01-02-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Might've Made a Mistake

Tuesday, January 2nd

Mens Room Blank Question: The first time I tried ______, _____ happened​


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This is the men's room. Sorry says sometimes in life you have days where everything goes perfectly and you end up feeling like a superhero that there are times when you're trying to hurl the gates in the London Underground and major general stuck in the barriers have involved and that is exactly what happened to a young man when he apparently tried to jump over the barriers to avoid paying its left him an extremely. In an extremely compromising position and in a lot of pain. And needing police officers and transport for London workers to pull amount. Man was left yelling in pain after the unfortunate incidents but not everyone was feeling sympathetic. The video was posted on though FaceBook the guy tried to jump the gates and he got his manhood stock I do believe we have the audio of this man screaming. In the in the in the train station. It's. Okay. Okay. Yeah well that's I was at the Covent Garden to station. That's the sound of giving your genitals start in the turnstile that does not sound which you didn't see there was officers supporting the man's legs and trying to ease him out in the meantime a crowd of onlookers have. And you did hear the one man hopefully shouting get him some butter butter him up eventually diminish rescued and ABC leaning on a police officer supports. Offer little support as he tentatively gets to his feet and then he gives another man who stopped to help them a big hug to say thanks anyway pay your fair. Don't do that fence jumper gave and bad things happen first so much a blank like happened at. 844999. All of the the sound of that have you seen the video I have nothing to prevent the first I heard it or anything I could go on video on the guys just so happy he's like smile and then he just point so for me to do stuck and golf are also talking. Yeah. Hello Gerri welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah. Oh the third person aren't I got old. Mines. And it Roche. Doubt you 14 February. Well Lori did Jerry bloody dog William drew doesn't ports in February. If there were mostly it's about a quarter a year I hate speech Saudi further down let's say I got to like your from any other country in the world. Or that you've gotten must correct so why did you wait so long loading. Recently in short game your emotions between now birds and neighbors sources. And there are efforts rubio richer place a sore traditionally your solution legal already cited. Barack Shelby the tribe. O meter per dipped own. Feels like a man we have from the people involved I trust before and after the game. Oh ports aren't enough Canada they don't experience. Well let Shiite. Botched. Well. 200 dollars worth Soros. Talked to each use search product slow me delivery service and out dark coached prior soul. That they are both. Well and our QB forehand I see if you're voting. The maronite Christian unity tears in my neighborhood. Tavern and started watching negating. Now I notice that so. You really go low bartender looks a bit sure this week that you were immediately eerie Bill White beard. I didn't cheat and lie beer out of beer. We're trying to be mullah bartender serves all the other customers can. So your patients so you have patient may I don't know Jerry patient last edited it. We're all trying to open. We've been trying bit more accuracy and I found that out if the church believe. Central posture are migrating and let's. Quickly hear or listen there's so much soap opera search. This was a deep and heavy experience or someone who just wants to watch the Super Bowl or they're Droid. Yeah as well out early how I'd match. So how did that make okay I'm like you continued good are you still hot. Guess they did this and why did it to come back. Well it CAA bid out all the news create. Talk. They are closing the street pots such. Yesterday morning. Well achieved your years here in the afternoon act. Well early afternoon my hair out. Street art shops also. OK so this is something that after the Super Bowl his your game on your bureau bought about there is okay out there. Rather strangely. These marchers should serious. She is still here over Easter. Don't in the 33. Pandora saw no aura and. You did not have any we didn't get it more toward a report to you the the logic. Coaching is so I'm sure. Earlier this close and we Christmas gathering ice yet. These two years that a couple all the local liquor which Jankovic. And it's. It's via our elderly mother bout. Certainly gathering well. Afterward you're like me injuring slid all held a shot of vodka so I. Or you are the elderly grandmother god they don't a situation true hurt every. Both supplies sure sure just sit in achieving they have their candidacy are. Bias how much. Possibly cholera relief did it just because I serve. A single shot both. Leading cheers vodka. Zero I'm program grandma had a good time get it it's great to do proportionately virtually boat at the dosage of alcohol. I does not too much. Yeah and I did you had never consumed weed before the 20042 lead we have mr. Baldwin actor. Correct side. You know. It would surely going you don't. I've been curious about it but not sure you touched she's not sure of violate all each each other dealers and brochure all capsule. Code during according to illegal. Now is like hey I'm all it's our whole new outlook and I. What I did my first true church sites from a delivery service because those storage. Or up and running yet. I'd have been a very small sampling out beating beating because I absolutely. Your ball and he's played citizenry to respond to Great Britain girls. Com and the early out. Failure delivery that looks essentially would deliveries. Mum and you don't use. I like the positives do like you know I did every idea. Let them government agree notion. Good lord and I got thrown like five seconds later. They still are you attempting shares that's pretty good ever I don't know I think Megan is on things is examining implement the alcohol limit censure at the same I never dried we in the early he use means he's good but even in volatile thing. His alcohol. Any of them millions and it's late. My blood per for old processes kick then why do we just Hogan's don't banned well you're right but we solve all of Obama's that I got really her never to be that level. Yeah outside yeah you're starting already you know. I know I know it doesn't work this way really good if you stop and they did have a bottle of vodka that had a bunch in mugs and got our minimize that. I regularly attract. I don't know what that is based and you infuse stuff they're all places and they're like we have infused rock is leaving just sat in the back of fruit there and they've got an earlier version. First such a blank blank tab and 8449990. In his defense my mom did the same thing just this past summer here like a little five milligram. Mint mocha and she was shown or whatever and then finally she came inches. And we go to bed I go hey did did it work. She just I don't know. But in the conversation. I could sit there and defining got to not pay attention to other people it is. Go in and out of the conversation is very nicely and you work. Very nice if I can ignore people around I was still looking into beautiful. But with the hello we go on my head and welcome to the bedroom. Olaf all ma am hello. A so they're not a short time I every pitcher has been the first child artistry but my belt. So I like they've dubbed social social trend that started out to get a whole bunch for all of my front right that's comforts and I am just. Here again America. You're trying to make some money Heller I'm an illicit don't know what I'll do it Latin. Three million will try to understand what you're getting into. Yeah exactly so I'm excited talk to do some that night so I met in my adult I'm back and forth for earlier this and that our search program education Kumble. And shoot it I'm talking about the next day that you are okay I'll come over so I'm like all right so I laid down orchard on this. Watching the stars and listen to music match and I know about four hours go by and out of the time I'm like oh wow. Where's my girlfriend. So all the sudden I started on the loose bad trip after a treat him out so I didn't go my dad's room and I'll wake up and you know on donut or okay that there and he liked what probably match here to becoming already likes. You're here I go back to Paris. On day and well wounds. Bring out my knowledge this girl real issue I think you might be in trouble and you could not yet met. So but all they have them and either had to sit down on the couch and eat some food and watched leaking out and dogs and. And he gave the mushrooms to your friends and everything aside. Yeah that we did a year later and the great okay. Yes so sometimes there by yourself man and I and I did remind those words could go I that one time wanted to that I got separated from a guy I was with a club and it was just I mean it wasn't of these deals. It's this is the fact I was freaking out because he was my you know good partner in crime right couldn't find is that sells like it was like two hours away in my late. You news is that you have to ecumenical and you're. And it doesn't cloak globe are now as of music venue for the ethical demands that still loving you is. Living that lifestyle of being in the bathroom in the background while I crap and I kinda map at times it is just you know doing his thing and other all right. They are. First of I had tried blank blank ebony 449990. Look what your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network and did you know. You don't have turned the men's room. Coming up Brian Calhoun I charge related pens fan and today I arrive brings intense on the Ryan things are about plots a monster they're actually about party believes in to bailout part two I don't know. And songs about Brigham and coming up whether the drug charge rank castle and today it's a men's or blank question. As a marijuana now legal in the state of California. Not only that we have got the try to jump a turn style they area and the tubes in London got his testicles got into a barriers and never got it. Never did before to try this time it worked out so well was EP inflows are hoping. I'm not positive how he got a minute because he's wearing pants well the judges I don't understand. And then we have the story about a man from Poland who got a boat and 854 year old guy was rescued off the coast of Madagascar are on Christmas Day after spending. Seven months lost to see. Now when he started his trip back in May he got himself a boat any plan to sail about 12100 miles from the East Coast of Africa. To South Africa at the sounds like a bad idea of within the engine died and so did his radio. The run run as boats then broke so he couldn't steer loader does steel drifting in the wrong direction dead east toward the middle of the Indian Ocean. He only had a month for the food when he left so I really had to stretch it out he's really cat he managed get some fish while I was out there shall continues in a notion probably good spot him in the cat. The kickoff to forget cat just I was so yeah I'll be out by the end he was surviving on a half a pack of Rama noodles a day about. They said that similar stories have a bit out there before but this one's a little different because he wasn't alone right before he left to got a cat. To bring with him named us a Mira and the cats also made it. So you gotta wonder that guy hates ever consider eating the gap luckily he didn't have to make that decision someone's father bow before his Robin ran out. Coast Guard found them near what that was the cat wavered with Paul's ran it when you're out of it ironically the economy reunion island. Which is about 600 miles east of Madagascar are there's nothing east of there until you hit Australia so it was his last chance he was a nurse she's fine now. So as a cat he is rethinking his career as a sailor today first I tried blank blank tab and 844999. Cola. My kids has got cash net black cat named Rambo to them they love the tech. Guy down to a were eating again I'm sorry man pharma drifted down. The cat's great I would put this way I would be devastated but I have to eat cat Kennedy can contend not very good I think maybe he was weak at the last moment. Zoos rationale everything ranked total Santas are not you're right direct attack what and he had only been down this road before asking people they've tried cats in the people who have called and had a before said that we had one person say was okay. Everyone else said it's just not very good I'm sure some very good. About one month supply food number drip for seven months the cats being eaten good and yeah yeah I'm business without really matter what does the eat just a matter when they got to other they found possess like if he'd still brings he ran on the top Robin. I can't tonight. You review you I am I wanna know how putting days I can't have before things get don't feel right you know flavor Rama that as well I don't just. From an argument that that that that that's a big hit a good sense and you don't mean. You get when I don't play robredo and I am right now about you as you know I think it's. First on my job blank blank cabin a 449 knocking and pull a stellar day and locals couldn't let that play of the. The phone. OK so. I want. The comic take questions are there at various times so far by. Moses is wasted. So I'm about when he won the first time ever taken mushrooms and give my buddy they're just decided well. And that we ended up splitting. At the end of the night and I went home and get done that you must achieve global Tristan at all. Little movie called Elliot Perry country had a familiar. We're really different or similar terms I literally in my mind is Steve Martin Hurley yes you know that the cardinal I don't think these. Yeah is targeting interstate sciences. At the. Down vaguely remember that movie but not very well I never saw another name but I never saw Mo here where he just pulls over only the side of the road in talks with signs. And your trip and watching this. I'm sure Ben and you have a letter urged Fatah and it. Just did you ever do it again. Yeah I am anymore. Corzine did okay and having bad things haven't as residue and people start wasn't old. You always do that Howard also there was dawn and then boom blow like. I think the best thing to do in that situation is no matter what it. Just walk outside dead like to send you out like just take a little urban strolls sort of speak just get out of the council of electric. Can make it to the 7-Eleven. Trying to make is 70 I hate to be given a shot that I don't win if you worked your way through that man and you work your way through any but I don't like it I hated man like that's you'll enjoy ultimately realize you something. I know you cells like eight packs of cigarettes and that night we normally would smoke once all the cellular I'll do not smoke already on it like a normal thing you always gotta go make that track. The store feels we have created interacting with people got to have a safety measure. Lanza light beer and just wings it except our normal again if the fact that I don't regret what you do but I like are you still may include. First outside blank blank candidate for Ford 999 Lola. Hello Max welcome to the men's room. Lola visual and. OK so what I'm Charlie in terms but I am the first and only time I tried not. They actually listen to actually beneficial. You know what I never heard that story and of this car feels good to have stories you'll get a good wedeman before you can take him on we have some positive. Piles of Matthews appeared to listen and or methamphetamine. Uplift our area aerial positive Matthews yeah. Your dad. Take the mound after the count them. At long. Thunder of the and then they'll go home and let them sleep and so I went all the computers and announced literature and so and resource use. I'm not I don't reduce the bounce back. Hey man did you match Thursday. It's impossible courses in front of the computer and not viewed with a method not masturbation as a part of. Holding me I don't know. I don't know I don't know yet and yet so anyway and are you know small cars computers for about. What are your cellphones multiple reality and that's hard learned how to. Develop apps saying burdens off by the kind of went to bed at the first rough draft of my afternoon's work. Google won't methamphetamine. You'll be able to get left behind her daughter job. But yeah. That would be Apple's still. Good move women's league come this. Hey. Those loyal. Simon you learn how to code as your prime math and you could master Bates so if you could have masturbating do you think you would have been able to develop an app. Don't know early even and I don't debate did today go come and take genius positive drugs aren't there is a pro math they're just broke not masterfully largest probing up for three for Israelis do think I don't know than that there are you really have to be on drugs and I just studied 120 yards and probably no more out at the there's a good look you don't you know urinating. First such a blank blank candidate for Ford 999 all of a storm for your own our bit miles from Baylor and I am. Hello Seth welcome to the men's room. All the time. Period I had some I'd worry about it urged Obama tried out and help IG IR TCB all I know it's like. And it's light as the or it went away it's like as the but it wasn't passive. I don't really know what it well that's it out of my old. I'm gonna that's always agree that that's you better just your friend in that situation it's like a game show yeah. About had a good night but it about that they've not let buddy out Riley actually wanted to much. I'm like I'm glad you do that I felt that it in the bag and they doubt. Now I ended up that night in a Dubai but the first time about an hour while I mean how they can't look we'd amateur Internet it. And so we thought you know they are not at that point that we we ended up name and not Leos and we let the world apart. Fell flat on our backyard. So you tell got a mom that's how many miles killed that night. Oh. Well. I do remember a similar situation with fireflies. Where he started naming them in the snow started catching putting him in jars. Sure Miami did do it it's not alone isn't there and dealt yeah exactly either adults comedy did you manage to get the drafts school. There's hundreds audio and better and he had this like is glued his ball Darman and at Michaels and live in the whole thing is lit up problems that you have like two through two criminal damage that now on island. We are trying to. Well as a kid at Samir Muller my arms all abuse Israel weird man edit. I don't grounds kid we OSHA to keep my overnight Merrill died always. That capitals and that I'm the first so much a blank blank candidate for Ford 9990 look I got a string to gradually and holds a live but they always dies. The grants aren't always good to the kids on my beloved trying to look like nature like anything you put an HI to make it look like you know I mean the closer I got to go to looks like a hungry for you why he's a guy he even eat your body needs plastic grass. It doesn't matter getting right to catch and then thank you good grass and I've met. Native. I don't really egress generated by the blues cal looks like home you know and in Boca catch turley put your predecessor. Did we used to. Really yeah what do go Arnold you'll always say do we let us back. And the community cannot imagine the photo to put him in a boxer throws a modest the female comedian who does the imitation of turn leaving lettuce and doesn't seem that no homer got his own content is great it's it's absolutely sure oh yeah it's one of the best things up errors in my life to comedian inner doesn't imitation of maternal eating what can I go will lead do you think she comes up it's yes it's it's one of the greatest insurers because she does a great job of being that is this something that we have to listen to drive to see. You have to see pocono because it's just her imitating eternal. Eating less but yet turtles love like this and more Jordan and the masters that nobody heard a gallon of watermelon money 'cause like Justin on an imitation of us internally he left this is she just what is it Aubrey. Clark's arrest plateau with these are reasons there. First I tried blank blank ebony 44999. Lola. Hello I'm dammit hello AJ welcome to the men's room. Lot of top tomorrow. Excel and sort of stop my I got I. Got stoned. I about fifteen. I'll walk into my house stand my aunt had a big Lott and Tom outlet you'll not an uncle. On had a big meals ready to my to my uncle. And you know. Peter Gardiner. And other tabloid may well be so yeah I seen a big deal like that. On that. We would what occasion the munchies. Funny how that works. Out and com. So my plan this week all sneak into my house and goes straight to my room. That did not happen so that's not a big deal. I'm happy all the months he is now yeah. Man. And this deal was bullied everybody who that we would have our dinner meal every night around six or seven. Did you meet everybody's food. Not I my outlook in the shower at a time Conan and I solemnly. And I sat down and I don't know what came over me but I just started going at it. Eight gay gay and everything. And I actually thought I come out of the shower she sees me eating everything and the look on her face. Now Matt. Does she take an especially long shower real you're just eating that fast. I I'm not sure I think knowledge is eating that fast you you have no idea consciously what you're doing or you're just like I don't apparently goes. Mean was it says I'm. That's not my goal wide by a navy Dallara I'm going to let me. We didn't need it. Not honor of love come to the entire is the value that noodles and O'Connor port again as an evil thing. Sol man and I notice my own political leader. So. Ever right to be kids. Are old yet why does though man had a big arm and. Yeah I ever go rest of us is else they don't look good. As a bad day through is that they're not in the united night. First and I drive blank blank have an 8449990. Hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. I you know man. All of I the first time I did mushrooms I was about eighteen and a half years old news mid summer time and I was so the budget brand and that. I know that all of about emotions and I'll vote counted. The last AEA. So why not right. Because they'll and about like. Tournament I play in them as our triple a ball so I'm ally China blacked out don't sound cartoon land. Down about four hours later I came to a man I would buy it friend originally. And everybody was gone. Except for one guy who's been on the couch across from me and you would like pat now but he looked debt. Led by none everywhere blend. And I'm my and I play I. I killed him. And scared everyone away. You thought you killed the dude across from you on something. Yeah I mean it made sense. That makes sense and I think I'm more I guess he muzzled dormant. And yes. I got scared and Julia and an absolute. Hoot those who wouldn't and I'm not really criminal is slipping outside I gotta get the hell I hear land I have a bit of money. On both the other criminal things. No I'm totally phenomenal and in my mind I'm pretty sure I'd kill bad dude those town to could beat the and they get it. Yet they could get added died today. Both I think I would hear merry go like thirty miles South Seattle or north. What I did about how to on a plane why excellently done a California and stay there for about a month. Wow you for real I'm dead or did you spend the entire month thinking you murder of this news. I didn't matter back to when you came down for being high. You still thought. Bit did you did you pieced together you are my all of what mutual friend in sales Billy don't did you these together your mind how you children. No I did not because I do a lot of black belt where a good amount of time and Derek so you zoom I don't know how you murdered room. Nope I just didn't like anybody. Come out here because out British that my FBI and put it in both the. Did you share those with your friends labeling him and I thought Matilda by the way I left. Yeah not a bit in the first thing I do when I got back I want my buddy without saying buddy. And you might do little loan given although it is. No denying any thought been married up. Remember when yeah we had a nice book I've depart when we got back when I. Why did you go to his house if you thought you'd murdered. All I mean my buddies let you know about you know well there are twelve feet on the he probably would have how do I live. Look I didn't come back what god did that do reach out the end lets you know like him and nobody's been. I kind of figured a month doesn't get enough I'm bloody murder that god you know a man probably did that really would you then I would think that's probably helping a lot of yeah. Got to go on promoting gay and they die as they don't have no lead within the first or EA then there right now and is now if I had a letter you watch a lot of TV robots yes. I see this as it. I think if you don't murder rap open full and humble they want more when they're not testing at TGI only. Not just on. When you got. Got back and you saw that same guy did you guys eat mushrooms again. Oh how much did I never thought much yeah I'm. I do need help me out. So don't write downs of the drug in terms of innocence then they get ten sons Ryan things are about fonts and our question and answer blank style the first time I tried blank blank caps. 844999. All you are listening to the men's or radio network. Question first time I try to blank blank happened that we know who Casey must grieve cities. I know the name I don't know when Casey musgrave is a country's sake Bacharach and she has a new Alabama Sheikh oppose do maybe maybe there's a dude I don't know I don't know if it's a it's a she Casey's she looked up and she says that does some of the the sounds on her next album that are coming out are going to be quote tribute. Tripoli Tripoli. And says that literally because she wrote at least one song while on her very first ever acid trip down nice so yeah. It's as I see him Twitter on Christmas answer some fans' questions and someone asked her to spill the details about the early albums coming out dizzy spell the details Glenn her reply was hmm well there's a song or rely on and LSD trip and missing my mom. Then she texted me at that moment and I lost it in a row most of it at that time. So Monroe in the comments section that they hope she was getting because they didn't think those rights make LSD sound cool animator double down. She wrote quote I don't need to try to make it cool it justice opens my heart opens my mind but every man for himself what works for me may not work for you. There you go. Well the load Dole's bully a community just flown drove or my direct view. But not a rapist so I went on Mariner's in my own you've got NASD yeah. Monday's minding your business they sing and they get to adopt a black kids stats are worth a metal world works outs away for the joke among the white clearly to a dollar the wide they would to a double wipes it. He had had made it than their parents the. That'll show ax is about an acid trip. Mr. Drummond and I was gonna do my guys have these extra dollars and one mile an hour trip guzzling road and what do I adopt these kids this. First time was removed first ever drug flag flag Gavin 844999. All. Do they want even thought whether there's even town and it will get to all of this is it hello Niko welcome to the men's room. Should bow our. Yeah. Each yeah we do on guys who lesser argument. And achieve that so. The first time I try to build a firework. When that horn on the reduce or. Itself. I get out so I mean are true Americans. My parents always they're like big fourth of July parties. You know. Booze and and you know jumping in the lake and also there were blown up all sorts of stuff. We seduced sparkle or bombs Roman candle wars all sorts on. Yeah black neighborhoods are going right system is doing all right he is Sosa because like a trip to the ER and the whole thing just sounds like something is going to happen every year. Yeah out so we. So this one year out. A teenager and we decided that build it's coffee can't firework. And dad so it's essentially out and gunpowder layered with a few different things I don't needed to eat teacher listeners how to build bombs. Good Google what we are after I bet they sold on the side of the road compact. Yeah. But how would you know how to make the individual things that make the blue flares go for the read hers or something you don't think you knew or her did you somebody direct image deconstruct something else and try to make your own with those materials are like how would you go about this. I'm so we had an. But one time we did like it brought over this little piece of paper and had this just directions. On how to do a little fireworks aren't. Not all we need to. And we knew it was gonna make fire ball up and it's got this is jacked it. So and when we're building minutes my mom got word. And she got us. And so she gave it to my dad sell your son you know building bombs out so my dad to look at instead. Well you're built with two small. And so you sort of this. And I tripled the size that they used large copy and just made it even bigger. But we're all confused he did it. Lengthened the wired that would Gannett. Blow it off and no one Amanda. Yeah now. And so we let him do it staying and he's down at a dock and word I mean. Somewhat Smart kids were up on top of that tilt Stillman the whole thing that. And our egos to blow it up he's not ideal way. In this city you know the big large topic and and it blow it off it dot it ET tall. It beat Pete why is below them back. And that's on players shoot about twenty feet sideways. And what about your father. That is are well eat dull story that was a very unusual possibly the story I designed to simulate you make this giant build up. The thing blows up and then you say nothing and the good. We don't know what happened more hang in Kansas fans who guided the Sudan have Folgers for an on the back there like what happened man you're filming and I mean does the yard catch on fire does someone get her with fragments anything. Owl luckily where violate. And see where it is jacket caught on fire jumped the play Wii rated gallon and so as the smoke cleared. We did see him on the dock. Oh you know I'll tell. You done this in any wind gusts but then you'd all be better than. I'll go askew was better things get better carries a better than anything in the area better than they thought he was vaporized and never has assumed. First time I drive blank blank tab and 844999. Although still look up rank castle the drug charge of B had to sit and spend it and today Ryan brings us ten songs that he thinks. Are about fox. That's coming up next. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.