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Friday, December 1st


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SEC keys on the hotline right now and of course we all known for more good bodies and Titus and and being on tight to show. But also surgeons today go old school and I streams up in smoke. The prison break hammer which I love this American history actress agreement was incredible. Born June 2 in Savannah Georgia. A graduate of the University of California fifteen Yale school of drama and the Fulbright scholar. Academy of music and drama you started his career on stage before moving. Making a name for himself in such movies as she Jim Jones up in smoke. No experience. As well as such films as an American history X and it's a series is Mike Hammer. And Titus. You can see him on the CPS serious man with the plan. Please welcome Stacy cage. Stacey please welcome to the shelf. Thank you see Greek debt. You let him this time and how many things we look Julian and I mean really loved you you that tomorrow. I think. You told you we're gonna for increased ties. Colin Powell with the time this will host tennis on how long did you work wouldn't it. We electrocution. To achieve closure. So we'll wait and they're usually ranges in my number and career and I love Christian liberal would. Try and picture. Well. This Saturday where they will lose track gotten part. Matt LeBlanc. Members clam up. You're great you're you're the you're the that I wanted and went 00 and they. And so he he got into your dummies maybe said don't mess would that these candy. That drag. Those sort of you know we're very truck loved traditional luge set period is over most of my service and correct pressure it's. And I mean you go black and what I feel like you know this is that moment where because you've done a body of work that spans my entire. Life and so many important things like Tommy Chong over the years become a very dear friend and eleven but the brother and you a nice change up in smoke. You know when you see a man turn into a lizard Stacy you know you feel like you know for lucky. Or portable in my there was some good since it. The camera right there camera action to catch. Glimpses of global chosen me warmed my bird yeah or look untrue. Well cold truly so impact I mean. Really don't mean to add a piece of comedy that will last forever I mean a real iconic piece because it was groundbreaking. Well what compete I mean got calendar entry gym and they really. They've started the old ball over very good. The first session since the. And then Joseph burns or talking about you know we were good and it may with a pilot Matt LeBlanc you black. You have this incredible career sometimes it is much success is there's not as bad. You war you know you you're statesman and that world you do you have registry and I go well they'll match this is not out that this is Sally just. No no quite the opposite of the other little. Bad as my mentor to you can hear me. Well there's certain you know just wherever I am so put it. He's you know he's. Ever heard Google you don't hurt. June and that enormous talent they're not there is an actor. It opens is as a producer. Here's an overview of the scripts which is extraordinary. And I had no I don't want to me actually. And could very quick movement have them. Observation and and and they reckon you're great excuse. It's the same amount of dexterity that he's able to do it extraordinary and I love or the event every year my love wasn't. More areas in the industry it's a wonderful character fact that you are important swing too tricky with the school could warm years ago. And we have a legitimate Baltimore who finished until well. When she played a role in bull. She put. Them. Well I appreciate you very happier situation and we're hoping that. You know we could go 00 yeah. Wasn't terrific effort whether your actions sort of a good thing. Congratulations by the way that 730 Kansas City time Mondays on CBS and you and Kevin Phelan. He has that ability to when you're talking to him to make you feel like you like you guys have known each other a hundred years that your Brothers and he's one of the most kind humans I've ever met. All these wonderful and great. Formerly gotten in more our show usually wouldn't doubt it basically OK sorry it happened as well slopes name. Is that. Doughty can't you certainly look great coach. And that it was you know he's a lot closer and you really cool until he goes. Bartlett never. But never quite true what shattered by the way. They're completely that I think he should be a little couple age. Does that help looked at the war. Was your dad tell Stacy. He's it's a pair very loving. Very worried restrict. But he was also very. When he hated what we've become an accident you know much and I want to get back without question the development of if you do that themselves. You should more be a doctor or lawyer who of the Germans you know you can. Little life lost. Sessions occurred I can control over an actor he's keeping it. They gave about let me get a good job that you didn't consider it. These guys you cut over the border patrols and. It's so great steak isn't what that's got to be that your father saying I'm glad you did what you do it's got to be better than an Oscar. Your. Yeah well. It's oh yeah I know you guys led many great seasons this congratulations on being picked up for another rate everybody CBS 730 on Mondays and in the you can rest easy that. Mean come here any time I think the show's great and I'd love to talk to you more. I could very well this is facing.