12-07-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Has to Give It Up

Thursday, December 7th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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You what you're not seeing here is real. There's this radio program. I simply. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. They don't want to lose another 2700. Entire today. Along with Steve the throw him. We Ted Smith and lob the ball. As of my job. It's an honor and imagine how a. When Jimmy played me the other day dead meat and potatoes as popular Christmas candies from around the USA. No I Sherlock is back get ready to play profile list. Plus headlines read your job that they fumbled as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time which it quick factoring in a drunk are you got a New Jersey where clubs Corliss got stealing delicious chocolate candies. Among home. Meanwhile we had done the Philly where and eighteen Wheeler crashes in in the weeds in surrounding areas you should go home. That's a nice hill where hubs or accidentally inject himself with a horse. A woman Seko packaged these packs box containing newborn babies potent force and for a man now runs police on his way to have sex. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. Our average is good day to you and yours are right today is the day that we play. Good get dominate. The game showed that rewards you. Where your stunning ignorance and here's how it works you call laws we will but the category real. Real women gathered for a whale and blue as world question for meg category. But here's where big dummy separates himself from her averaged more reputable venture. We will continue to ask you questions and you get one right because as always we want you to leave here smarter than you showed up. Today our big dummy ever it's actually two way tie between the lovely Kimberly and equally lovely error both of them found a way. The answer nineteen consecutive questions wrong can you do better we'll of course you can actually doubles a goal and off we go on big dummy. Pick it doesn't play a big dummy call 844999. All you can Mike commands from on FaceBook follow us on Twitter comments are my answer your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. We've. Oh just LA area along Arizona 2730. Well argent charge Joey had more I had I had Jan was announced dead meat potatoes has the most popular Christmas candies. Across the US of a.'s under the region's ten and they like their candies and all kinds of shapes and forms over the holidays and head chef is here to bring you those I know I Sherlock is coming W will play profile this and today is the day we played a game known. As big dummy now you're either going to be playing for team sober or team not so. Every great fans as they. We spin the wheel in a category all you need to do is answer one question correctly now we do pull every week when we've played big dummy the last time that we did a poll. It was for the rest of your life have you deliver your partner. What would you be able to tolerate more than a stutter a list of other across side or hair yeah. I airlift came in a number four okay. These popular across side number three list but number two and yes stutter most people's had a bad two they would ago with a stutter. So today our men's room Paul get ready for this this might be easy for some of you depending on what you like but either way we feel that these are some pretty difficult choices. You have to give up one of these for the rest of your life. Is going to be pizza out. Delicious hamburgers. Chicken wings or tacos again. Wannabes you'll never read again for the rest of your life put rebates. Burgers chicken wings or talk goes. Italian coast talent talking with what sent his embryo count as of yapping anything I guess is I don't know she's rapids with a hammer car resolved rent. I'm taken tacos. I'd be sad to see them go but like pizza I believe it's just it's owned food group without question. Burgers I don't have those much as I'd like but every time I have what I believe they are truly delicious way to wage man yeah the problem pizza is it just shows up. I mean like on like you know and all walks of life for. Bags of hamburgers goes all right Amir like our eyes. It's always pizza wherever it speeds it just seems to show up and Yeltsin removed if there are right I mean we hear a word you know do some kind of a lunch performance or wherever you go and attention. They ordered pizza. So it's like pizza is just so prevalent I think it you know from a health perspective obviously Pete's I think would be the best thing for you to give up. Because of all the carbohydrates all the calories is much you can do you like I can sit down any twelve chicken wings and also the healthiest thing in the world. But I can also sit down any to have pizza. And I know ya and and like put me campaign goes up to me ID four slices of pizza and I just what I want me to have. The deli man right and I do enjoy life. Other indebted short of all you got some saying I mean you're hard right but I right you know to beat you one of the breed who care I think it's man is Forsythe said many. At any time you all brought about a totally unbelievable they don't you tell me what I normally I've mentioned this medium pizza I think for the place your order like I didn't say one might. It for a attended regular large. It is not for slices it would be half a pizza have Bullard who plays a large yourself. I knew most the times and only the rest of the yeah me and he's Abdullah didn't wait until the playoffs and so I give it just like Domino's Pizza Hut ya I'll get a large a pennant but it's a different chain that maybe there are some places have a very large large OK it's our debt America gave I think ISIS' I can't stand wasted cross put a space it's not that I don't like cross when you get a small pizza. It's like the crust just got much bigger than every other pizza that they make it's I keep inching ahead. Half long I think house across from the small pizza bigger than across the large and he relies on now now I don't get as much sauce and delicious cheese and toppings so. But merely criminal like true slices pretty much in him or just one slice in the middle and and its surrounding buyer random dope if so to me like this idea about the timing to match the driver anyway even if it's a must come reminded the memo I'm giving them as five dollars the weather's crappy argument centers that but. But the for the most part but you're gonna bring it to you you're going to tip you wanna do is go get the whole big pot. And I'm so please just have a big pie and I use I'm afraid I was and that when I'm afraid I will eat the whole thing right to interrogate the killer got but I cause us some comments the governor and I am personally being installed in minutes as I chicken wings of the lease first a little and very. Kennesaw fried chicken and barbecue chicken and Kentucky fried chicken it's so chicken wings can go no you can't have any of that. None of that but any kind of taken not a whole chicken. And an additional hole you feed a thaw when no I'm saying those as. Easy pizza thrill shot you're poor mouth to her personal life about tacos there's no life without his own life. Well I'd tie talked as the most popular food in the United States Jesus harder golf there's a recall this yeah. We look I love tacos and burritos I didn't do me out of those three. Ideals and go. Don't tacos or got out of their god are somebody says Mexican pizza from talk about let's loophole cool that's. Banned all mentally OK are you moron hey I don't know loan. I didn't know. People's personal you're more likely to re greens you can have both would take it beats that you can now bother the taco or Mexican director pizza but it's unlikely that you ever gonna get like a pizza burrito Gaza called cal lone bright give up chicken wings you can always get a buffalo chicken pizza. If he lets remember hey you get it she's are looking exactly. That you get a shot I don't think you can toggle the does all of these things so yeah it. Not in the best form not the best form and I got in the days at a Montana they have a biscuits and gravy pizza shore so you I mean hell pizza into. We can do anything big some places they import pineapple on pizza and can be believe it. It's crazy. Trying to get everything done 844999. Overlooked because our first contestant ready to play to get it that's how big of a deal. Hello Jamie welcome to the men's room. Only our. You say okay Jay Leno your country and our activity here fifteen carries over are not self. I am okay all right welcome to the show up so you're gonna have to give up one for the rest of your life is going to be pizza burgers chicken wings are topics. Woman at the goat chicken laying chicken wings. It you know it's not funny I think men like chicken wings for the month. Our world like New Orleans and and and like I like ice cream but let's face it women like ice cream or shall flooding chicken wings is gonna lean a little more mail at if that's the one you. That's hey guys I'm Melissa as my faith hey Pete. Delicious I promise I don't care about the gender man chicken wings are free to militias and on the thing on the problem could possibly be from. You disgust me even imagine doing some decent chip. Well to be fair. Bad pizza you still be a bad burger you may or may now it's a bad wind you'll still eat. What tells you a lot of talk tacos stock bad Todd when all my hand and Bali event and a new more more active a bad talking that bad chicken when blog address rotations lower. What's your version of a bad talk. Is it yeah he might name is surely knows there's it was a bad talk of the Sarah I don't know how many tacos you know we just get credit in ground beef friendly. Now I'm a huge fan of the crappy ground beef taco they began her mom would make those just cry your right it was crappy there's nothing mature about it but still I'm still in the air travel in a hard shell I like terrible really yes I still think the great. Floods the last time you had one. You know a man that's why I do remember Mantilla Y. Well look I used to always argue probably two or three months that twinkies don't live that I did I do it I got a good talk a place they call. No no no. The one Zumaya made they not a break that up late to go so well enough related charge you money too willing to do what I'm saying at home. You can pause and money it's not my mother may know probably three months. But I do get a moms talk go to bars and single mom stock a Null and be your mother needs to make the result would lessen my head on what I'm Bob hey man went to the tackle was I guarantee a good well. This isn't bad because my memory zones are absolute trash. Coming sorry whoop your wannabe your mom could make a very good at home talk it. No no you cannot make America battling tiger at her strength is breakfast at pocono we leave them that's right good we drove by police and they just like homemade relentless you don't. RA here is your question there Jamie. Multiple choice the Department of Energy the CI AEA or the EPA Scott Pruitt is the head of which. And I think that's a. EPA he. It's out of them home sick. Did you through it toy. All right your next question. Ed what country that didn't table tennis garage and Scotland and England or Wales. Hey there my lost Jamie what did you say yeah we guys you know. Now we don't have anymore Jamie if you can hear us goes dance someplace else if if it. Although that you've got the wrong way oh good lord they learn English England may third period of now live Wimbledon. I don't care if they have a feeling it's just a smaller version of I look like doesn't. I think the name or who we do they think they tabled tendency like usual Hollywood and after the city. Data I don't I don't tend to those glad day. Are you question. What is the name of for a meat dish made from Amy chopped raw beef all the Serbs with onions capers seasonings and raw and do not happen suffered back and is delicious. I have no idea tartar steak Harpo. OK LA general hasn't thought are. I have that people at some best. On the worst thing in the world. And I'm just saying that I'm now and make out like a million what I try to with you I guess. I think you doubt the raw beef is it just as you know draw beef which I know Linux is just weird now through tartar and fine. Can talk to our man he brawl on target are like tarts creditors they no other Dolan who are not trying to be mean that is when he fresh and tell you it does go on needs some raw meat June. I hear is your question who was the female lead in the movie Titanic. I. Hate Lynn let. That's fantastic dinner I also would have except to create wind yeah. Or Leonardo another do you guys those are no leader Laura but their freedom for shore when Kate Winslet she was fine. Game is big dummy for 499911. Was our next contestant ready to play the game hello Steven welcome to the men's room. It's over it's over. The move shows just. Are a miserable enough yet to give up one for life will be pizza hamburgers chicken wings are tough and and murder Amber's got. Is that your least favorite obviously over the four. Yeah put forth an occasion I get this guy gets sick boy could make it three doubles and our own thing Italian amendment. A lot of people that are defending the crack the top of the says I make got a crappy talk I make crappy mom tacos once a week I love hate throw my wife does made crappy mom talk of last night they were delicious and if we if you took him. Thrill show your pitch Ralph and oh. Oh yeah yeah crunchy shelves like the what what's the brand Picasso and out of their quote unquote home they meant and it wasn't my. It's different than yours if you want to crunchy shell old taco just eat not chips. And as soon as you might think our action or he'll love it could be good breaks apart are you saying to give Bob the taco in order to just go straight not Joseph for the rest of my life I've seen when you eat a hard shell tacos you're eating nachos yet because when you buy into it the shell falls apart. Not always but sometimes. Do not chip. Jen and I. And that rather have not chose to starting note undone and could not just get all soft landing into the middle of Natal soft like I have no soft target chalk talk yeah. I think soft shell away all of the talk go get lupica corner flower. Our newly unhealthy stuff I go back and forth into those like the look Cornwell well that's authentic a local. Yeah it's americanize. A short it's off putting I don't care what they did correct in my case I'm really old Annika probably I get it through tracker isn't as strong point that you stay in the dugout and originated draft didn't give up a couple of it's kind of world we learn. I had zero cent. What do you think the first food that in fact was invented specifically because the drive through that. They have to come up with eight product to listen man you know I think it has to be hot dogs and root beer and be like him more of a drive in. Plain drives economy like getting NW or something or your county pulling you don't put your power hot dogs and into the net. The senate side the route I don't not the right given millions parked in the general little old fashioned and on and like you go pull into a drive and and they would put the tray under windows seemed a good order what you want right until they invented so the drive through a woman who hit it they quit they're out. Even. And Florida's liquor yeah. Well I know this can really make a prescription drugs and you Belinda got him graduate of Florida Manning get like him a Margarita and a big plastic thing with a with a curly strong they would get mad drinking and drive drive you now see that did you really think for the brutal it's like you're New Orleans it's a matter of it now here look. I hear your question. I'm probably gonna say the name displays wrong shall forget me Suriname a serene as URINA. Imminent soaring grain or. As a country located on which continent. I. We're going to. So right abdominal muscle did not know. Not a big popular tourist destination there what's that sorry now sir and I'm never gonna Edinburgh before. Now yeah yeah. In movie ratings what do the letters PG stand for. Our help guide and. Sorry further guidance is suggested. Does not guarantee paid for par nine that's when it hit me until you get a warning all around all of us is or not. Penis. 844999. A lows are next contestant ready play the game known as big down people are struggling with this poll do as far as on the on the tour. Yeah on the Twitter because a lot of people wait in. People every couple good point like I said tacos and go away but I probably eat more tacos than anything else on the list depth. But also like rights as a we were like why don't really liked Tony wins that often it's like yep but can you imagine a life with that. Never an option yeah I don't know if he did yeah. My mouth wrinkles and many different things but yeah people are. Deliberated about them I don't use the fake sometimes ground meat does not even ground me but what is the way we really did. Not too. It's it's not a whole ground isn't bush it's a little packet of cannot meet and I don't know what the hell they want that I make a lot of it's not need if the tonic and then I that I don't like I don't know that my routine you don't go to your vegetables and it says not me there's a reason as pro because when I called SE talk about but like why why would you call your product played well. It's not me when you lose an apple but apple advertised say we're not meet its just when all else is uneven almost only what is it I don't know. I'm not sure whether you hit it doesn't what does it look like it looks like ground up something that looks like ground beef but it's really not. Put it's it's a little packet around because they are also being little and I've got put the talk of packet and Aaron had some water and then becomes much talk of Zanardi broke him. But I had to try to round and in and that in the paint Dave what do you Browning. I have cookie Browning has done what I've moved fake vegetable that taste like meat or maybe a solar product I am not exactly sure it's got to be so right it comes and a bag and sometimes it's all Trombley and put an end there and they sell this yeah. Beat it's got to be solely as Kelly Johnson insulate your rezone type stuff for its season this whole I'm sure I go yeah they got us out for that matter now if I don't focus here's the if you don't want to eat he don't eat you let's file I got my judgment on. But they don't drive too. Culturally appropriate. Sorry if my amiga try to make your Grasso now Letterman's tofu it's no. Out of our product not only cracked so that I could still reach those made of me that I get anyway why each re told that each or read so I've been calling for soy product whatever it is but it's not that is it is at such crap. Good track if you don't wanna eat meat the doll but only Barloon named the man is not daily and is due met Collin Graham Harrell and a good we know what's good deep down in college ground food product which is one bill you will bug stuff. You may have come up until grab notice tells bacon is the mood and make Xavier thank you bury us and they know they don't have make him you know they won't make any time they still wouldn't pork products hot dogs a base hit that sliced pieces tumbling we will meet Jessica doesn't work. You know when he meet Tony meet the funeral appropriately got dale claims the door opened a mile. Two people but actually because deep down you want to eat meat that's what you call it so Sochi regional knowing god damn well. It's not to read just like me going around saying I might leave Superman what he say that because I really want to be Superman if he picked an added I'm not. So I call myself back out so he's Superman. If this guy that you are usually going over and I'm still only Superman I'd like to be seriously but I'm glad it's salty. There is big damage is powerful. Are 999. All of more contestants in Morey calls on the way you are listening to metro radio network. I. I'm Jeff come on decimated details as popular Christmas candy is around the US of A that is coming up right before during toast. With a shot of the day in the meantime the game is big dummy 44999. Hello Steve as our next contestant right to play the game hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. Our. I Harriet went for consumer enough over to. Over in sobered very welcome to show. John Avaya tough man drill hole today. If you had to give up one for the rest of your life what he's taken pizza burgers chicken wings are tacos. Please keep you briefly briefly recently eaten. Trophy chose it slowly candied fruit eat the most difficult is the most of Google you believe. How intelligent and that's the only ones that aren't sure always cracked thank you Florida Marlins are no don't talk among them give them a lot of moves through the normal health so much for your insight this shelf full. I'll have to show for all of a continue to decent amount. You know what there is only you almost have bitterness for the harm to your anger. By the talking good I ends up its fighters share those drills bitterness rebel thoughtful I do not yes but I know my. Bitterness is Bob had to cherish it and another to meet you meet one eat meat and I need meet goals on miles whom I've damp. So he's Superman and has its. So basics toys as I wanna be Superman phone calls old sores or remand Bob Dole pledged super buffet. This decision to go for a something we're gonna go forward we could do something to dividend Sawyer is who. If if if this horrid stuff and a little quote corpsman up into order. All right here's a question who was the first NASA astronaut to visit space twice twice. Unleaded. You'll know the man he's. Those payments but you know remain so maybe it's just virtually no assurance of a current code dusty. Words dust does Vince. Any humans what does it only internal organs capable avert re generating lost issues. The only internal organ retrieve all of regenerating. Yes deliver. Very good Jerry that graduation off for a lot of people but for some well he does the message can't game this big dummy for 4999. Alone who's our next contestant rated labor brigades got to give it time to regenerate brain and I like yeah yeah very important. Hello Ian welcome to the men's room. Liquor are good very hard. I didn't. In sober enough for over. October that's over Ian welcome to show. Okay our men's room full you have to give up one pro life will be pizza. Burgers chicken wings or topix. I can't believe it or not I actually got food poisoning from chicken wing side immediately dropped ballot if I had still I'll go all right learning ground stuff that's. I like them what are your mushrooms are yet because they they got who you. Feel it particularly. Not you brought down by got this email right here does miles on Monday I had a sausage and mushroom mama at a diner Booth as the the next eighteen hours vomiting and screaming into the toilet it was the mushrooms even if it wasn't second bear the thought of having mushrooms ever again. And oh you have experience and those department. How do you go with a lot. Topper of it. Really is a lot mushrooms I am all the time. You back on the martian terrain I ask. Koppel but man I'm telling you what just really hesitant and I didn't even say it like that you're eating mushrooms are homemade or de Almeida to make him food at home and you saw a mushroom that at the time. You saw it it was enough to stimulate your brain to say hey. That's really F and weird and you decided to go against the big red flag popped up in and come visit you as sure and then you eight kids. So they knew major male and hey there's that weird mushroom again and easily. Let's say hello Terry Moran right now this is this is this and learn the tree this is the truth. Kind of bag a brown bag in my in my refrigerator right now about a half pound of fresh mushrooms. I keep looking at it I bought them I'm going to make them I think I don't know I keep looking at Chad that was sort of the way I know that you know every dad hardline allies he's gonna get worse. With the girls rightly so probably in the marsh and you looked at one you picked it out he said this is the bad one. You know all the walk it's all things that irons and go man I couldn't tell I guess you specifically said like the resist one end to the quote. Crazy FT looking question. Go to. And then you Florida whatever you were making an amber when it was found to put that complaint that same crazy after looking metric mushroom went on to play I guess when you move your brain was probably WAK. We will be my brain only can spit out a bad oyster quickly. Would you look at that you've for a while the cause of that. Yeah do you chew oysters don't know and when you get bad when you know what you put in your mouth and you tell your what right kind of cozy up. Bad oyster it is putter right on the plate and Oreo isn't it nice place to put Blankenship doing your pocket elude you oyster backed out like to I think at stake now to the place nice if cloth match sorry my bad. Shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.