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Wednesday, December 20th


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we come. This came in and normally. It's awkward to accept a referral. You know it we because you have one embarrassing but you never won it hit interject yourself and somebody's life I didn't ask for help direct. But that's not how witnesses so what do preface it that way because it's not gonna sound like the others. I learned today that Foster adopt connect as a 150 Foster children without any Christmas. Not sure if you can help Heather sync is working on to help get gifts these kids and I'm on the board of Christmas event it's a candy good Christmas and we're trying to help. But nobody has the resources for all 150 kids. I union number so we started to connect would this in and find out what was happening. So these are kids 250. Kids have been in this put in the system. Since November these are kids after the cut off that's how he said so these are abused as kids my kids know friendly now. And there and and there and I mean sometimes they make it to a home there and shelters. Yeah they didn't do either abused kids were taken away from a bad situation. Arrive. It just it's it's not great world these kids right now. And you know were weekend. Think it's. A lot of money he stunt that meant to them in. We don't. He'll welcome the show you sent me this original. Mess. So he rescinded these kids is a 150 kids off to me since November. Yes and and in who are these kids. Even the kids and our community and that water probably not Patrick in the past with just being brought into the Foster some. We need to kick that on Christmas morning all have a Christmas. And the sweet yeah we pulled together and try to figure out something. That is what brought me to local holiday. You Foster. Because children need him. Most of these children just want to beat out. Yes and that is something that we cut and I thought to himself. I'll do we have been Foster parents we're also atop. So we'll see we can now you can activist and others say could you know who works it fosters dot. That she's the director of training for. You okay I'm in the connectors well he's doing there. Well. Heather how are you. And apparently oh well my I'm worried about these kids. All these kids came in since November since the cut off date when you guys decided but you know how many kids you can take care of. Yes you Maggie you're. I 14100 in those markets that we're in here. Evil that cut update. I had no idea. That that many children would be brought into a situation such a short time in Kansas City. Yeah it does it pretty bad urban area as people understand. A lot of really keen and that apple you know. The court they're being. Actually caution in making certain that it certainly is accurate and activate them up and edit the art department here. Sure this could. It how terrible is because you do you think your kids even an abused kid still. Will love their parents it's it's an awful thing to see because. You know that they're taking away from their home so they're completely out of sorts there's been a lot of time looking feel like they've done something wrong because they are being. They feel like they're big punished when this we're trying to help them try to get them out of a bad situation and how Christmas is looming. And these these these don't have a family they don't have anybody in the in the entire event the entire idea of Christmas was built around family. And so. On I can't imagine being a little cute and an anal and I have a friend so there really. It strikes that might confront him and his beautiful wife and three kids and a you know I sold one kid coming into the mess and scream for too much straight. He's great today. You know data he had he had a broken leg his mother broke this news. I just never seen little. Attacked it's pretty quietly leave it to get insert that into the field that you really in the evening sometimes tiles. Alleviated Fuller adults have let their needs first not for the needs are. It's guaranteeing he. I don't their own. Individual needs and so. You know you have little kids that are in a shout we're here hold on dates are really worried that yet I think in an hour to find them until they have left. Signed up you know dance but don't forget that after years back and what I think rank action and the day. And we get another new kicker coming yesterday. That Shatner will be here over Christmas and I'm glad it's. And they're eight more that he was yesterday and Indian accent there and then there where there are mourning got picked up in the last. Three days we know that's good. All right I got you know listen here's. Here's I think I think it's it's it's. Yeah let's go even that's a hundred bucks a kid at that math is in yeast in them numbers rising so you're past 151000 dollars already. Yet OK I intelligence they write. Jake it's it's going to be. It's going to be twenty. Simply play grant. That gives them a 150. At 151000 of that extra 5000 soliciting we know there's another thousand to 2000 dollars for the kids or get in there this week. At this rate 58 and it just keeps going and easily these little kids these little kids. 23 years old and younger and some of the kids 89 and just David torn away from their families. You know on the siblings yet again that they do where they don't know whether someone who don't know where their Brothers and sisters. I. Here's a starting field HR block dropped off a check for thousand dollars if that would really news. I get a letter yesterday. From some dear friends and a personal level. Did he ended Jolene I did. Bid at our friends would all of them and especially their their daughter and she's. A situation where she. Tell us some medical bills sheds some tumors and radiation now she's great she's doing beautiful the data center for 2000 him. So thank you Richard did beat. Printed them. And the trucking company dropped off at check for 2000 dollars. We'll let that I'm not yet he knew thousand okay that's 4000 dollars in start when. It's a long run things. You're on the. Hello good morning. Good morning hey and this. This particular. Is you know. Who that you expect and hope for the holidays are right who has been problems and good afternoon. You're right what do you. It was a lot looser here you're. All beautiful man you can just took care of the kids. Yeah. Good morning here. Like brought out of luck actually there I think humid over the called Hewitt he hits it very. Tony this scary 1200. Dollars you when you hear. I'm nurse practitioner. Sorry. I'm in practitioner if you work your ass off thank you so much and you know I'm sure you've you've treaties if you see what they go through. Yet Jack I don't hit the opposite that it. As the terrible that that in it and weaken it they are the bat err yeah. Maybe it's the idea but kids in Foster home or water and shelter putting aside and don't forget these. But that. Stated this is like a break. They can donate 300 dollars enough kids to go about that that's. And to a US based company and hope for the holiday. If you think yeah. Donnie yes. I got a thousand or 54 or wherever we until you get those involved. Our. District great your preferred we have. We were listeners every year. We decided to pool our money together we want these kids that occurs with little target. We need to group of friends who taught him. Let's just say they're proposed bill noted they are they're all listen right now. US led. We will have a down their brother. 5900. 2000. Game. Yes you know and I got to. I got three other warrior beautiful here all together now you can use to your three kids that that would get the switch. US and hope for the holidays and not miss it yeah. I beautiful. When you do. I we're through march. That's an extra hundred no it's a knows the week and notes the week before Christmas guys and money list. I really appreciate and he'd drop in the slug it in two days. Apple's hit it you know I did I I can't imagine. Bet Hannity Doctor Who might back. No not at all really changed. Rhonda welcome. Round you there. Yeah it looking at UP. It and they're all. Beautiful you go by US bank today and drove home for the holidays. I am your beautiful and I think you very much jet. Today. What do you do for a living. Idea I had been restored about fixing stuff. 500 right now and so do your good man and very good man John. You. I don't know what CEO of the ripping in and say 300 or a. You can call givers a stranger. The one who can deliver weak 500. It is. Is a little kid you know better over these people come back problem that I own them all out so they don't deserve this type of thing I go out Christmas. But that's just. But now it's daily visits something else. So you've then. Maybe you need to go. After them. Especially would do with the there's good man of which never 500 dropping US bank. Well written book tour boat. You. What could produce February. Yeah I know you guys there's no beautiful stuff you for 200 dollars. Where it meant I appreciate you go there and so cute but the US thankful for the holidays there. Good morning what we like to donate your kids. Are we do we have two little. If you mean yeah and it's the week before Christmas so that was what. I'm. Brought this up obviously and then also terrified me the same times. You know this is. You know less than a week away everybody's already spent their money off their presence and your it's and you know how much money's just left there. And that. It's amazing that you would have an extra couple. And you know what you think it's an accord you know it 200 dollars and nothing territory does not happen I analyzed rapidly neat thing we can do to help. You ours alone that's two kids. Exactly two little kids right here at W if it's huge number and I thank you more than you know. I don't Oreo what you do for me and I mean it. Her good girl I appreciate company US bank an omen that care that Iraqis to they're ripping you opened well. And yet we're aren't meant. They don't know Robin that are very good arm what was your honor dollar. You and EG US bank in dropping off today to move from your Goodman Merry Christmas entity you. Back at our old. I'm sort of result. Two things I don't fail I don't think that was that aware twenty. And B would you get to every few months. Happy about buddy act utterly different word yet that we let it every morning it. I just thought about that I had read that where it ought to get in get much. I'll give these kids that I was able to get the floor. You're good man. Could anything be more. Perfect for Christmas what you just said. The very beautiful. What's supposed to be. Him you know. Hit a fat hyperbolic. When we go. I'm I was or every year I. I thought that went without earlier this year where we were gonna help out or at work out its decades. I've got great or what's it like over there right now. And what are so yeah that's what you bring forward a lot of other brokers Wednesday that he is the triplets or vibrate. Oh my gosh yes what. The minority and pulled it together they're that there I was Dominic was tackling presents yesterday. Girardi wrecked he was so I don't he couldn't stop himself and he literally tackled the box and hope was hard. I think I'd make here what are not otherwise felt it shake it won't figure out what they are the important thing you're good you're good that I've really appreciate it. I think he'll. It. There are payment of the word out. And that's beautiful thing up and other kids drove well my US bank tell them hope for the holidays and put it in there okay. Hate about 400. Yeah I'm looking ahead to their collection of the works have been trying to do this for years and I've done that a couple times myself and I'm glad to be able that much him. What a great bunch of people you work with yeah I didn't really minutes. You know it's great it was those that. All it favors my fellow their tanks and they live. Yes certainly yeah. I we can't cure but excellent and would you do for a living. I'm looking at where we are weary of war is that we got to protect against them for an end up in the public pregnant again. We have here at 9050 dollars. You're on your morning. Good morning John. Yes they had. 200 dollars loss. Everywhere that some of the two kids. You you told Josh. There it is with me Hugo. That he did than there were glad to. Like daycare couple more. Misty. Yes. I think if you want her own. Because you guys that helped me out. When we'll be. You're you're all around him at a while back. How are aironet. I brought my job at that. And I put everything out but you hit it currency. And some you do it you do an okay. I'm really glad I may be. My kids that are there my daughter's thirty are on the ball well and one Ukraine and. And look at an old guy. And there are recruiting you didn't lose. The. I'm glad to talk to him that much better circumstances you know I've fool. Mr. That's probably the sweetest you can hear is still. Somebody come back and help hasn't been held. I mean that's that's the idea of this whole thing is it's again you know it it's. It's not about radio station or it's got the world radio show it's about people. Helping other people strangers who don't know each other will never know each other doing something simply because. It makes them feel good to do so. Didn't here. I I think they're 800 dollars. And US think that would hope for the holidays trust me they'll know we're still. You got a that very much Jennifer welcome to show that you view. Jennifer again. Yes I like you know excellent movie Jennifer's. Secretary what what would you call. I actually work with what what in Foster care it. I liked it. You guys don't make a lot of money I mean that is true work because and because I mean that's. Every social worker everybody and it would Foster care business news is there because that's something very credibly. Oh. Especially when you. Todd welcomed the film. Johnny Damon wondered donor 400 dollars my wife and I we've ever every year we just thank US bank technology due to rest buddy. You're good man and it looked. Offense that's that's another kid you know Eric and Dennis walk into the field. Now everybody actually that's what do you do for a living I got to try a little motor oil and she's you run your local. She's got an extra hundred no you cannot. I got it or I love you brother man they beat me to marry Christmas I can't thank you got. John welcomed the show. Doniger yes or. So I bet you our boat or demand. Test and that's another two cage and what made what do you call. For now what is the cost recruit certain background but it. Further. I did it go home throw. Would you tell me who would Christmas game that are in Foster. Was. Are you know well. I don't think we wanted poster at christmastime but I was declared an end and it did. It's and administrators straight person out there and you know it. It it's uncomfortable feeling per year so. I know what can we go to our fire and eight year old. Yeah so it's verbal. I don't know crippled with bill. And I'll here Adam of the bank today that your brother. No merit couldn't Donnie increased. Oh. Torn down payment. Good morning look at a goofy guy like Don yeah. Yeah he got the job of the US bank. I'm sure that bank your Goodman I appreciate your agreement. Kelly. They're playing I'd like it I don't at least you Kelly would you 500 books. Well I'm aware blessed and literature and I have to go to America what of course you but. And that's that's that's an easy answer but what really makes you pick up that phone. And you know my home adopted a pocket in the past but at this time you have an opportunity to the other share alike about the good. Good thank you tell your husband thank you as well drop and of the US bank run we'll do for you. Is there rod. We are very very dark and we got our portfolio. Another five what do you do for a living run. All that small group urchin bit as a leopard it is here. Land you're an awfully good guy. US bank because I don't know if we're overloaded with older aboard that they're having a hard time hearing myself if we need to reset let me go to defeat me you mean in the loop here for a little. Absorbed in this view that we're re your 111100. Dollars. We've got to run here in the morning. Glory and what they do you have. Yeah I just want to give 500 Michael Jordan and were brought. Along their human remains were 500 dollars. Well my wife and I are similar to what the spirit we're clergy abuse about. You know what what really mean what listen you don't know me I don't know you. You is 500 dollars is a large amount of money but always I'm always curious as to what that would drive human beings to be so good. Well but it could probably come to bring and I opportunity. Close situation chip up. There and it. You know apparently are. You would you but I'll say this we all feel that way but it takes someone with the with him a really big heart. Two to help a stranger I mean just does it's it's it's incredible. We want to. You go. This opened up. They've done. I got 240. Chris what you do for a living. That got. Who you're working your ass offered to utter a future that's cool. They equate brand for help somebody ought to hope the work that we've. Is that. That is. So cool thing about this but for me and in this when I. Selfishly taken from this thing every year for twenty plus years he is. Now probably you do it with if we ever hear it. The great cause of it and it is but it but it's not again it's something that it was the the heart the magic of this issue it's it's everybody who helps people that the ever meet strangers helping strangers for. Actually not word not for anything other than just its importance. But her and figure the longer it actually put it together and start to go and make that work. I think that is because and that. We should appreciate so much. They Johnny Damon. Like don't make 200 dollars. That's great man that's another forgive John what what would you do it would. Our work in immigrant. Some of the forgive me. My son just said that he wanted to do our gift to our little boys and girls wouldn't have anything that's personal and so we better we wanna Benning do you guys that took a drop how proud you must be. Absolutely. You know it's it's the teach your kid empathy that it does so at a really young kid can can actually. Think about what it would be like to be in somebody else's shoes to feel when someone else feels that that's there's no greater gift appeared to ever give their child. Yo what's up man are you doing brother. I got 354. What do you do fairly I run a yes plan. Here in the next. Can you get an extra 350 bucks five days before Christmas yes sir you're good man and all my folks very very very man over here. Yet those guys help out yes sir Colin who grew but what's the name of that company Procter. And they until everybody over that thing absolutely my friend. And yet. There I don't know embryonic. That is another. The only US and went to Damon it will make it all goes out Broadway and we're doing our. Where we work 121450. Dollars. Boston. And I would go and cried out 500 vote for that to a 100. 500 what are. You seem pretty jolly this morning let's go to your head is pretty good year oh and I give little back. Absolutely. Thank you and their Christmas profitable for the holidays more prepared lost. Hey why the hell. Me. Only. What could you probably. I don't amount to grow warm. People. Excellent he's got little for the US and this the united. Absolutely. Good role Mary Christmas and thank you. Won't. So my my we didn't smile smile. Very right and what's going moment. So loud love. Just want people who middle of man younger Emporia. Yes I'll see you a thousand bucks. Or. You know what's what we'll tell me about this would you get a thousand. I you know you work for live and are you need to give words cause those just wanna make all its milder days that's. So you do it then that's a huge number that's ten more kids. Just a little bit of Brooke is this man made Christmas a lot. Grabbed 141150. Three quarters them they couldn't. Get her. I'd like to donate 300 dollars. Beautiful me with some of the three hits and we'll deal thirty really we do for a living I worked for the big engineering for your eight C. That's an awfully nice thing to do that's three more kids you can hear rendered good I think you are and you aired. Hi Donnie he's had 800 beautiful US ankle for the holidays. Yep gotta love you thank you so illness and let's go ahead. Yet there we. My nine year old who is adopted by the greats got would be right here quick like Tony has. Dollars but can grow into Atlanta immaculate latitude. When you what do you mean what was tormented. And glean about the gambling you are clear all over here but not a good place. And you know if we have not been their part are operating. Right here and know that and he won it did an article correctly poppy like circus. Other airports. Basic support. Good moment. I would. Rock. The government. Like donate here under. Rocket Colby. 3230 do you sound young men you. Too much what would you do to earn that money. All wipe our work harder or give back here's rejuvenated 200 kids. Note there but we have the next few under oral route but I think you're sweet man let's listen thank you made Christmas definite. Hi Donna I would like to date earnings 300 dollar from coal and read it. You union fame looks at which you're listening to. Burton. And Aaron and our African rule also. Oh beautiful. Played crank. You set what do you sort of each sentence Phillips met. Are you okay. No I think. It was a bit tough delicate. Imagine that. Bruce. Mr. page with what make 200 out acts Webber's. First and go for the holidays. It is actually it is bill all the time it can get there are muted Goran. For work when I. Parents don't have a chance to get through but I comment were not like like. Make a donation. Worshippers at two more could you make a big difference in this we've never tried one of his mind. They're like the different system that I could be part of it was still possible. We had 151650. Dollars. Around here Erica. Quiet like as a at a 150 dollars. Youth youth Erica. When you call. Unlock equator but you know our struggles are what enabled they're being unable to do it this year and I. Pocketed it can't hear you with they were within five days you you have kids had a ticket. With them. I actually really yet that's who I have been working a lot of retirement work eighty plus hours last three weeks. Or men are delivered to your mail. When she adds it's a house or here at the station. Beautiful listeners love ya think you've. Or they're probably the. We'll couldn't hit. A thousand dollars for hasn't might like to donate about all huge what do you guys who doing business. We knew we actually on the contractions at length but under read it might be an issue ICQ which appeared to have a heart beating the city. I guess a couple of weeks ago into the market packed with people arts oh against traveling to. Yeah you're great you're able to provide for quite markedly thicket of what you get that we buy up I expect the. You are what the people when you look at this. And I'll just I'll pull the curtain back a little further dig didn't they need to figure some people they deliver. Entire meals Christmas and Thanksgiving to people. And and they they do vote their lives to it it's a huge strain on them and not just you know time but also financially to view to reaching your pocket yet again to help another program and that's. You are living right and that's it's a pretty amazing thing to see somebody like that and and I thank you. Acting neighborly is cricket community you know so many people. Nothing. We're 161800. Dollars. When my. So Johnnie I gotta tell them bottle. Mike what do you do for a living. I do commercial building control. Again you have an owner. No I'm not a we've just you know what I Natalie had a good year this year in. I'd I'd be happy to the helpful. I mean that's really but it. Because it sees the get caught the moment because you've heard a lot of numbers today but once you know could think about that you could spend a thousand dollars on so many things in this world airline tickets to anywhere in the world cruises. Furniture televisions I mean just incredible amount of money really. Well why do you call. You know irate I probably had. As good a life growing up you know you can imagine and thinking about what these kids. Have gone her. And and I just can't particularly. In all better way to spender and. We're living worldwide. Marry Christmas US thankful for the holidays all right bill I'll get a third event. 171800. Dollars rich guys there in. Case family there. I thought I partnered with. So goods. Would you give them. Him my husband and and I have our own bit and we've had a good year. All I got his grandkids things can imagine. If we look at it not happens. Wonderful clip. I'm not having a family not having you know when you're in Foster is is. Beautiful those Foster people's lives and that the people who open their doors and hearts their arms to help it Steward terrible situations. You're still a kid strange without the and we you know. And it's a horde and scary time and especially for a kid that's. You know there could render innocents being torn away second my second my this world. You know let's let's and the well leave Lebanon you know. Spirit or albums director Karen thank thank thank found. Patriotic and then. So maybe a couple or vendors bring home court order returner but that's that's that was Brothers that's it thank you. Problem in the open up in the US and hope for the holidays are all right we will Goodman thank you Tyler. I'd go to donate a hundred dollars. Or another commitment that he was US bank hope for the holidays appreciate you. It all I had right now but it's fourth and he you know that's it it's not going ahead it's a hundred bucks. And it's a kid and that that will handle it I mean that's that's not a small amount that that's real genuine heartfelt gesture and Angela before. In Norwalk zoning. The 181600. Renee. I gotta hurt where it thank you so much you can drop in the opening. I conduct about. My husband is yes diaries that sort UPS drivers local you know moving moments and I'm sorry. We know each other well. If you. So you are a lot though out a way out up off the base you we'll tell myself into impotence and through always put them meeting here everything. And they'll probably you do. Yeah. Thank you Michelle. Do you. Not so good that it goes to another in the US bank Jennifer. Although I do. I like that they'll need 300 L. One. Because there was a time in my life when my children were adopted and I have three and I want to get. Published Giffords on US banks hope for the holidays. Except Mary. You're on the air good morning my here we go. Johnny yes. I would like to get 8000. Rumors that quarter. At its food that are 21150. Dollars you you know there it is finished good and. Like. I mean about genetic. Put our money together and we've set it up and December of last year and so we've. We moderate look at something advocate. Now that's what we mean you have a group of guys got to work with the older Brothers what do. Our net but whatever. That's that's just an idea that you guys all year long throw a little money and at the end you decide what you gonna do with the. Yeah. Couple like I had actually adopted a few kids I actually it warrants about one on I've got to cover it as well. And when the great circle of friends I hope you will be there's no use each other all the lines. I've known about the wrong one here spot. Well it's too late to change. I want it catered. You know have a good actress you're good man that you might drop them off US thankful for the holidays they were here. We've definitely. Field. Heather. All right so that -- you're. I am looking at this and you think you're about my hope she'll. Squirm sitting there. You've got our current goal with many. I'm the biggest heart. In the moment and execute. Well let's it's the least. We can do and a it's it's not a great situation brand new for those kids. But you guys are making this is as good as can be and and we've listened combined will now we'll read enough these appear it won't get that 20000 dollars Q okay. All right then thank you Heather. Think you've seen them. You bet that I'm gonna tell you Heather without it without you letting us know. This would have unfortunately could've come under the radar and I'm so glad she did well what a wonderful girl she is and how much she loves you guys there over at the F flustered not connect. Yeah well me being told what is happening like it gets but it was we and then spoke then I would. I've been trying not listening in and what what happened there now is Eric Decker Richard Ratner and I'm building wrecked the next three days of Creighton shot or raping and military people are there's it'll be so respectful Q is he former. It's it's not me at all you heard who was. It was construction workers and friends of parents and Foster kids and people have been helped and it's it's amazing group of people. Won't or. Call me. Every line but your handle you you you promised me that there won't be a kid and that in organizational go without. They were not being we will cover it and I'm okay. Or what you need think hey I didn't get here. Oh argent and you can either think Iraq husband and I can't her thinking what could he have been involved tearing. What are your own money and so we are and encourage you get it but you can't. Good as some other group that can work on site it support they ought to get people. So the kids will cause a problem. Beautiful. Beautiful. Heather and put on hold we're gonna connected to you later today make she get that check. Preposterous to connect and of course everybody guys go to Foster dot connect if you'd like to volunteer if you would like to help would like to donate. So stay there other and then he'll thank you so much for reaching out to us. Think you're learning so much.