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Wednesday, December 6th


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we've come. This letter came from that makes. He's the fire chief for the retail fire protection district. He's a rainy today asking. For help and raising funds to help a dear friend of ours who's badly burned on Saturday December 2. Scott the master was taking it to the street was injured on Saturday when appropriate grill exploded he suffered second and third degree burns besides feeding the homeless. Scott is organization response to scenes were indices first responders haven't expanded presence and support them by providing water food and coffee. I can tell you firsthand nothing tastes as good as a fresh cup of coffee at 3 AM when your wet cold and exhausted. Scott in his organization responded to hundreds of incidents in our area. All the while never asking for opinion for doing so Scott's medical bills are piling up easily able to work whose family has started to go funding paged out. Retail fire protection district was one of the first to contribute is challenged other first responders do the same. And that you Jolie years ago when. Who with Huckabee and touched my deal they'll get the word out about Scott is need to give it time that they spy chief. Some news. Yeah. They had sent with Fiat with the story obviously he's the founder of the ticket to the streets when he was injured over the weekend cooking for the homeless. He'd been badly burned on Saturday by that propane gas grill and say you blew up and pushed him back six feet. Back into the truck that was sitting nearby his face his arms and his hands uses obviously what all scarred. He again was preparing to help with the people with. The homeless for the during the accident so. Jake and fire chief that. The show. So I've got your letter now tell me tell me about. I'm Scott and in what he's done with you and what happened. You know I ordered don't have much really. You know we got CP or worse. Yet the fact that while what people. And that's virtually a person years ago. Yeah members get off your failures all Chile is something to get it through and got a bit. Of actually. You don't before. Chill. While I'd say they're often more than. What if there. And so we've heard about. There were at. And I meet the a little. While they are looking at yeah. They're everyday deal is what they. So you've got one that I didn't they'll learn about it though obviously. There is artery that Elton without. Without our laws or. Won't we caught in the fire for the everybody that they're getting that is it at all let me get well. We assume that that. Thank you everybody all your first responders and the guys. People know anything. Think that's an easy job either a glamorous job it's neither it is our job of people died bird and so is he rough rough business. It's the olds and only when everybody the way you guys are running towards. I appreciate you know me just one of those rare people out there world federal. We know. In. Some people. At the examples they say they have no idea. Pulled it wants to. Bomb. I pulled open the page it looks like. There's still twenty but short and that. Did you track. And it is the Jetsons is Scott's daughter. Scotland and Scotland master's daughter also she helps run and taking it street and what's what. The people so medical bills and regular bills to keep him afloat while they and and trying to help with that it industry because. You mean if he's running mate the charities that need homes we just turned 30 degrees this morning is real people that are released of other streets. And secondly this is the thing that really can destroy a persons like the view if he does have support and get burned you can't work. You can't pay your rent you can't pay your electric bill. You know and and we never know the story the people we see you know all we see is a pilot rags dirty human being. Out there. Sometimes I think we tell ourselves and speak as we need to make sense. That we don't have to feel ready to just fire and yes we did drugs probably. Drink if you and there's probably you know if even if that's who. Point being. And this guy reaches out homeless. Organization works tirelessly with the and he's doing we've charge on his own it's a volunteered he is then put into life and situation in his there. Which he lives his existence is suddenly. Welcome to the jail. I stared. At 100. Dead. You know he's you know a lot of pain. Yeah you can't have a bit of a rough evening. I wasn't what it'll look at least he. You brought in morning. And being burned is the worst is just the worst attack. Hopefully it didn't affect his lungs his respiratory system. One archer yeah he had me. Owned and explained Don yesterday I didn't they can learn and there are a couple of Bristol broke and we found out about what was the case that he had a lot of heat right it's checked the others they're gonna do what test planes to eat. Q what's going on. He's that it was his face his arms and hands got burned second and third degree which is serious and take grafts. Well actually the same as long. That on the same as they are right now because not every surgery. And yeah. He's slept on the source southern I think his council although board degree. That that is trying to keep an eye on everything in the future that it works. Woodson with with how is he paying his bills at home I mean he's not to go to work for a for quite awhile. Well I mean right now we've got slightly used to that cycle on these patients the kind of help. I would listen regular built a walk and follow it. Medical costs for people have pocket competent alone didn't turn it wasn't going recover so. You know what it medical as we all know our medical Richardson's completely. It's almost worthless sometimes you think you have insurance and when you find out what it really pays for what your deductibles going to be. What your out of pocket can be it can be you know in that and thousands and thousands of dollars. Exactly exactly or not that's kind of why I was trying. The result we can't just to catapult him transferred me and then take about Butler accomplishment than he does have to worry about. The bill to speak with a. You didn't get it wouldn't be able to say that he's able to opt in if something weird like that that he had you know about all I. A lot of pain. They don't support the oh. Kind of a manager that. My dad is it apart from that city and also forward. Oh little burst of orders. 00. On the world. He's. Even thought he says with a passion and dedication of the old black screen equally well or it. Or. You're not with our. You know. You know we got it. In the morning. Is there are and you got rather. I got you under blocks. Yeah I just. First responders and you know you helium. You got half of their. Heroes man underneath that is this man out there who is. Volunteering. Being homeless people feeding first responders you know giving them comfort while they're saving our lives and this is his entire life if you. Gotten older has been I want to serve I wanna help other people. In the middle of that Pittsburgh gets hurt pretty bad. I believe I you know I got it I mean god I was a senior military and you know it would I don't know medical. But I'm doing good. Doing good you know and I. I got through your book. Good man US bank over the holidays go a long way to go. It's a good 2500 fluctuates you guys. I have like the throw in another 200 degree step. Yes they wouldn't be. Plywood and eight start that my husband is the fire and so this. I would appreciate that it. Somebody was out there and apprehend them old and I like he's out so the par fire family I'd like to them. One way due to the US bank and hope for the holidays. I think they'll work to do an about fantastic. You know make it. Visitors. Or more Mort we do related to. They were so we're bureaucracy but from the side or ever mostly so I'm sure. Yeah it's melanoma each week and 200 do pretty clear Christmas. We don't get. Sides of our report from biggest oil you did mention on. I think your. Ted welcomes. I've got out today or actually what do you do for a living. Actually retired military in. Our careers are. I'm. Just start. Are you company. Good for you and congratulations on both instinct. You are welcome. And good friend who it's 25 years what would Braintree. Our next court. You know that your company does great. Sheikh brother are. You're you're good man. We've 900. By the way. David Ball drop this off. And I when he picked part of it to help out here. So that Tebow NJ Greg Nikki and Johnny. Giving in to show you sent him again this year to. He's part of over the holidays. Such a cool program for community who live in all of those that we're behind the scenes at the station. Changing lives one day one at a time and that's what role in Kansas City I am honored and humbled to help anywhere I can. And given that the trucker an extra care about intimated delivery just call me. And that I open it up and 101000 dollars today. From the ball thing before amazing yeah I thought it was incredible they just did a great who have. The other anything. Night making it. Greg welcome to show. I know. Well we got problem is yeah we. Well well I'm proud of our vote you are probably isn't over yet so I'm I am also improperly. Five especially as a volunteer firefighter and it you know you guys obviously are volunteers. Our eyes I don't know there's there's so I don't see here. Or I don't expect. You're good man and that's what. A rates. Because I thought man what if with people didn't rally and I knew they would have read this letter the one if if somehow we missed that letter about this manually once the should never got a chance to help them how would you feel if you spectrum who was serving and then when you've. They thought all man. Yeah. Well there or what people would give the city's got another 500 dollar and which is past that he's been here and what's the name of the which which organization. Rick is this creating local kid CITIC Group guys and Scotty dot that member of our group that they're bell L guys. You know real good guy here I am who spent study in the master. Yet Scott. You okay so I'm worried that you know. And you know is that. I am at a doctoral great. Downer. You know I know how to get things he's done or. Put it bidding and you know we got mine here we go about. Put it over the top. So that would make your girlfriend be paid through goal at past third goal. Janet. Yeah so I you can hear that. And so we'll do we'll pop that check in this morning and you'll be cast your goal and were. 151000. I'll make sure that we get passed by at least 500. This much. We get cute you your dad over the at least the financial went which are something I could do to ease his pain or pain. And make this time go faster. Or can offers. Maybe just a little piece in the fact that you know will mention those bills are paid. Thank you so much I appreciate you. The state. Open so. Makers. You're dead within the other. I achievement. That weird guy. He didn't think he says. Very much thank you for saying that it's. Yeah early here we're at yeah we got an out of city theater for a real history. To hear him and you know that stay in touch analyst bill if it becomes something he needs and care and I appreciate rose thanks so much epic responsible.