forget about it. The other third that you have there that are singled you need to concentrate on themselves it's not that you can't talk to your friends who are married there in other relationships or whatever but. If you're going to spend time. In the goal is to go wow somebody I would focus your attention on the ones that are available instead of the ones that are take what do you want to date any of the ones that are available. A couple of envoy if you bat got a bad. About 10 yeah once you narrow that I don't have a president who has just start slow here Fella went only worry about one at a time. Like normal people do it on it's like let's get one girlfriend before you try to make things too complicated. The busy you've ever had multiple girlfriends or multiple boyfriend's one thing you know to be true. It gets really really complicated so let's keep this simple. Sold the one that I read multiple boyfriends for the enrollment Jeff made a really daddy died as a narrow the scope got so what goes wrong. Okay. He goes to America. You can't say other radio. Soccer. And and death now yet double counted first of all right so you can't be shy and you can't concept. But you have to be confident enough to be able to ass amount and it doesn't have to be a big deal it could just be going to see a movie it to be going to dinner just just play it cool and. You know my one thing man. They're not stupid they know why you're asking the Mac in and I'm asking. Whether it's coffee a drink the movie you want to have sex with so whatever it is you wanna ask up front they understand the purpose. A you're asking the Mac man doesn't mean you have such an effort today but eventually those three wanna go that's why people as people are so when's the last time we actually asked the woman up. Couple years. And did you reject it. You know we had a copy why and then he conflicting schedules and stuff like that so as you wanna go anywhere after the confident aren't turn out. If you don't matter I would say. If you know the person you've known them this long then coffee is kind of no different than what you're doing right now because yeah if you wanted to get to the next level you kind of need to ask someone out on the ground I know it's a date merely saying like hey you know I know we've been friends for a long time I don't know if you have any interest in anything more than this but I would love to take out dinner sometime however her interest are may be you go on a hike. Hell I don't know we know whatever whatever you know the person so you can get in a wheel house. An attic and looked like here's the thing. If she says no then if your friends you'll continue to be friends and yet and if not then pass. Well I mean you cross that line that kind of makes little tougher it does make it a little tougher but it doesn't change anything. Both and so my lawyer Alan I'm comfortable kind of agreement that neither views gonna bring it up Brett they had been through this again friends with her now open furcal we should all be sure sure absolutely okay. Just they always use said no. Yeah that's how we damn dead murdered are my favorite I will stay at finally asking her own real date was to this day one of the best things are done the other business you know outside that. As they did it sound down menus are from tickets were don't man I mean lots of things they've won that you really wanna go out within and asked her out first and the doesn't work then couldn't go down the line do nearly blowing out talked more women. I got shot down three times and like one Saturday couple weeks ago three times yeah AM did you think you had a chance. With one OK but how to how long did it take to figure out that you didn't. That's fifteen what are the reasons that you're given Mike what do what do people say. But there do you pull oh they're taking in her you know didn't do you know at a time or did you just going on this is three brand new one that is meta bars okay. So it was nice movie chatted up have a drink. And you can just tell whether or not they're clean air though you didn't really asking to go out there use doubles goes through there. Yeah I did the feeling this guy though wouldn't even know I'd have the feeling he's probably been proposition without knowing what would you do the lack of confidence he has in my normal situation for all of us to be some are going pay. Dude like she'd basically just offered to go on a date with you and I get the feeling he would miss it you don't want to Denny tell you right telling somebody you gotta have more confidence by while it doesn't really help trying to brag I don't think so you can just well okay it's a wake up and talk to chicks well I think though more so than not you just have to be you have to be accepting of rejection. So yeah confidence level has to be the point where you can't you do it you can't be too hard on yourself if it's not gonna work dirt you know like a talents in you keep doing the same thing eventually that part of your body that makes hardens up the right it just softens up and that's all the bills and I think that's true of most things in life death and I mean look we're old grizzled and cynical Salt Lake rejection doesn't bother us now you know make you read the emails that we get a feeling tell them that you'd like I'm never lose did you get did you like ourselves and going until I am and I get hate. Man all the time like you know the minutes of the play are like you know people would be its people only confides he wants off the error and it's just like you are a minority it's Jesus Christ when is today and obviously it's important don't hear you don't look at them like there's nothing in there about what growth target to go we since she was like yeah I'm a model. But they got hot Kim and she's playing here I'm like whatever like college getting drinks and gays I mean beer out of forget we have beer as a cash charge to chip here. Leo where do you model that. I'll take it in a bottle. And all right Jack yes that's right idea about it Ramallah and coaches would she said that houses a guy you get this one but like been like obviously this is not going anywhere united listened to the words about my body right. If you keep it hit the location and amount but it was just funny yeah well yeah we're Ramallah a regular bottle. And today. Hello Christine welcome to the men's room. I. Did I'd be pretty countdown that thank you grizzlies. Here well then yeah it not come back that I didn't have the hard to develop a mind about an apparent bird then my NN day at the time didn't happen aren't close all the ball developed adverse event. Of the Barry just they've. Whacked it. Employee she actually asked me did not think they're out by the time Michigan do you hate me and said to eight huge now I don't know you well enough that he is I don't really want to tell you about well. And I said but it has been killed. Do you shock at the co worker. The truck as a co worker. Why was I saw what did you do for a living that she saw pushy horrible person or she does not gonna Detroit here in the chain didn't make things work. We aren't going to be calling outweighed. And did she showed up on time and did she say it the whole day yeah humid outside. About her about twenty minutes at a time every Kenyan. And who's doing out there that would give she showed up at home. And I go strictly it did not awful work ethic you obviously don't have. How do you have a job I don't know why no I told you that not really my problem but I'll tell you that you get that lets see and it really frustrating to get. We we have a shortstop is old we have to pick up a little bit you're not doing clearly. If you're here you know either figure it out formed out. And what does your responses. And I should an event okay thank you don't you do is brazen chews out every season it's. Actually. It was a little bit they're talking and all you appetite I am Friday Saturday night it turns out. Oh my goodness. I let you show up and you're on time and ink used fatal holds just. Yeah Scott and liquor and yeah well how do you our Brothers analyst Laura was she there. Yeah actually got fired them. Couple months later. Pretty tough to get fired from a bowling Alley I feel like even right now is where you're at war and I and I think to myself like art Olympic public for five hours some place like bowing out. Seems like pretty cool gig you know and handling you learn from fast food. Yeah every day you know how emerging yeah change the schedule and they did not let down my neighborhood called Yahoo! so when I went this all together where our view now is Larry I'm at home where you have new you know you're on the schedule might well no I I have a copy of the schedule you candidate now everybody got on my name is done there's a changed it. And like what each AG should let me know he's had its own funeral is scheduled changes. And lays out to me to reach god damn fine from there and like I mean if you need me you need to give me a heads up like a month I just don't randomly walking the DK on my day off. Think I'll just pop in the back in check the weren't scheduled states the jackass manager changed all the sudden the way you feel about that job the way Mike feels about that pulled the hostility is still there are still friends a white guard that can use to cooperate. Who. It's just save maybe it's a little harder working the ball well we are okay it's you know Madagascar there was good and I'm going to be worked as one dude it's one deuce back in the day I'm sure he's like regional manager now she's got like four BK's itself from students and like he's the man he's probably get all the little he drug all the kings had he wants you don't mean like to call it even has her eyes for all of my dad's going to locks of love it if that's borrower out is that you're like the long John Silver had you that you stolen. I'm one of the late you know career management guy look. The guy that was a regional manager of chi Chi's in this is freaking geez this guy. Thought that if he proved unicorn shout out does but more like dude you're the regional manager. Of key key Billy you understand we send people to tables to sing happy part. A million and a managerial level of second replacement at all they're holes different level of power I mean you are checked from you don't pay income and they really started it's like your bed usually waiting if you knew he was gonna show that then you know. And it is aim was Gail which used to cracked me what your name is failure there and on diamond. So but it will. Jailed governor wanted to clean up and do all this stuff and and implement we have fake pinata is hanging in the bar this guy cannot possibly be that important that. Yeah we look at Roma's joint man you're just you know flu related wonder am I make you wouldn't. Oh absolutely lower tier most days. What do you know for a fact that you love sack getter what do you know for a fact that someone else like savage don't have the hard stuff. Hate for parred 999 all of our calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. Hello there are sax I return of dead vs the FCC and our question what it does so once again legit now there are detailed. I've just simply this in this is that headline. Escort shock clients and head for performing oral sex wrong 8449990. Hello Shane welcome to the men's room. All wow. LO changed. All I can't so they're good guys know he happens to be five years old and my son span he has just. Terrible draw a line. And he restriction of the hole and out to be like nobody acknowledged joke like the vote. How bad is it like both of my kids like to draw I will say Amazon's actually not badly drawn. He's not a grades. It's pretty bad and as I hear. So bad that you feel like look even among others could you just have to base them on age right sold. And that reject my son is five years old he is not a fantastic artist but for five years old. He ain't bad so I'm assuming when you look at your kid's pictures you think of Mike are you sure our child is actually five years old. Yeah pretty much. Dignity and love us at a dude do you save them do you see many of the art. Yeah but I am afraid you know new Lola and then ebitda I mean that's equivalent to listen it was a present is just a did you throw away. And Yemeni OK I'm all right there would I outlook I've got I've got a couple boxes in my kids' artwork I'm one of those people like. But there should have been seven boxes. Oh yeah so I have one box and actually I found some stuff the other day that I talked in a big guy coffee table book from years ago my daughter drew it was just I was trying to flatten some amount of value goes up like five or six pieces of artwork I'm flipping through this look at the big picture booklet and also on the stuff pops up. Granted she just went away to college. All the stuff this from when she's like four or five bad as it seems like yesterday nobody was absolutely horrible how many times did you and offended at the portrait that they didn't view. Look if you can you don't realize it you. And they're excited to show you this picture anyway and they always ask you to guess what it is like oh it's a decaying zombie which doctor Angela daddy that view when Jesus Christ married anyway even us we have this thing that was like OK like look you gotta get a spray paint or something new you're gonna have to draw appears so quick buck struck yet do it all drew penis like as fast as we can't labor strategist Errol pregnant hell out of there. And you know dad's Venus was awful looking and they look like gay look like like on a bullet or look like I don't know like a rocket ship. Mine was not our time was not identified had two runs in the bottom. Mine was non identifiable the only person they could draw an anatomically correct Venus was Statehouse in a lot of the miles I'm telling ladder boys and has done a quick like I mean like you and I appreciate your own Jones and then drove a theater every day. At the mine looks like. A rock what is some once again we don't have a hard to tell a mate for Florida 999 old law. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.