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Saturday, December 2nd


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we come. The idea behind. Freddie will beat them all between the cracks in and so we things can do real and otherwise. Perfect life. So Jake sure in this letter with me from ladies that my name's Jan. And married had two daughters ages three and seven. This past September I took my husband to the emergency room because I believed he was having a stroke. It turned out he had a very large tumor in the middle of his brain. Seven centimeters by four centimeters sits between the two lobes. It's a benign tumor. This really taken a hole in my husband. And he's gonna blur since we found out he had that surgery almost immediately before surgery you'd hardly know anything was wrong. He was completely normal aside from headaches and anxiety. The surgeon was not able to get the whole tumors so we're waiting on the next course of action. Even if it's benign tumor with people. They don't understand is you. You know it's still one body inside. Your head and when you open up your skull and anytime you in size brain tissue. The cutting connections you're cutting a lot depending on where you were working on. And having watched my father go through brain surgery. It change. When you and you know all the things with brain injuries and loan growth. It in in it like you said any foreign object to anything in the brain. Did it. He's in the icu for almost a month. Then transferred. To a long term acute hospital for three weeks. He's been doing therapy at a rehab hospital to gain back mobility but because of the swelling location the tumor may be sometime misuse and what we've seen significant improvement. Talking about learning speech again you're talking about learning credit for the damage. Will be to walk again fine motor skills. And currently working all the hours I can't but the bills don't stop coming in. It is possible he come home the next few weeks. But I'm nervous for a future in our girls in mr. daddy so much. One day I left was perfect. The next day the whole world was turned upside down. We are so very grateful my husband has survived and is getting second chance at life but the worry about what the future thanks to contend in my letter. Think about that. You know what's happening in that family right now everything's perfect. He was a phone tech 38 years old she's a restaurant servers had two beautiful little kids that are perfectly healthy Christmas is almost here. Three years old seven years old. Little kid does have the ability to understand. What's happening with the father Dave snow dad's not there. And it's scary and then when they go see dad that's not going to be the same as he was now hopefully the luck he will be the two days now. And then. Reality of everything else comes crashing and you have a mortgage to pay your rent you have electricity you have gas you have. Who watched the kids but what happens now. About what happens when December 25 at 7 AM. And those kids wake them. It's really scary thing and think about the idea one day big ordeal brain tumor. And again denying these incredible but it's still a foreign object putting pressure on the inside of grain and to. She struck the kids opportunity we shouldn't. That's led the timing was Crittenton. Jenny it's Johnny get on the radio was okay. So. This letter for a couple days which I do to connect review. I am Toby about what happened with your husband he he sent to a text message in September. And it was just gibberish. It was. It's scary being. Network got a message that with a weekly. Words and not exactly. And he called me I learned that it earned her law say. My picture and how common in cheek but it didn't seem like it struck that you're having early action to. That you can I can't hurt apoplectic at home at work about twenty minutes late. And Carol. And I at home. You know he's way. And accurately the year and they are coming up. At the work etiquette that I can meet and talk. Oh yeah that sounds like your mannerisms happening right there. Any. Stroke. Because you know that. Person. And so we went emergency room. And that. They get a cat scan. Almost immediately. And they. Really really. Really a great. It's like it's well mean you know. It's not real. In the. Well. We. Don't you don't know what. The brain tumor consists of you just know there's a Manhattan. Munich with your brain you counts so it was what's scary. A quirky itself out of it IQ you talked to him about you know what's going on to she has no light. And so in that moment right there. I had to make medical decisions on my mark Antony I don't know arguing I'm not a doctor Eric I'm in the medical. And so you know making an Iraq that does not only ban on my mind you know and my feeling like I am I speaking of pitching correctly. It blaming things that regular. They get of course it to somebody who loved he's the father of children. And in in one day it goes from normal to I don't know if this person will be here. And yet. So so of course they didn't schedule and immediately. Her surgery. I know baking in the week. Ticket that give the particulate doing at fat I'm why it was then explain. That they gave them. A fairly calm inflation down. Communicate and about a week before after they wanna information Yucatan before they just went and. So at this point you'd do until you girls what's going on with dad Ortiz he's not well but he'll be back. Well we didn't come out and eating. Because we get it now landed and they can't think at 37 understand that no matter what she's so. I don't want it it got what I would not at all. And you know about how we told them. It's about time he was in the icu he gets through the surgery how long was the surgery. With thirteen hours. And a lot Allard. They called about once every couple of hours in Hungary and ensuing great week. And then not lacked power game and they called and I knew something was wrong. Get your opponent chipping and light the cauldron. He had you know the surgery the doctor will be in the top. Ten. My whole world just collapse I think you know what they reconcile. And so they told that his brain had just started swelling so act rapidly. I think that the surgery immediately. Stabilize. And then that was about. Three weeks I see you being able. Fortunately he doesn't remember any about partly. It's horrible I've seen and I've been that neurological icu it is. It is terrifying. Extremely I don't even remember sleeping I don't think it's. So this whole time you're you're trying to wrap. At around what your responsibilities are men making the right decisions. The demands in my taken care of my kids and I know these bills are coming in. I gotta put them to decide. Were you get you catch a break they at least they know petition they took at that point was benign. Which is a huge break she. Doesn't mean that it was. Over no because he didn't get it all and now they don't know it'll go back to them listen I understand fully it's a foreign object inside your brain is whether non answer it's still incredibly dangerous. And so now a big twelve Cuba it's gonna be chemo or read the excellent time to go through radiation to. We're doing radiation. And that's certain relief. He was stolen eagle putt he never got another MRI after surgery just chitchat and and attacking showed whereas if you're fine and a little but the solution for. And I was so how is he now we're not sure and wonders motor skills like winners winners woods a speech like. On my arms felt he. Extremely content yet everything that's going on he can remember things. Can talk to deal. You know district a couple. Need to create arrangement can patterns all those and not act together. Without part letter ill. Are coming back we're very very slowly he can Wear old clothes. He and looted arms defeat and not let it sit there and I. He just so neat because he's Lleyton at the clock you know you just we are much the last. All. You know all of restraint just gonna go the way so it's a three building map pack and at that can actually. Eat it but get Ellen and. You're servers you've been working hours you can and try to get the hospital to get your husband and and what's. What's going with the kids. Well I'm very fortunate. My sister popped me with my kids a lot without her I wouldn't be in the dictionary and I wouldn't be able to work. I put my. My struggle is for. Not have to choose between working. Being with my kids eating with them. We have because they don't know how they do about the father. Not. At the three year old she does it I'm like. You know lovemaking and she doesn't know what's going on. Like seven year old. Not doing so well she met mr. Patton and in that she cries every day. Cold very weary they pick really care credit counselor at the teacher to make sure she knows she blew distracted at school. And I try to pick them up there once a week and that there. Completed and I'll say what can actually get for handing her a critic colonel. We went I mean you know being in it for every single day. But the kids did and my kids maybe want to today couple hours. How are they to how they only dead being so different now. While. In my governor altered sharks she knows that. And she actually American culture than me up and drink to stream. She got some pretty little purple games. I can't imagine being seventeen you had fathered that child like state again. Yeah you don't. I've seen. The slip I want to give it some some of the things now I know you're behind on your income which is your rent. I'm talking about 12100 dollar and now. And Wilson was your car also. Now 11 payment of my car payment behind 130 dollars. Why didn't work Turkey in my. You know I would it's kind of work from home. Record schedule as well so they let me keep doing that I had something from union. And you know he felt and I feel I did not work. I mean I can get deleted items care now. Here I didn't know what I'm thinking at apple and they're just living our our. What's what's the situation for the girls were for Christmas. I'm working on. What does that mean. What would you turn have right now. Well. And we're that much of land and you do it feels so this he's. Gotten those kids. Got a couple things that I am earned triple boy you can think that they want it closed. She used the other girls I love all the currently. I wrote the letter because I didn't really know. No one else to deal. Until. I listen I understand. That claims edged into the Toledo and I appreciate so very brief you look. And hope you're not the type of person asked for help. But I need to tell who is a wonderful. Now I just. I want my girl have a kicker let when not in. Think that. They can attack. And the Syrian army means. Just acting there couldn't be fat. I know this person in the we're a different stance and the people for help. How hard it is to see someone you love completely contested and not know what their futures now. Or does it look cute little kids and hold that together. Because. Can he would've wished she cracks. She may not regained again. You know you have that. That responsibility to hold on everything because who the last. Line of defense. Then it was 12100 yeah car which won 31 writing. Should you couple those it's going to be awhile then I think most of all she can lose that color in golden. This growth through 260 hope of importance if he can know what commodity today. Hi good morning my name McChrystal. And arm I locked my father when I was out at eighteen. That can be a similar situation in I'd like you don't hit a college a little curl. And I would like not have a daddy. And he's still there yet sore arm. And he's going to be there for Christmas for a little girl. Your great girl crystal is very proud. That. Drop it off and I hope for the holidays that's the count it in US bank OK okay although. They. Here you're on the morning. Hey Johnny and got 300. A lot but I like 300. That it. Pretty thick so much are famous or. What's so. What's your church which used to Wear what you call you don't know. Though I edit it go to Cuba had a brain tumors of the summer goes on the brink. She. She battled back pretty hard she's not. Now out for auto wallet. It's art on the whole family so. We got a little extra and what about. I appreciate US bank hope for the holidays Merry Christmas my friend. What they do for you. Fail my wife mall and I like to donate your fifty you do for a living. Or neutered or. Well I know art monk mother territory. Rangers Rangers. It's most carefully picked by my father that it mirrors in my mama's broken cease money in that capacity so go for so strong and capable and Smart. Two. A big chunk like it's it's. It's for a worst. Yeah. It is and your movement stuff and off and improve on the things. John. The Oregon. Then let let's go to south solid. Would you get a thousand dollars. We now growing solar what I don't want to ration you know there's there's there's always fear work with it was with hookers here we are dollars for it. Hope you and your body's what do you guys do. Well. Known and until debut until the name your company but what do you do really. Addressed to editor. And that Tony guys attempted mean. Come up with a thousand dollars. Another under Carter bring employees. So littered the forward there was we we operate and work here. You're good man who bought. You appreciate the things he does. You know it's so you brother can be in its own good. They record US faith told hope for the home wins but that's down 1615. For the rest of the way they're bad drew in the morning. I wanna get under. That would be things that's when reachable who. We got a 200 duo who you read that implements we. Need to let it distract. I have a lot of kids fool. I am. Waiting. I hope they're. Nimble. Job appear so. Only he could end up. You. An incredible person and who pivot incredible crisp as it. Think you'll. Chris. Yes public civilian out of all the do for a living Chris. I am not there. You've seen this I have. It's so hard road bones bones heal me and laceration juniors in heels best picture you bring that. And tissue inside anything you can anything it changed everything we know what memories are. That's the way we process our cognitive ability us each a motion. Everything in its new room and they're fun it is to go through that. Apple. Good man I appreciate you very much makers. Nineteen. Mark. Yeah you are our final group with a sober when he got. Both bill and why and what. You know. Pretty well under. Cancer. He replica world won't have been rumored that sort of down. Side. Grip there tomorrow. Well before her you're doing it my friend and thank you. Thank you can certainly. I know you would you. You say that. So you. There. We need to know who you and the word is we'll pay you rent but. Don't give producers information from your carpet too much. And which you girls at Christmas let's get certificates. You and a and a prince concert he knows as 2% Asian markets. Apparently like you. So. Actually that's. Good fresh food. Like you guys are helping him get better which feels of them 500 dollars that growth. Think you. Well it. Well this that you you know were too he gets or would everything it back to whatever normal is going to be now. How much are you sure listen don't be shy. And because it's now this is this the whole pleased that they should be OK we deal. So my Johnny Mary. Maybe Chris.