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Wednesday, December 6th


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Call him the prince of they're number one plug us good doll. It's an amendment. Did bush win. Why aren't they. It's. Actual manufacturers adjust your. And how are you curious. So as much as single. For a nine iron or. A girlfriend now. And nine yards yet the board went fast for different server name. But I thought for an app for your marriage. Yeah yeah we've we've been doing that we be doing I didn't know what. Well good. You're right there Jordan you're gonna play a few bad before nine already been asked this a lot. It's Sean welcome to the show. Think it's their idea and well you. Birdied you've been married divorced. 35. Day and see the 35 you might be dead look at how old is she. And me. And what's your situation at home in that way nobody on in the drawer. I do nothing that I got to do it the other. Can execution exploit her. Don't show me state do you play we're used to it didn't play my views on the show Mike welcome. A black which usually. Are less likely to put what a great stories though the men who are you single in the myriad. Strangled. Ever there. Well Mike you're the definitely the most needy here. Jordan shorten my the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price now going over will receive the item up for bit about Obama and Qaeda to the radio like this with freeway over bid. Close ones that are. Are the farm as our enemy ever the master reading aloud from Nassau a far her passion for your pleasure so masturbating Glover is a soft stretchy lifelike feeling self love tool designed for both male and female and Jordan's one size fits all fits either and it's water birds made a valid breed Thermo plastic rabbit and a. A major analyst guy like bar to bar I observed someone things has Hotmail did you would say never and the makes me hotter than thought a did you argue bunch of babies that revenue now are that serves out Playboy and anger on the margins but you're. You know Carmen are and as you graduate and live their lives are on Tuesday. All you can hang hang I'm hearing heatedly dangers they may yes certainly cancer and it's the masturbating while from now. Stories and to be yours fellow at. The board supports. Please look at this a hook. It's just imagine a finger with yes flesh colored with little little I. It's prickly yet but soft prickly and it's it's has a masturbation habits it's. Oh my. It's it's. Are with us the fledgling industry but it's imagine a fearless love with a little tentacles all over it. Oh yeah that's going to be and who you can eat it. It's similar to him Michael Jackson and OK I feel better that he said that tickets and likewise bead it now my ultimate looking at the end of the day for the. It was the most appropriate. Well Jordan what would you pay for such a bad. There everybody. Shown. Sure no lives gay marriage between ball goes in Jordan. Position on the playful yet they that you get married at 25 year. Yes. If you aren't there I wouldn't show it as if you'll freaked him completely. You luck. With it all points organized. And finally. The most media one might. Yes I would I dollar art. Eighty which may you've had suggested retail price GMAC and a 1499. UN legal matters and help me. It's a look into the flu shots when. But the associate John cellular we'll be careful with the what George it was Christmas spirit. I'm hoping all that feedback Jake was through us. That's what that was what their phones. Farewell from the field. There he's there yet premier right till I mean I hear them well or isn't there an hour. How long would you tell us what your situation is I'm thirty veteran Mary Lou hello. Almost twelve years. We have a little tired. But. Lang and had. You violators. And bullet. And aliens and had been so slow this thing. This is super freaky anybody else urgency I'd been so many rattles off they're they're deviant stuff. Like they would like they're reading of what's in their coverage area I get a Mac around means listen along ravioli emanated some corn and some make him. She's a month alone for him bringing her. Eleven is hanging women didn't get it but that's a nice couple nice hits me elude them. Well OC sells. I miss you gonna play in this area. Jennifer love from the show. Well the. Can already tell your fund would you story. I am thirty out of it though. Yeah. Well I am then boom. Have been for these really long time Aaron I have our little. Vibrating contraption thank you excel at that point gain. I'm sorry it looks like what. If anything you recruit. A different feel like you have a lot of medication and your drawers. Owner role though it. An effort wholly you've been single. Oh god. Firm. Thought I'd hear what does that mean puzzled about yourself be attractive lady. You think your your and so what is it a do you guys do Mitt approach you do you scare them and what what do you think's happening. I know I'd really just don't know Arab. Or so I'm eighteen that's probably part of my problem you have my act. We're getting our city at a public toilet seat and it was from eight. Now that has and then make you feel good. I I'm through. Listen you're gonna play him. Care Jennifer really what do you have a home here it's just that one I let me say just thinking you meant it with a candy it's because caught up. She's happy in my. Own makes them and call me and has been the candidate but but but but. The age limit them directly with the big day of the fourth before. I think you're weird and bad Jennifer. Here. Are sure sure you get with a the girls. Now what about that it. There. With a gun and Alison she do do you view Google Earth right now look let's see Carey Jennifer stay there Kayla welcome to the show I would choose to. I'm 20000 and it ain't too weak and and I have a couple vibrator. As clean an eye out. Yet a swing and some type which is really do is the swing. Appear in your home is in the bedroom is it that way you yeah. And doesn't catch the ceiling I'm. A little wedding gift from your parents. You won't and why are you getting married 27 Q you Britain. Act now did it like adult. What is the hopeful that he knew that the birds was. Pretty much like well here you get market or means how long that marriage last. IV. And when did you give me. Don't ever. Minute of the first first hole. Why. So that when you're 25 yet divorced and that you're 27 already we made just two short years yes. Let me Judy bell. Reported a whole lot better than I thought. I don't wanna be one to poke holes and truth of everything. He did you bring all these things into the relationship do you have them from the previously. All know brought them into the it was your idea here is our kind of need hope. We're Jennifer there the closest to the actual manufacture some just to be your president going over will receive the item up for bid lady. Think illicit flow Bobo boom below the lead. Grandma or me and I apologized to lose no way for me to say it is without denigrating his approach Jim dandy now from Alberta exotic novelties eggs in the industry up precious gem panday ballot judges to your bent Asian and empower both meg providing perfect decisions it in your bank and do you have to get on and say it may everybody. And deal. You would tell you about the Brisinger I'm Britney brown if we haven't figured out by now it dosing your bridges love bush but that redwood magnets on one side or your veteran isn't the judges with a beautiful is. Thank god knows and I'm president. They vow from California exotic novelties and giving your ladies. And. If the prices right now he didn't you did that show there. Yeah well whoop whoop its own and that this is classy like you Jeff now. I'll. Again she goes but pledged they'll I'm learn your likes to class mail you know Perez and all the fancy painting and address and. The outlook did you play. That's right interview David JJ immediately disclose. Apparently an answer Cuba. This is. The interesting for hearing toast at a magnate so that's what holds place you can your panties in panties. And women hate it and it's a creepy word more east. Maurice I hate that word. Panties. Moist. Panties. So. It depends not yet exit of that that those who. Who provide. Jesus and Mary Alice Utley is coming and outplayed that whole week. Oh yeah. It was. An act of. Oh well that's got zero in here oh yeah. Poop that tiny little thing that. It's going to be huge which have been doing it warmed up today because that's so weird with the Lincoln. That's yeah she's. Now do you prefer that struck because it's a pretty aggressive vibration as you might. No it's not too much now nobody girls don't do not care for like the super over the well unless you mean you're working towards the buildup and in this. Gem literally flies it had me ask you guys have you when you want grill that your pain is apparently you look like you're having a seizure people offer hope. Yeah. And I you have you dance that actually up. I don't listen listen the ladies and care what would you pay procession and the precious gem and did well well hold this week to push button activation. I'm 110 Korean and then you can Wear it anywhere. And idealism Cecil rattled in any way. I care by the way Buford. Did anything like this to work and masturbating at work. Narrow that people who moaned as the issue that you can never. Have. Both the question and what would you say you would outta work. Now and how much would you favor such tonight. Arnold like didn't for a little party but yes I'm right. A Molina. 99 finally Kayla. It was definitely an estimated at where we differs husband and the second. Group. Yes. I guess that's our Mac Kayla I bring in illegal beer and it pretty new husband. Why do we uber. Never repeat the question back it's the mark of somebody's getting ready to tell you alive. I'm getting there and he's a much. When he 98 I went. And the actual manufacturers suggested retail price is sixteen now Dinara hurt. Hello wolf ailing U dirty little hula you knew. Well listen it's your wedding gift from the show. And we hope you love it it's in precious jewel just like your engagement and putting thing and only this one will probably well hopefully at least last longer. Coach think this will be your last where George is just a long journey. Yeah. Now you've he's gonna continue to be the freak that you were before. He proposed deal the glory. They'll go away. You know I find the right now how often you bring girls home. I don't it. Ever. Ever he never would you not yeah that's right he also. He hates sports and he also overlooks other sheiks and thinks it's great when you share your feelings and was here all about a day. You didn't didn't. You guys 27 and no matter there's 27. Something they never in major tumble into the Internet porn either. Nobody doesn't the only major. I. She computer it has given their dreams are still alive and super nice they still believe I say whether the marry her stomach among groups of us and he's good sent them there. Yeah doesn't want that. Chest he read god game. Unless feet of the mind that I don't want to you bitching at me that the only way he did and I don't want to wives you Bradley what you momentary girlfriend assessment at. There's a huge difference you know what I'm talking about care. Harriett yeah. And exaggerated value like you're goes accurately. He's like you know they'll baby no no no no but don't bring home that girls don't even know he was alive DOS. He'd he'd recently contracted some kind of a disease and he's trying to get rid before the next cabinet that's the only way. Listen you know like consumer can nicely when I go see the jackal showed it was Christmas show. If third are bigger than. They have some very skid. Jennifer. Do you bitch. If you think it's not often you can be assured your card you can use the term groovy bridge and no alas this coming pause yeah you know I know. It won't respect you know and people think cookie which it you hit CBS. European Perry. We're still good friends. What would you like would you like to go to I've got to black civil society which is the New Year's Eve even cushion conformity Alter Bridge. At the voodoo. Or twisted Christmas would jackal Whalen. Maroon for. I won't go far are. Able to play each game. Enjoy your candy cane for this Christmas I hope many many fine. Thank you island. Who might compete for supplying all of these lovely Versa CNN YouTube greater or may go down. 350. And can't be done. My age you. No way you can get ahead. Yard free. He has right now and a smile. Live at down the road. Mean anymore. Digg dot got a big. He's real. Uh oh did okay.