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Monday, March 5th


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Born may fifteenth in. There are set to release a new studio. You've been brother. What are saying me and here we are. Just announced rock fest 2018. Brother you guys are headlining your back again here we are you ready to rip this place apart. I low ground that sleepy. That's right that's right. Isn't serious guy and then you wanna do it yeah. Let's IC had them the monster truck win. Derek you know what can be used or shoot a monster truck in Europe. The revenue of course so how. How does this message when we were you in the studio with us and that. And I finally went his degree and I try to keep up with the all the adventures manager you're a busy guy. Yeah you know you have people on live you know. Ultimately and a picnic erector set the crew I mean everything I can't believe the thought that I. And that since we spoke less. You jumped in and and maybe I missed the first and they met Paul the veterans empowered to protect African wildlife into coaching our organization that's amazing. Yet where you know I'm about among the quote about five certain order or you know vote position and and believing what they fear and you know you have a report in the would like my outlook. I've been working good reference forever you know that it's a national monuments and not to fuel mileage you say. And not be in a girl reference to your audience or racicot and affecting blood that's basically cried no doubt a celebrity births. You know include the extension as double. Talking about the four wildlife reaches about looking impressionable club and a reference in the same you know. In the same features or actually went there because alcohol prior to each you know you're with I'm going on patrol group that means it's just insane. There. These these animals will be extinct in coaching is not honorable to dishonorable. And that. It and it's something that that runs unchecked unless you fight fire with fire and then you can also make friends and you guys and a work very hard to get. Inside the local you know head in and talk to those bush about how in the long run you can make their lives better by not pushing those animals. Yeah I mean like you know it's it's so far we've problems so when people reported people overlook area or whatever that's far away from Europe but what if you really think about Collins Maine nodded but. Five years so I'm not sure I'd want them whatsoever and friend here's a map or are some. Not gonna be a single lot of Alice from all the lies in those rules. You can collect from buffers but it's prudent thing you know. And instead and it got what they've seen you know they've ever so also 44 guards coming back for general. I'll mission and it has that been highly trained highly skilled when he collected you know your home. If you go on there you'd like her not to go out well slept so. A lot of the a lot of the PC of the problem Barack imagine you were very important but he hired if you in my back cold start to find a job. And whatever you would do you would never get. You know it gave to be utilized in never get used to kill as forbid. It's called give these guys you know locker star to Alter outlook in life you can. Actually used this few book they have and as you bumping something good source. It's a great combo. Now it's a win win for everybody if you just joined the show told them at three guitar player for five finger death punch. I'm aged into fascinating guy like you know when you were in here the super couple argued covers so much from grown up and hungry just coming here in the states you know. I mean from you know being in the Gracie family basically you would just point your life. Eight of the legendary MMA fighter you're one of the few people. In America that are civilian certified by the US army as an actual modern army combat instructor correct. Dead bird or that you know that there'd be certain kids even sort of like my my passion it's a little bit more slot with and I what was believed. You know you people are not meant to be wonderful work of life signal. Andy out obviously you know if your vision happened so. So we kind of have to you know coincided missiles fired yet and that will GM Ed you know that just simply more pencils are at people. But what can solve boy you have to keep your satellite a lot electrical met. You don't end and you have to you have to try and you have to you have. The energy and it's been a problem. But acknowledging who and what you are you know you are simply isn't locked up old. Buck or ski season is you know what I won't take anything really happened so quickly if you can't beat out the threat or you go to Europe for 52 or you're a survivor. You know thoughts what you select books for me you thought of the tribe is the hills and I think they kept outside the home from their I trained like he. I keep up auto market might. Seeing a lot of by training martial arts and and how he voted in if you martial arts but in all of this finger wouldn't repeat. Do people follow the key U martial art is. Never except when I'm home people will put the racial pride because they'll let you sold well you simply don't like them and the like your entire life. Never acceptable position bodies on people pull for you. People choppy or every few your relationship. And they can just keep and so while Lauren in your mind civilized we are so not to feel it. Alicea and you are. Living proof it's not talk it's not rhetoric it's actual life living. You know you come out of a hard place here you can you know your mom and dad really didn't you end up in the states. You view that you start as a bass player this band and then you leave you come back as a guitar player and you become one of the most loved guitar players and metal across the world. Gil and if you think about that not to not to mention the fact all the medals of our men make. Everything else you've learned new from flying to shooting two to you know putting together this these charitable organizations help bets. It's a non stop life thing for you every single day you have purpose and that I think that's what gives it a five finger death punch such a great. Identity is if you only a rock star in Europe only a guitar player that's all you're ever gonna know you have to have these other moments in order him to be complete. We have the opportunity right if they're hurt but the other verticals and a lot of stuff for my future and yet that felt that who Maurice Shiite he's come here without you what we're proving ownership or chip or Mike back and you know. And and start. You leave the Dominican dream but I believe you know it's going to be on the Ed and as I could accomplish that so I never had to stop actually that I accurate. So the putts fought over but auto I guess the thing about what you can you have to leave your vehicle team pageant had. And just go for you know and I never keep both formats are commonly than being killed and that's the best not think to ask you both tracker I I look further than. What's that certain golf school there buffing it you know if you are successful in your mind that you little violent but you hold on to an awful enough and you can't popular Garland. On an island what will be anything more they gave his speech is seen a lot of like a street hawker political club sharing you know it's just you know if we just thought what if they've you have to speak for what your Shannon. And you're successful something only if you can check of other people say you know I I comfortable in my opening it in disorder. And so like I choose you shattered its people look all I'm. Other vehicles to you know environmentalist in all I would but there were two articles you've. Flood or smaller fighter fire occurred the obligatory big Serb in a certain witnesses marvel serving. Some local partners in my immediate circle friend somehow been. You know above any other parent I'm I'm helping other musicians do you if you achieve their dream. So you know my way I have to share rich or well indeed it's his call people you don't keep you happy you know. Well that's the joy of at all I mean listen it's it's that way at what good is money look at his influence if if if he can't provide for others as well you can you know. Turn the light on for other people gazette you know there's two kinds of people this will let people that are happy for others to do well and people that are just upset somebody did better than them. And I've always been more happy for others manage your good person and you do endeavor and you. And you rise above that and to meet the fact that you came here with you know really no family. No no Billy speaking English and and you've done what you've done not one thing that multiple things become champions Adam. And that's that it is to me that the story that everybody should know not. If you're a multi millionaire the important part is you started from zero I went to hero and that that is a big deal. You know I'm a bird which would like it because Colombian you're you know our material position of over oh you know or successful or not mutually agree that's some good successful there is. Yeah they will materialize. Came in Omani oil or you know or torture and you know all object up. Well you know but. But I don't know that. Yeah you want it is it's up to it or not they do if you if you can't check it at the end and it's it's it's had a couple in the Old Dominion and the other was so. Yeah she hates it here. This good fun. And I'm so excited five finger death punch. You've got your own and got guys like ghost her on the show that's going to be incredible man as TP Vince Neal seven nationally John lives in Kansas City so we've been up. Being dear friends and a you know it's I mean that's just part of the main stage I prevail red sun rising ten years. Under oath is on the other stage of mice and men butcher babies. Rob brother spiders empowerment 5000 his band is on it. Mishmash Siemens I Seamus harvest it to mean in goes on and on in these festivals are getting you know. In America they don't know that there's huge festivals in Europe great big. Huge monster rock festivals but there's only a handful of them here in the United States in Kansas City was certainly the first one and and the biggest one. And you guys have been a part of it for many years but you know. When you play Kansas City it's going to be pretty amazing for a bit like five finger in the states because it's it's a lot bigger than the biggest arena in anybody's town. You know rights that you and you know you obviously beat people or you can kick you and I had and and it's it's history it's good to see that this is actually what urban have obviously below their. Political success. The security of festivals and they are actual destination they are they're not sharp social people common form everywhere right. And it happened in nine Americans can receive it. There are perfectly capable of being you know practical and luckily I mean people are fair lumber purposely didn't. And NC hard it is good mood to you all very very similar suit you intractable but this is now drawing people from all across our. The concrete and even from the rural but I have. You know we have brand of Japan and England come over to receive his his show. Kind of like I think really good to see actually uses up there and the excitement it's good to see because July grew up in its. In this rural or whatever we're ever had to battle especially vital that your old iron curtain. It slowed much more than just music you know before the war general rhetorical speech and mobilize the all order belliard you know every level are thoughtful people. It goes governments and as a rhetorical you know middle finger were to order that was sure it's the gains. The fact that so for me before they actually not just music well I mean those sort of like open and the side at the peak fat people go to all the places for everything come together all the people who are just like me you look just like all. And enhanced global law. You know meet single reminds me. Meet single you know bitter battle apple greeter at about what the thickness and we'll beat these or that it would be difficult Munich off suddenly they appear. Something great in order there were something tribal or it looked up OK try what else. Spain type stuff happening in you know and then again these are civil of the auto there. The only thing you know. All I guess festival leading Indies into therapy. These festivals actually call people fall all possible that and simple. But bumping you know I personally for me it's exciting. Thought but I think it is too good for you which advocates for a rock music period. Of course and you know. Look metal has always been there for the outcast in the weird the odd kid like for me you know I just sit in my room listening to Van Halen record your. You know maiden records academic talent girly stuff Motley you know and and and it wasn't super popular kid. So I just disappear inside of those albums and then we go to the show. You know. You view and I realize it more so now those good times habeas times in my entire young life because. I felt safe and those crowds I felt accepted and welcomed and we are all in the same mode it was really probably happy it's time in my entire young life. But Dario in you and you know what if it if it is so full circle you know if you're talking about what we're editing and failure like Eddie they're over visual as well what we saw. Looking to do you have an and that. And and you know that's playing the posters that the markets are always be feasting but. What really thought it. And McCormack effectively dismantle preferable than ever our corporate bewildered and and and community that are out there. Either the people who didn't accept or beaten to want to participate in some way you bet that the court ordered school we. It's structure. You know and must report the world I mean yeah it uses what what took IPO but no I'm not happy just wish for an end. Generals have repeated the same things were that are so my life. It that are people who were considerable weight and some of our people. Court records too hard rock which was sort of food all over prelude to develop a popular essential you're gonna find that like minded people like not. In eagle try. But what if they operated. A call let people may reset rebels that you know and he thought that looking up everywhere you are articles and in my belt. On the regular rippled look like you become law. Are not picking at doctors and lawyers are responsible me. Right I don't think sit out. Blood in the freedom to be you know and that's a great thing to be let enough for you to be in it multi platinum huge drop and it. Or me it did it to be you know live my life Imus radio show is you know I never had to give and I never headed to choose. Well I'll a disingenuous. Like for myself that that sometimes you forced to do and it's real so yeah now I I think about an every day every single day how lucky I've been. And then you don't accept the position of shall here they're going yeah you you cannot. But who. So you're being something that you enjoy and love and therefore you're gonna look good luck and and Amanda that they thought old receive a very weak or recording. Do you guys feel like. You know thoughtful man here's an opportunity that I break tackle I'm gonna do something pretty debates you know what you're Rico collect our appear weaker macro man. Some popular beauty you know. They dragged down. It's exit never been more apparent and that it is these days would so much tragedy in so much that hurt in the world and so much. My sadness you know anytime I can get up and just get out on a good adventure I just had a good and was able Bob the program director united. After Sturgis last August rode down to the tip of the Baja peninsula on bikes and then back into Kansas City. And act that was I was on that you love that it was a really good the long run. Mahoney ball wide flirt alert. We'll let you what's the last great invention. Well I just I just actually came back from you know people in Africa. Then had to evacuate children be watching select you thought so we'll be required I'd go see that. You know I applaud the rural do all the Federer what I've never seen in BC you're. And boycott the tour are quite I got to see ya you know. But because people here like you perceive you know basically where this sort of there the concert although the whole couldn't come over and fall solely footprint limited. Yeah no it's saved it's also up there the Smithsonian's space museum I got to go a couple of years although. That's amazing. That's. Well like I would be feel a little bit I would go there before birth date them you know endure this he effort being an. I think I'm somewhat looking up alive and have a lot of respect that this. Good man I can't wait is going to be another great show five finger death punch goes stone temple Vince Neil seven dust. I prevailed rigs some rising juniors that's just one stage but all is not coming around guys we're gonna be there before you know tickets go on sale today. And that ransoms up when we put it together and everybody scheduled work they cannot tell you how happy I was to find out by finger. And you personally you know until ten. I always love talking to you always look catching up man I think you are a life well lived my friend. Well outside playing and you know what by the time but this place is this festival popularly or new recorder group Fiat. So hopeful ritual that few people who had Hendrick look at his vocal black over a year ago so finally I know it's far. All day you know all of wrestling good let the record label or boulder also you know there. They're all the circumvent the car that report issued trans and everything you cute map what are released its you know about that yeah it's thoughtful advocate. Whatever you write the record you know the whole lot of put a time capsule the truth because our you can fathom because what you wanted your street off the moment. Where and when you create this book you know. That's what you wanna sit on it four or forged for a year or more because you know it the world actually right it's rapidly changing and nothing but you might on interstate. Are not brought up and order in our people actually its record became pretty prolific. And her. Prospect because today it's you who were. Being that people do talk about on the record actually became chewed you remorseful or be classified. A the united that you're dealing with or all of color might be some sort. So we might have to would have secured over discovered the tribal. Good and even even better read you can answer when I was a kid if I want him there was a sticker on a metal record it was bought immediate there was a PM RC sticker. That I knew for sure I want that album. Write the book right now or or and their record. Might get a speaker or crossed that the whole record the proper shoes because you're preaching freaking out they don't they were like always test featured speaker suited. So what. According to title that they so if this is our job our shop whose fault. Thought our open markets do well my job to tell you what to think. It's my job to push our buttons than you used. Respect people look. There are ultimately move up in. Right I miss next. And that's the one thing if I can just give anybody any advice on life is man steepest cut back on your own comfort zone and look at stuff. Straight stuff just honestly done is it's not your thing that's fine if your team that's fine but don't consider. That you already know everything in the world look around you question everything. I'd put that question everything that's right beautiful furcal. You suck it up question everything and you know it's a place that is the perspective. You know it's just the whole idea what you perceive the gentle five. I remote and not what you know five meaning senses but out lived its. You know pretty ridiculous but with respect to open and you feel pollsters and your help Atlanta humour in everything you know I think I can tell you fact. You know fired spewing your song that's on the loose all over and everybody look I can't block we'll debate it being below not survive the cold weather also. Just have fought. Don't taste so seriously make his nobody gets out of line that's exactly right. There are a bit Shubert has written about. Both to keep.