Tuesday, December 5th


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I'm telling you this is the greatest. Christmas gift of all time fire is the gift that keeps going it is the one you want is all week. I don't know why and I pray you. It's. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Yet it's it is time Chris Myers is doing the lord's work. In the history of this morning show. Few guests have ever provided more fun more laughs. More questionable decisions and more fodder for the sure them folks the XM 42 flame throwers. And now we have an all new modular model the XM 42 am available at XM 42 dot com. Please welcome Chris byers. A Merry Christmas. Fair to wonder what he's human and he bailed out Detroit and regular Detroit. We did couple one of the mayors and local folder in the troubled. I was on the governor's nominee has. More freedom here. Maybe you guys are killed it would X and 42 dot com and is. I can't believe how much improved on this new version you've gone through three before this. And now the flame to her what to explain to everybody this is not pushed for CO2. I've got one of those is very well and their fifteen but there's a lot more cumbersome it's hard to deal with this is such a one stop flame thrower. Yeah definitely even put their remained the thing over the last year. It's just all new meaning to them. Human ingenuity and you've got rendered that are being designed and Kara now. You can go on derby all boot machines not not much more there welder. I mean just everything overall effect. Of fast and convenient. How he got hit that huge a more power here are shooting and was at thirty feet now censure is that your average hit. Yeah increased the greens now actually you've got basically in the about thirty feet and you insist upon player 44 respect feed out different novel. The current fuel flow depends on which you can put in there and reveal the floor burns two in the farther. That's what I mean you can even change the capacities so comes with a standard thing for those about point seven record now. Increase the distance kind of a little bit on the capacity. It could put now little more fuel. To slop of the six cents tank you built 62 seconds to put on the back back Eagles are three and a half minutes. And our group. Really absolutely looks incredible late. This and we always look cool but this this new billet is on the machine stuff is a great degree of sharks face on the side. The that you can report Uighur. You put the fuel to the bottom. And adhere to work. With. More like the one you see the movie you know why are people like you actually could basically drew a picture of American public are gonna make the thing look like they're probably do it. Didn't guys. I believe he should have been a TV show remove a saw deny. We're actually going to be in the gym and you moved here on the not only physically at the rock got on these Lattimore strictly Pittsburgh jumped three. As I saw I saw an out take. Months ago that somehow somebody must of got from the movie and that it ended up online but I'm like that's an X and 42. Yeah. It triggered you to call the league is gonna trend mentioned that the hearing and and if Google did on the big screen and. Can you. It's gonna sell and you got the priced out and you got the president from Paramount and that gen three eased the. The bigger better better and hundred dollars cheaper than what we have started with a nearly. England it's. It's going to be out. You've got experience increased capacity. Hot. While he battery denounced the old one used to have a limited true bottom that we Cutler couldn't inaccurate better because her beloved holding at roundly charger. That's what you just heard batteries themselves strip and then it to go put a bigger reward them. Now in front. Every single thing is eight helmet displaced and zipping awesome. Yeah Korea obvious that you're gonna all of that I looked beautiful. Did you call a Smart capable people are they're gonna bring out. There are not currently the leader in optic. Whatever opinion they didn't sell very well and I can't get together market billion program. Seem conceivable. He could bolt would ever do it and how will it take off and are different ones let him come out with a bigger. Hit a bayonet you need to band that because her to run our fuel you have to do something else with. Then. They pick of the round of the move forward that you yeah yeah you have. Here we digital flip side profitable and so what you know right where your batteries they don't worry about it we'll be back chipped try to run a little bit. Oh victory the only crowd here at the old. Or visit Iran to blow up. And and how's the yeah because the other stuff as always push the gas now you guys whit. Completely different direction and it really paid off you you've got to a fuel pump basically inside. Ready for the victors unmanned there's no no worries about high pressure system sit around and not only got pressured the moment you used. Remove upon group of area and now the problem. So miracle promote drips and there's there's no contract between the whole monopoly. That you're done instruments guns or Karabakh kind of ready you know. Now of course people a distance and listen we're as a man we're always concerned about length so to me about the nozzles that you can. Change. All right now we basically don't we get our regular achievement should Wilkens and owls reached not a novel companies. And we pretty much. Got the most efficient. Now look for the great Apollo got the pump. Thirty feet you know forty feet cops is probably where he gives unless you swap the media for cell battery. We're prepared to play around with the mood might be able to expand you know by ten feet. You know at a distance. Also the ball mark listening to come out in the future it's all the new backward compatible. That they're peel involved in two or so we clout you've ripped. You are changed the color of the groups you just take a moth ball to right Erica completely disassembled or so if you wanted to some crazy connections hundred graphics and the like that. All completely possible. All the others I mean think about hydrographic that's great people write op what you do that the if you don't hydrographic it's pretty neat is that. Again emotion at the film when you push through it into a bucket of water. And it wraps around it makes these incredible looking like super long lasting finished off to a great. You dumber telly but these guys is like dogs did you sense that I mean even more so than the first time we spoke and this is not. That's the level but a commercially available flame thrower like a genuinely. This is a real product purposely made. Complete and goes through dealers and not everybody's happy there's less squeamish people in this world and that's kind of better best part of that plan doors and people are. Why would you want that on like in order to be friends. If there's one little thing in it that you wanted to you know not so let me get over it but you should. We are able to do an extended reached into their piece yeah you know relatives that the later there have been no problem. It's a light in it's it's a fair bit. Not too worried about what you think. And think about it entering your actually increasing the safety of starting your fire. Now when their structure fire your back for the fire you know standing next to the fireworks the radically you can trip when you gently and fall right in the now. I am thirty feet back from the fire infinitely safer. I think they're not only that they're ordered that it is eager and you live player. This is the way to do it he's tired we need these and that iron project would grew up and block not. Actually. And it wouldn't have I told me that broke there weren't a finished it with your million. I'm not. Only did about her murder there. But any Kansas now the ponds has turned the trees and it's getting cold so it's it's it's time to help the cat tails go away and I found that he's this find a way to catch tales go. Now we built these and get that big back act one now that the report excerpt of reaching out and look where he earned a law that. The new ones for their back burn the digital watches over the that you you know. Gupta and reach though other than that walking around the world and it is right now. Hate those postings when you have burned field and you got a big fire breaks those things really do suck major wreckage scored a little gas selling a foot. And and somebody has their hand walked that stuff. Now you're right you can make a fire break much faster over ago he threw a review all kidding aside this is a real help for like what you're seeing in California. There won't know. He's right now that now three and a half minutes nonstop where he just sit on the record time. In other activities in the third spot treatments that look at the last corner while. That people by the novelty to me that link. You can probably increase that capacity to deal with them solidly won the sending out are exactly so. A little loophole to market where effect that that when it fully configured for the user you know one in the. If you just short of the show Chris our friend from a XM 42 X and the letters numbers fortune except forty Dudack come. It's the only commercially available and old flame thrower now has the demand in which you thought it would be when you were gonna offer a full into our. And we're gonna make this appear we're gonna bite as a as is demand and has lived up to what you thought it could be. And reload and do it correctly but they're not the of them have been found object and the current a lot of longer. From the that the for a lot of people on them. You think of flight ever collect our Paramount didn't buckle your release you are yeah a lot of people do it. But the fact is that is the treatment because that was about. It that you. Respect it and yeah we've been down on the mall beacon. An attorney Chris nobody Hector would borrow mine. And is he lives a million miles away from me he got to appoint you as a ball like we you can use mine who's now know me because I need low in my own. Think that's a tour of the skeptical. Even without bought the bought the generation three a few months ago. Area he loves. Absolutely. He's crazy for it and again at the idea prettiest and because what you meant to fuel its completely say. And it can sit in in on you if you still if you're really worried about all the battery. They're the living example of the better you can put a bigger one it's. You know every need. No I'm talking about how mentally that a display in my living room that's which could that's you have to play. I mean they're wrong and I want you oh my god you guys at some point got to start making like. Like if you could make gun racks like for colors but only at the exit 42 or for the Sunday TVs. Or how we can do you have a little too. But you're losing ballclub we can be successful somebody put the the previous generation on a golf cart learn all around feel she fired up. I think. You know I've got Euro with a side home. And the amount. I've got it at that Russian. Your role when the sidecar. That and it's it's flat black like the new mud in the month. Barely grow ever Barrett or. Do it more durable one could Hamas or legal right. If you are report a significant way to make them helped to go fix that ran into the the and I think that and the it will be very hard to do is gonna do that I mean you could read this the backpack on the backpack down into the side mark. Oh my god why would you have us. Police you've been on the road it's not mean we should set that dial. But I do. You know it's gonna need a swivel out that you can do that as you go on the road this these are all for him. So it until we would what does it either over except 42 and a now that the pre orders for Christmas are probably back to make it but he will get a you know a certificate her. I'm an acknowledgment letters would you give this is the gift. They'll be receiving them in February right. There are actually in that they're pre order qualities that winning election should be lol yeah. On the fifteenth we'll get there by Christmas. Really we're now as you probably mention an Inca. Over dealer targeting Iraq but now he's so it didn't blah give them and start we've been tranda it terrible golf Buick LaCrosse country for the could. Walker former that loudly Koreans. Get like Kansas City we needed dealer gifts. As is its. Much to who we know. You know I'm sure you know some guarantee like one. It so if you order one today as a gift for somebody or yourself. Guy then you would go before the lord's birthday. There's nothing says happy birthday baby Jesus like a flame thrower I think we all know there is colder winter the biblical clincher goes hand in hand. You you were doing the lord's work Chris Cooley people working at the factory. Oh deliberately created loose well shall all seem to get about sixty people. Holders lot of assembly. And we've been you're correct about the layout. Is moved to a new facilities we've got to grow big you are probably answer those barbecued. It. Yeah. I think you guys are getting ready to expand into. Like really fun fourth of July. Like displaced like fire displays like I feel like you know this technology is it's great to be and I think it also be super interesting. A guy like. If you had to the ground base that you could use a fourth of July for all kinds of different stuffs a few. You can hide in the sense and make tied into DMX all we knew it the sky's the limit orders. There's at least a lot of contact from they'll do. Apparent technical reason to elect of the let me get beat like that you know we have a couple drove traffic. Like negative synchronized 23 element Korea he won't bow. Oh without a doubtless I Elkins as being the guy who's bought one of the Q Chinese plane projectors. You know this there are pretty dangerous and they really are like I look at and though this is pretty dangerous. But you also deliberately guys you could make it where he could genuinely be something safe now you're gonna get it to the public words you know. I don't know who calls a ground later. Lecture. I'm that your ratings outlook word yeah I want to figure out a way to him to make it a little more potent. Review Rivera can't that he is who we have factory gone because feared. Mayor can you gonna come you want. And those guys oh what fantastic and make sure that all goes up on the web sites they will give those guys who have you got that leads people to walk into the stores before Christmas. And by their. Wherever you are there. What are fair or you're. Absolutely listen always give your voice congratulations on XM 42 dot com. And of course the new model X and 42 am it's in production now guys you gonna wanna get this for Christmas is the greatest Christmas give you some. This we told the story this way this kind Christmas gifts so good if your dad walked you when he three. He came back this year but he had this is a gift. He could probably get past that offers. Or you think I'm over selling the we get older but he did you know been in regard to play. I'm they're like man you guys I don't. This is almost to give good enough for you manager what's that and another guy which he showed up to confess with this in their hands and take this test for you you might look past what you just. And now I know it's close or a result of the book but it's pretty typical. And nothing says hey you're twelve now. Yeah fire Benjamin area. And that they believe him. You don't let in all honesty though if you were adult supervised you really into you reject that went. I don't know what your guys is official view audience but. I would feel combustion of resistance incredibly say I get really is. Goes away he pointed out the but it stopped it's very clean very fast it's set up pressurized than the button. So it actually is incredibly safe you guys have had no incident of anything you know options idiot somewhere but nothing on the manufacturing level. And there are going to be noses either rock dropped wondering something at some incredible political. They really don't riding motorcycles and shoot people emperor who won. Richard judging. That there was you can afford it he signaled right. There. This element of that. Thanks and what you dot com commercially available and hopefully Chris Knight on average guy to do the lord's work and we'll talk to you very very soon. You're here I'm resident.